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Fundraising with Plymouth Cards

July 14, 2020

Fundraising with Plymouth Cards-Plymouth Cards

Last updated: August 31, 2021

Volunteers are the heart of many communities, often supporting local schools, athletic and art programs, awareness efforts, and much more. At Plymouth Cards, we have served in such volunteer positions, raising funds for a worthy cause, just like you. We know what a challenge it can be to find fundraising products and ideas that are unique, fun, and create genuine interest.

Nationwide research shows that organizations raise more money when they offer an online option. With the current need to have contactless opportunities that keep volunteers and those who want to donate safe, we are pleased to offer your group online shopping for customers when in-person shopping is a challenge due to social-distancing.

One such fundraiser example is the successful Penn State Watershed fundraiser (see on our website here: https://www.plymouthcards.com/collections/pennstate). Their artwork cards are extremely popular and online shoppers support the program with every card pack purchase they make, with 30% of the proceeds going back to the organization. The artwork was donated by a supporter and volunteer of their program. 

Birds from Penn State watershed fundraiser

We think you will find our fundraising program - with our eco-friendly, made in the USA products – to be a unique and profitable option for your group. Our photo note cards are perfect for a fall PTA/PTSA fundraiser, your favorite non-profit charity, or perhaps a local historical society. There are many color and design options available that your supporters will love.

Here are three ways photo note cards can be offered through your fundraiser: 

  1. Blank photo note card sets give shoppers a variety of color options to add their own photos and art to display or mail to someone. Our cards hold a 4” x 6” image (photo, art, etc.).
  2. Packaged photo note card sets that display the artwork or photos of the group or charity itself. For example, if you are raising money for an art program, insert the students’ art work in the cards. If you are supporting a local wildlife or historic location, insert photos of the wildlife or buildings you want to preserve.
  3. Customized note cards can include printed information for a specific event, location, or holiday. We will work with you to select colors, backgrounds, fonts, and imprint information to create one-of-a-kind cards that supporters will treasure.

It is Easy to Plan a Fundraiser with Plymouth Cards

  • Determine if you need note card products available for in-person shopping, order samples if you need them for shoppers, and place custom orders needing printed messages.
  • Set a shopping period of a minimum of 2-3 weeks (or longer if you prefer) for your fundraiser supporters to purchase items.
  • Your organization will receive a special code so 30% of the proceeds are directed to your fundraiser.
  • We make shopping easy for your fundraising event with online shopping in addition to in-person or paper order forms.

Fundraising is a valuable service to any community and we want to make your efforts successful. We think our photo note cards, made from recycled paper in the USA, offer a fun and practical option that your group or charity will enjoy selling.

Visit our website for all the details at https://www.plymouthcards.com/pages/fundraising.

Or give us a call to answer your questions about our fundraising program at 877-830-3405.

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