Grand Opening of the Booths!

September 08, 2020

Grand Opening of the Booths!-Plymouth Cards


Hello, I'm Lisa the owner at Plymouth Cards. I'm excited because today is our grand opening and I've been working hard on this with our Boothers. We have 10 Boothers signed up and I have all of their information. So, I want to speak to you about The Booth. So, The Booth is designed for artists, photographers, and anyone who uses our cards. They can sell their products through our website, and what we found was that many people were not able to sell their cards at craft fairs, farmers markets, etc. because of COVID.  We decided to give them a platform to be able to sell their products. So, now I'm excited that we have 10 Boothers signed up, and I want to give you a little peek of each one.

Oh, good morning, Deborah. I want to give everyone a sneak peek of what you can see on our website and where to find it on our website. We have 10 Boothers, and our first one here is Dianne Esposito. I have notes on the back of every card because I will not be able to remember every information, So, this card is in pumpkin spice, and she is from New York. Good morning, Gina. Let's see. I'm excited because I figured that I could see messages now. So, yay for me. So, Dianne is from New York, and this is one of her 20 images. We limited everyone to 20 pictures to start, but they will be adding more. This is the first one I wanted to show you. I'm going to hold them like this, this is better. Okay, I have this one by Sharon McConnell. She lives in Ohio. It's really cool that we have people throughout the country that are our Boothers. This is a great horned owl out of Aveline autumn. So, Sharon McConnell goes by the name of Stardust Imaging Photography, and you will see her on our website as well. We know so many people want to buy a greeting card and they're priced anywhere from $3.99 to $5. We let every Boother decide the price for their cards. For no additional charge, we're offering custom messages inside. There are messages like Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Fourth of July, deepest sympathy, and thinking of you. We want you to use the cards for so many things, with our frames ready to use.

Our next one is from Taci Darnell. She's going by Simply Duckie. This is a beach scene and all of her images have inspirational messages and encouragement inside. When you go to each of her 20 pictures, you'll see the message that will be printed in there. So, that's this one, Jared of course is family. Jared took this great picture down in Plymouth, Massachusetts and it's called Flag Rock. Flag Rock has a background story. It's been painted here; I'll see if I can get that up close. Since the 40's, the American flag will be painted on the rock every summer. If you want to learn the story about it, go to Jared's booth and you will find this picture of the flag on the rock. There's a link to tell you the entire story about it. So, another great thing we're going to do for The Boothers is the first purchase that each Boother gets, the purchaser will receive a free gift. I thought that would be really fun for everyone to receive something who doesn't like getting a pre present.

Okay, Sandra Smith is in Washington State. I like this picture because it has the old boat but also there's the parasailer right there too and it's really cool. She said she liked the shot because it has two modes of transportation in it and I agree. I think it's really cool and I love the rustic boat. So, that's Sandra Smith. There's a variety of pictures from all Boothers, ranging from flowers to animals. There are really cool barns, American flags, and you will see the gamut. You will be able to find something that you will like, for sure. The cards are priced so reasonably, because they're personal and you can frame them, which I really love because they fit into a 5” x 7” frame. So, let's see, Annalies Muldrow lives in Florida and she has a section about birds eating prey. I know that sounds gross, but I think this one is cool. She caught the lizard in midflight, however, I'm not into those type of things. For some reason, this one is really cool, and I thought you'd like to see it.

It's fascinating because I like images about animals. Okay, so Cheryl Belczak is from New York, and this is a cool picture of a fern and azalea. She said it's an in camera double exposure that she was working with. So, I think it's neat and different. Okay, next one. piano keys. See, I told you there are different pictures for everyone. You'll be able to find something. This is by Elwood Photo Designs by Leah, and she lives in California. This is by Delana Faith Photography, and it's called pink lightning. But check this out, this is lightning and there are fireworks going off. She was able to capture lightning and fireworks in the same picture and this is amazing. So, that was Delana Faith Photography and she has a lot of pictures of fireworks and lightning, which is cool. Last but not least is Gina. Gina is in New Hampshire and I love this picture. Look at this, isn't this an amazing picture for Christmas? I love how the lighthouse is lit up with Christmas Nubble Light. The photographers name is Gina Pike, and I think this is cool. Don't forget that we're doing this for no charge. There's a lot of messages that you can choose from. If you choose, you could get Merry Christmas and then use this for your Christmas card. If you're not one to take pictures of yourself or your family. I prefer to copy in the pictures, but I guess that's how it is.

So, I've gone old school here and printed what it will look like on The Booth, and if you're using a phone or an iPad, it will look like this. You'll see Plymouth Cards.com and then you'll see the hamburger icon right here, click on that and it will bring you to the catalog section. The catalog is where you will shop all Plymouth card stuff. Then here it will say The Booth, you will hit this plus sign, and it will open up all 10 of The Boothers for you to check all of their products if you're on computer. So, if you're on a computer, you will go to Plymouth Cards website and right here it will say The Booth and it will show you the catalogs. Well there's two ways to get there. The other way is that you can click on The Booth completely, and then it will bring you to a page like this, that will show you a list of the many different Boothers right here. Or you can hover your mouse over it, and it will give you a pulldown menu of all The Booths and then you can click from there. So that is all the exciting news about our booth. I'm really excited to be part of it, and happy that you're supporting all of these fabulous artists. We will be opening up The Booth again soon for more people. You can win, by clicking on The Booth section. At the very bottom, there's an icon for The Booth information and you can sign up to be on a waitlist to be notified when we do open up The Booth again. Don't forget, you're going to get a free gift for first purchase of each of our Boothers and I'm really excited to have you be part of it. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you're not watching this live, then you can comment, and we will definitely be here. I will definitely respond to your questions. We're happy to do that, and I'm glad you're able to join us today. So, I hope you have a great rest of the day and I'll be back tomorrow with our usual live with Lisa, where you can ask all types of questions. I hope you have a great day, bye.

Check out The Booth here. 

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