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Live with Lisa Week 8: Purple Cards and Introducing the Mayflower Club!

July 02, 2020

Live with Lisa Week 8: Purple Cards and Introducing the Mayflower Club!-Plymouth Cards


Hello, happy Wednesday. I can't believe July 1st is here, I hope everything's going well where you are. It's been really warm and really dry here. We're crazy to think that we're actually hoping for rain. So, as the grass stops burning, I don't know. hope everything's going well in your neck of the woods. Today I want to talk about a few things. I think first I'm going to talk about some card colors in today's purple, and then from there, we're going to talk about the new Mayflower club that we just introduced last night. I think it's really exciting, and then I have a few other little things I want to talk about. So, hope you are doing well.

So, Lilly is here visiting, and this is Lilly, and she'll be 17 in August. So, she's coming here to say hello.

Okay, so here we go. Here is purple. Hi, Joanne, I'm so excited to have you here. I'm excited that I can see messages, it's excellent. So, I'm going to talk about purples today we have a few of our bowls. This is our shimmer Heather and the great thing about shimmer Heather is that it's a really light purple. If you can see that it has this iridescent sheen to it, which is really nice. It really takes your pictures to the next level with that little shimmer. So, if you have a party, I think it'd be great for a party invitation. It is blank inside just like all the other cards. It has our logo on the back, it's about the size of a quarter we do sell stickers now that you can have customized to cover up that logo if you're reselling your product and you want to have your information and only yours on the back. So, there's our shimmer Heather.

Then we have lilac, and lilac is just a medium purple that has a blue undertone to it. Where the Heather has a little bit of, I will say a pink undertone to it if that helps. The colors are hard, and it's helpful to have guidance on which way the color goes. Again, this is lilac, and pictures go in either horizontally or vertically whichever works best for you. This is plum, I love plum. I love Purple's and there my favorite color. So, that's plum, it's this deep rich purple, that is beautiful. Since we only have a few purples, I want to throw in our Greek key, which we're going to talk about printed cards coming up. But this is our printed and it's a deep rich, I'll show you so you can see how the purple is to that. So, it's a rich pattern. Purple with the pattern, the Greek key pattern, and then it has white is if you can see that. So, when you put your photo in, there'll be a white border all around so that it won't, it doesn't go straight up to your picture that we have that white border around it. So, I think that's really nice to so those are the four purple colors we have.

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You know, we do look for more, and if there's a shade that you're really excited about or interested in us adding just let us know I'd love to be able to keep adding as things get dis some colors get this continue, then we want to add more. So, the Mayflower club really excited about this, the Mayflower. So, our company was founded in Plymouth, Massachusetts. So, that is where our name came from. We thought if we were going to do a membership club, we thought it would be fun to name it after something from where we're from. So, the Mayflower is what we came up with. So, how it works, for the Mayflower club, you will pay $39.99 cents for a year's membership. What you'll get for that year is you'll get 20% off on every single order you place for the entire year. In addition to that, we're going to include a freebie in every order up to $5. So, you know every order you get you don't get to pick, it'll be a fun surprise. It'll be things like for example, the first week, the first order you place when you get your membership after you would be a swatch book, which is a sample of every single color so then you can match it up with your pictures. I find it and it's two inches by two inches, and so we hand cut the and we sell these for $5. But it's very time consuming. That is why we charge the $5 in the shipping too. So, I'm not sure where I'm going with that.

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So anyway, it shows you every single color that we have. So that would be in the first order of the Mayflower club that you get. Then in addition to the 20% off on every single order, you can't combine discounts, please know that so you couldn't get free shipping and the 20% off, it would just be 20% off, it would be up to you to choose which offer you want it to get. But you would get 20% off for the entire year plus every order, you would get something of fun surprise up to $5 value in every order. In addition to that, we also are going to give you early access. So if we have a brand new product that we have a limited quantity of we're going to email you first so you get the option to buy it first, before everyone else does, and if we have, you know, what else do we have? So yeah, any new products, limited edition product special offers, there will be an occasion that you will be able to get more than 20%. I'm not going to give that away yet. But there will be that occasion, and then we're also going to offer all our membership subscribers, front of the line ship shipping. So, the minute your order comes in, you go right to the top of the shipping queue. So, usually what we do is the first orders in we processed them as they come in, but you would jump to the top of the line. So, your order may even get out the same day, depending on the time it comes in. So, I thought that would be a nice little perk to let us know. Or let me know what you think about that. You know if you'd be interested in that, so that's now live on our website. So, when you look at our website, it has the catalog and then right to the right of the catalog, it says our Mayflower club, so you just click on that, add it to your cart, there's no shipping on that it because we're not shipping you anything. So, it's just the flat $39.99. Don't place cards. In order for cards, and when you do that, make sure you just put the membership and buy the membership. 

Then what we'll do is we'll send you the code that will be your unique code that only you can use for the entire year. Then after that start, you can place your orders but it's best to just put your order in for the membership and wait for the code and then order the cars that you want, we unfortunately won't be able to go back and do that. It's so and then we also have I don't know if anyone knows if you know this, but we actually have a big, big card. So, thank you, Joanne. That's okay. I'm excited about the Mayflower club, I think it's a really nice addition to our products. 

We now have cards, these are cards to hold a 5" x 7" photo, and it's exactly like all our other cards same high quality, this is actually a 110-pound cardstock, which is really substantial. It holds, we can see that it holds a 5" x 7" photo, and just like all our other cards, you can use it horizontally or vertically. These range $2.29 for one, or $21.90 for 10, and they do come with an envelope. But I wanted to show you the envelope the envelope has there's only one option for an envelope as a flap like this. So, you can put your card in if you so desire, it would cost more than one postage stamp to mail these if you choose to mail them just so you know that and we have two options with that we have one with our logo on the back and then I brought the other one that's completely blank. So, if you want it completely in, they are blank inside. So, these cards hold a 5" x 7" photo and then they fit into an 8" x 7". Listen to me an 8" x 10" frame. So, I thought that we always try to design our cards to fit picture frames. So, they act as not only as a card but also as a map. What we're going to be adding and I just we haven't put it on the website yet for seeing if they'd be interested but I think it would be fun to have a set. So, all three of these cards are made from the same paper in thought it would be nice for graduations and other special events you know, baby pictures. You could send some to grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, other family members, and friends. So, let me know if you think that would be something great that you, you'd be interested in, we'd have the five card that was the 5" x 7" photo.

This is snow, and this is what all these colored paper is, and it holds the 4" x 6" photo, and then we would have the wallet size one. This holds a two and a half by three and a half pictures, I think it would be a really nice set to be able to send the same picture that you send the same picture, but in different sizes because not everyone would want a four by six or that wasn't the wallet size. Some people want the nice, the bigger size, the four by six size, and then there are also those that would want the one that holds the five by seven pictures. So, those are the three different papers that were all in the same color, three cards that we have in this snow color. Like I said, I think it would be a really great set. 

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So, that's really all I had today. I was really excited to talk about the Mayflower club with you all so if you have any questions about it, please let me know, and you can write them in the comments and if you're not watching this video live, then you I will definitely comment after I see the your message and let you know answer any questions that you may have. I think you know the Mayflower club is going to be really great. We've already had such a great response to it, which makes me really excited that we introduced it. So, it's something that everyone wants. I really appreciate you watching today, and again, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. I will put in the comments in a little bit. All the links to those purple cards that I talked about. For the 8" x 10" card, the 5" x 7"card, the wallet card, and the card that holds a 4" x 6" usual card. I'll also put a link to the Mayflower club there as well in the swatch book. So, I guess I'm going to close it off right now and I hope you all have a great rest of the day and happy Fourth and I'll see you next Wednesday. Bye

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