Top Tips for Our Plymouth Card “Boothers”

September 04, 2020

Top Tips for Our Plymouth Card “Boothers”-Plymouth Cards

The Plymouth Cards Booth launched September 8, 2020, as an online shop for photographers and artists to sell their work to others. “Boothers”, as we affectionately call them, send their photos and artwork to us once their application is approved. The next steps in setting up their booth involve sending in their photos with good descriptions so shoppers know the story behind their art and writing a short bio. Here are some tips to help our Boothers:

Writing Your Bio
A good short bio should tell a story about why you’re inspired to create your art form. It’s not simply a resume about where you born, went to school, or what degrees you have unless they contribute to the story.

A bio can be written in the first or third person, so consider what feels appropriate to you.

  • First person means you’re telling your story and generally has an informal tone: I have always loved discovering hidden details in nature and capturing them with my camera.
  • Third person is written from an outside perspective about you and has a more formal tone: Steve started painting flowers in high school after his art teacher inspired him to capture his grandmother’s garden. 

Sometimes it can be hard to write about yourself, so consider asking friends and family to share a few words that describe you and your work. If you’ve gotten reviews from customers, think about key phrases they’ve used to help you craft your bio.

Your bio should be “evergreen”, so use phrases that stand the test of time. For example, “I’ve been a professional photographer for 15 years,” means this information won’t be accurate next year. The evergreen statement would be, “I’ve been a professional photographer since 2005.”

Edit, review, and edit again. You can use a tool such as Grammarly to spell check your work. Let someone else read it to make sure it sounds interesting.

Write Descriptions for Each Photo or Artwork

Each item should have a short title or description about your work. You can be as creative or as simple as you like.

The next step is to write a longer description that tells the shopper more such as location details, the date, or a quick recollection of why you took the photo or created that piece of art. We all love stories, so write a quick, 2-4 sentence story that engages the shopper and allows them to share it with someone else.

Visit The Booth and Share
We’re excited to offer this online space for artists and photographers across the country who are looking for unique ways to showcase and sell their work. We hope you’ll visit, shop, and share these beautiful pieces of art!

Take a moment to see all the Plymouth Cards Booths here. Or interested in having your own Booth? Learn all the details and join the waitlist here.

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