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This set contains 4 or 8 cards featuring art work by Erin Crump of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 

Wetlands provide many ecological benefits: they mitigate flooding, filter pollutants and sediment from the water, provide food and shelter for living creatures and are beautiful to explore. Wetlands are destroyed by urban, industrial, and agricultural development. These dot art cards are intended to remind us of the urgent need to encourage wetland preservation and restoration.  Painted are the Brook Trout, Mayfly, Blue Heron and Wood Frog.

Brook Trout are native to PA Streams and are designated as the official state fish. Brook Trout live in small, cold, clean streams, and spawn in headwater streams. Wetlands filter silt and sediment generated when forests are cleared for agriculture or land is disturbed by urban development, keeping the headwaters free of silt and desirable for spawning.

Mayflies are benthic macroinvertebrates that are indicators of healthy streams. They are not as mobile as fish and are therefore, more likely to be affected by pollution and changes to the stream system. Adults live anywhere from 90 minutes to a couple of days!  Mayflies provide food for the Brook Trout.

The Blue Heron, is a majestic wading bird that feeds on invertebrates, fish, and amphibians, found in the shallows of wetlands. The Blue Heron is the artist’s favorite bird and reminds me of home.

Wood frogs participate in a yearly migration that brings them to vernal pools for breeding. These seasonal wetland ponds form from high groundwater or from rain and snowmelt in late fall, winter, and early spring. Wood Frogs use vernal pools almost exclusively for breeding and larval development in Pennsylvania. 

About the set:

  • Set of coordinated greeting cards (mocha, avocado, soft blue and dijon)
  • 4 (1 of each) or 8 (2 of each)
  • Choice of envelope
  • Blank inside
  • Cards fit a 5” x 7” frame
  • Embossed border for added touch of style
  • High-quality recycled custom textured paper
  • Made in the USA

When using your code, your purchase of a stream life greeting card set benefits the Penn State Extension Master Watershed Steward Program.  Master Watershed Stewards are community volunteers with a passion for protecting the environment.  By supporting our local Master Watershed Stewards, you can help our team implement projects and programs to protect these important species.

Please note: Actual colors may vary due to computer settings. If color is critical, we offer swatch books, click here

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High end cards for any occasion. These are so nice that they deserve a frame.