How to Sell Your Photography at Craft Fairs

How to Sell Your Photography at Craft Fairs


As an amateur photographer, a huge part of selling your photos is just getting them out there into the community. In the first blog post of our How To Sell Your Photography Series, we will focus on how to sell your photos at local craft fairs!

1. Check the Demographics:

Be sure that whatever fair you choose to sign up for will be bringing in shoppers who care about local artists, photography, and buying prints! If possible, try attending the craft fairs in advance to see if your target consumers are there. If there are vendors selling similar photographs, try talking to them and seeing if they have any tips or advice for you about this particular fair. You never know the words of wisdom they may have to share!

2. Plan Your Set up in Advance:

Once you know the table dimensions that you will have, you can start preparing for your show set up. As a photographer, you will want to display as many photographs as you have, and show all of the variety that you have! Consider bringing standup rotating displays as a way of showing your photographs that will stand on the table and bring more attention to you and your work. One great way to test your set up is by doing a small craft fair first to see how it goes, and what sort of feedback you receive from customers. This can help you make changes to prepare for larger, and thus more expensive fairs. 

3. Have Options for People:

Have a combination of larger prints for people to buy along with smaller prints in photo cards that can be used for greeting cards and thank you cards. This will allow consumers to decide what they want and will meet them at any price point. 

4. Think of Yourself as a Business

Have business cards to give out to people who stop and talk and who purchase an image. This will help with marketing initiatives. 

5. Practice Your Elevator Pitch

When people stop to peruse your photographs you'll want to make sure you have something to say about your images and your business! Come up with a short one or two sentence spiel that you can tell people to draw them into the photos more and want to make a purchase!

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful for you as you embark on your craft fair journey!