Our Story


Photos and art tell great stories, either of a moment in time or an enduring impression. Don’t you love being transported back, swept up or moved forward by a beautiful image? Even better – framing or sharing that photo so you can enjoy it throughout the day or mail it to bring joy to someone else.

I’m Lisa DiVasta, the enthusiastic owner of Plymouth Cards since 2014. For 20 years, I was a bookkeeper and the original owner of Plymouth Cards (est. 2005) was one of my clients. One day, she mentioned she was ready to retire and asked me to make sure her financial accounts were in order. Then a funny thing happened. I was already a huge fan of the eco-friendly photo cards and everything the business offered. I love photography, I love nostalgia, and I loved Plymouth Cards. So…the next day, I offered to buy the business! Now here we are, over 6 years later, still growing and expanding to serve our amazing customers.

When you call Plymouth Cards with a question, you talk to me! When you email the company with a question, I reply. When you comment on our social media pages, I make time to read and respond. When customers have a special request for a card color, card design, custom printing or new products, I listen. I even started a weekly video series addressing many of the questions I get about our cards and other products (like us on Facebook or find us on YouTube). We’ve grown to meet your needs!

If eco-friendly, made in the USA products are important to you, then you can be assured they are just as important to us. We make every effort to recycle, reuse and repurpose everything. And we mean EVERYTHING.

We have carefully and thoughtfully considered every single aspect, from the way you receive and unwrap your order, to the packaging and unused local newspaper protecting your order, the twine, reusable gift tag, and additional gift tags printed inside your cardboard wrap that your photo cards come in. When you receive your order, we want the experience to feel like you’re unwrapping a gift. We think you’ll like our process.

We are so glad to help you send, share and sell your photos, needlework and artwork.  And now, I love that we have added a whole home decor line that compliments our cards as well as our mission.

Thank you for joining the Plymouth Cards family and enabling us to continue to positively impact the environment!


Lisa DiVasta
Plymouth Cards

Bringing packages to the post office at the end of the road.