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Thank you so much! These are beautiful

I am so glad you love the cards. I appreciate you taking the time to write a review. ~ Lisa

Love Snow (with black ruled border)

I love sending cards.
I take pictures of my flowers and share them with people.
Several people have said they were going to frame them. With the black ruled border it is ideal for framing.

Thank you for this amazing review! I love that your recipients are framing the cards as this is exactly why we picked this size. ~ Lisa

The ornament is fabulous. I've purchased for my daughter and her four roommates so they can have something to always remember their time together!

Yay!! I am so very happy that you love the ornaments. My brother-in-law Allen does amazing work with pewter. Thank you for the review, it means a lot. ~ Lisa

soap rest

liked all the designs for the soap rest,, and the colors are just the best, the will be a super hit for my gift giving.

Rustic Picture Frames
Raven Hamill
Perfect for Small Watercolors

These Rustic Picture Frames are just perfect for my 5x7 watercolors. Absolutely love the style and colors of these frames. So very satisfied.

Wisteria #CC485
Connie Becton
WISTERIA- A Beautiful Plymouth Cards Color

You need to purchase Plymouth Cards in the color WISTERIA. How beautiful
will your Spring Flower photos look framed in this color !!

I'm so happy to see you love Wisteria as much as I do! Thank you for using our cards with your gorgeous photography. ~ Lisa

Apricot #CC095
Vicki Robbins
New Apricot Color

I like this new color and the texture of the cards. Is not the linen texture like most of the other cards, but very nice, fits well with my watercolor paintings I do for cards.

Dark roast colors often bring out a wonderful rich nurse

Many of the pictures I use seem to be set off and a very rich way by the darker colors.The dark roast colors excellent for bringing out the richness and some of my pictures!!! I took a picture of a couple of the cards I made, but I don’t think the picture really shows the richness of the brown frames.

I do like the dark roast too, it is so rich and the flecks really bring it all together. Thank you for using our cards and taking the time to leave a review. I appreciate it. ~ Lisa

Very nice… Make a very unique and classy gift!!

Pewter #CC785
Lois Long

Pewter is especially effective in framing photos of clouds and gray skies or mountains.

Colorado ornament

This was better than I imagined. I used it as a tag on a housewarming gift and they loved it.


Great piece. My college graduate will luv it. Thx

Thank you, I am so glad you are pleased. ~ Lisa

Grenadine #CC020
Lois Long

Grenadine is the color that works best with the flower prints that I use often. Please continue to offer it!

Marsala #CC600
Mary Fields
Making cards myself

The palette of colors is terrific. The shipping is fast and careful with an attention to our environment.

Thank you for this wonderful review. I am so glad you are happy our colors and service. It means a lot. ~ Lisa

Dark Roast #COC777
Matilde Castellano
A little too dark for my photos...

I will not order again. Loved the coffee collection you have, those browns, tan were great.

Joy (fresh scent)
Brian McMahon
Makes Perfect Scents

I placed my first order through Plymouth Cards, recently. I ordered two candles for our home. The candles themselves were perfect! I ordered two different types, a corrugated metal style container with a lavender scent, and a classic glass style with a wonderful fresh scent! What a great job Plymouth Cards does with packing these delicate candles! I received them very quickly, and couldn’t be happier with the whole process! I will definitely be back for more!

Thank you so much for the review. I am so glad you like the candles, I have been burning Joy as well. And in case there wasn't a note in your order, I forget more than I like to admit, the glass candle vessel is a recycled wine bottle. ~ Lisa

Everyone needs a Beechwood Serving Spoon....maybe has many uses.
I have ordered one for my son and now have ordered one for my other son.This is a great kitchen utensil.

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm so happy you love the spoons. ~ Lisa

I love the different shades of the card. I found however that the darker colors are hard to see the color of a black pen. I don’t have lots of different colors of pens around.

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your business and you taking the time to leave a review.

Instead of the Sampler, you may be interested in one of our other collections. Some have all lighter colors:

We also offer the cards a la carte, here you can pick the colors you would like. They are sold individually, in 10 packs or 30 packs.

For the darker card colors, many customers insert a white piece of paper with double sided tape. If you do not have paper available, we do offer pre-cut 4” x 6” cardstock, which can be found on our website here:

We also have a variety of metallic pens that look amazing on the dark cards, silver is my personal favorite. You can find all of them on the website here:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to help.
~ Lisa

Misty Blue #N3365
Pamela Machado
Misty Blue is very elegant!

I used Misty Blue for Sympathy Cards with a partial scripture printed and a photo of a lovely sunset over the rough sea. Perfect!

This is gorgeous!! I love the photo you have chosen. Thank you for your review with photo. ~ Lisa

Dragonfly melted bottle

Beautiful and quick delivery. Very happy

Thank you very much for your review. I am so glad you love the wine bottle platter. ~ Lisa

Shimmer White

A very high quality card to send photos

Thank you for your review. This card really adds a special touch to photos. I appreciate your continued business. ~ Lisa

Chasing Lilacs
Chasing Lilacs

I was so moved by you making a candle for memories of my mom. Chasing Lilacs smells so wonderful and I can see her in her backyard smelling the lilacs. Thanks Lisa. Love Mom

This is amazing and makes me so happy you love the candle as much as I do. It does smell just like her lilac bushes.
Love, Lisa :)

Class of 2021 Ornament - White
Grace Adams
Wonderful product

Initially I made an error in my order, Lisa very nicely assisted me in correcting my error; then remembered another item, she again revised my order. No snarky responses just genuine pleasure to help. Will order from this company again!

Thank you so much for the kind words. I love working with you and please feel free to reach out any time you have a question. I am here to help. ~ Lisa


Just as I hoped for since I ordered even more last year!

Thank you so much for your review and repeat business. I appreciate it. ~ Lisa

Dusty Rose #N3558
Love dusty rose

Fav color to grace my photos

Thank you for leaving a review. I love this new color too. ~ Lisa