Shades of Gray Photo Note Card Reviews

Our customers love, love, love our Shades Of Gray Collection of photo note cards. Why? Because they compliment your photos, lets them share their photos with family and friends, protects their photos with acid free paper. We offer great customer service and support and are always here to answer any questions.

What Our Customers Say:


This is my third order from Plymouth cards. Each has been perfect. I love the product. I send out my ownphotos, put a separate note inside and the recipient then uses the same card to send a friend a not. My pictures get passed on and it saves a bit of paper. - Wendy S.

Terrific card stock makesphotos look so professional and finished. Elegant paper stock. - Michael S.

Nice assortment! I do personalized photo greeting cards (for pleasure, not for profit) and with your ever-expanding color palette, it's easy to frame any of myphotos with a perfect match!! - Betty C.

The dusk color works so well with my photography. I mainly shoot nature and wildlife ...this color compliments all myphotos. I am so glad I found this amazing company. - Rosalie C.

I am extremely pleased with the notecards I received from Plymouth Cards. The colors were vibrant and such high quality! I will never go anywhere else to have myphotos printed! Thank you! - Teresa T.


Excellent insert cards for myphotos — the perfect gift for my friends. - Mary D.

We love your blank note cards. Your quick and friendly service was a delight. Will recommend your company to other photographers with our wonderful experience. Our photos are beautifully enhanced when placed in these cards. Thanks so much! - Peg

Have been using these inserts for many years to make my own special cards with myphotos. Very easy to use and like that the back is blank. I like the variety of colors even though I always use the white or off white with myphotos. - Manny V.

All colors were perfect for myphotos and look fantastic, Great quality too. - Elizabeth P.

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