How to Successfully Fundraise for Charity!

January 14, 2019 0 Comments

How to Successfully Fundraise for Charity!-Plymouth Cards

We all love supporting causes that we are passionate about. One great way to help one of your favorite charities is by fundraising for them, this way you can exponentially increase your contribution than if you just donate your own money!

But fundraising can be daunting and difficult to take on if you don't have a concrete plan as to how you want to do it. Here are our tips on how to successfully run a fundraiser for a charity you care about!

1. Make a fundraising goal:

Making a goal makes it easier for you to clearly see how much work you will have to put in to achieve this. It can also help you communicate to people who may potentially donate to you if they know what your end goal for fundraising is. 

2. Partner with local businesses:

Lots of companies will help non-profit organizations fundraise. Whether it is a store or restaurant willing to donate a portion of profits of a night's sales, or allowing you to hang fliers on their bulletin boards, businesses are a great place to start!

3. Use social media:

The internet is a great way to raise funds. You can set up fundraisers on Facebook and people can donate directly to them! 

4. Sell something:

Sometimes people are more willing to give if they know they will get something in return as well. Make anything from baked goods to photographs for people to buy and donate the profits to your charity. Find local farmer's markets and fairs for you to sell your goods at!

5. Host an event:

Having a big event can bring in lots of donations. You can charge people a fee at the door, have business sponsors, or a sponsored raffle and sell raffle tickets! Think of a fun event that your community would enjoy and get together a team of people to help organize it. 

Whatever you decide to do to fundraise is a huge help to whatever organization you are supporting and they will surely appreciate it! See how Plymouth Cards can help you fundraise here: