Live with Lisa - Week 106

June 22, 2022 0 Comments

Live with Lisa - Week 106-Plymouth Cards

 Check out mini envelopes here:

Hey friends. How are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards and I hope you're doing well. I have a new product to show you. And then I wanted to just talk to you about a few other things. So let me know where you're watching from. I am live here in plant city, Florida, and it is in the nineties again today.

So it's warm, but I don't mind that at all. And yeah, just let me know where you are and what you're doing. I am just, you know, I've been working on getting this new product on the website, so let me show you what it. and yeah, and then I thought I was gonna flip my phone or my camera and let you see it in a different angle.

Just, I think it might be easier for me to, just to demonstrate. So what they're called are mini envelopes and the mini envelopes are amazing because look at them. they come in. I, I think we have 14 different colors and they're all the same colors as our card. So it's the same card stock. So, you know, if we call it Cana, Canary, then it's Canary.

It matches the card perfectly. And look at it holds gift card. Why? I don't know why I couldn't think of this name, but it holds a gift card and they all come with little cards that match. So I thought that's fun and we're selling them in six packs or 12 packs. And I'm going to I'm gonna just flip my camera right now real quick and let you see how this all works.

I thought it might be easier to do a demonstration. I don't know, sometimes it's just easier. So they go like this. So the, the sides FLA flap in put your gift card, right. Like that, and then do that. And then there's a little here. Can you see, there's a little opening right there so that you can stick it right in just like.

And then it holds, if you wanna make it look fancy, you could add a sticker on there. You could take some twine and wrap it. You could also, you know, I get that washy tape. I bet that wouldn't look really cute. I don't have any of that here to demonstrate, but I guess I could go. Yeah. So there's that and, oh, I just wanted to show you all the colors we've got.

'em all. So you can see, they stay closed on their own. I did these about an hour ago, just so I could show you that you don't have to worry about them popping open. They do stay shut. They do. Yeah, like that. And then you can write on this side and. This side is where you pop it in, pop it in. But I wanted to show you a few other things that you may not know.

We'll get this or other ideas of things you can put in. If you wanna, you know, if you have gifts. To give someone you know, in bulk and you don't wanna get all these greeting cards. Look at that, that ornament fits in there perfectly who thought that isn't that amazing? And or if you have a key chain.

So I think that they're really cute as little gift wrap too. You just wanted to give a little something and you don't want to go. Oops. That might be a little bit bulky. So there's that. But so. There you go. So you would definitely have to use tape if you're going to do a key chain in these new mini envelopes.

So the new mini envelopes are now, oh, let me flip back. There we go. Hello again, the new mini envelopes are on our website. They are, like I said, they are available in six packs or 12 packs. And let me just show you, so this is, oh, you know, what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna pull up all the different colors so you can see them all, but they are all on our website.

I am gonna post the link as soon as I get off this live so that you can see where they are. But if you, if you're ex you know, wanting to get there quicker, you can go to the website under. Gifts it's in the four party or for the office as well. I put it in both sections to make it easy, but we have soft pink meadow,

daffodil. Oops, pewter white in the white. And this is our white that our standard white, that's not noble changed since no bleaching agents are used. So therefore it's a little bit slightly off. So there's white. Oh, just so you can see here's ivory. I dunno if you can tell the difference. The lighting just went a little wonky on my end.

So this is ivory and this is white. This is apricot PCAN and again, they're all Boles. I should probably hold this way. This is shimmer silver. That's a hard one to say it's a tongue twister, shimmer gold shimmer red. And we have sea. She. and with hysteria. So I am working on getting a few other colors.

I'm just not sure about, you know, with the rising costs of paper. I, I'm just not sure that that's gonna work, but I am working on getting that and I have Canary. So those are the 14 colors and you can buy them, you can buy a Sixpack or 12 pack of one whole color, or you could I also put on some assortments, like assorted.

Still, I think assorted shimmers, assorted surprise, like you'd get one of 12 or six different ones. And so there's that on the website? Yeah. And if you think of any other color combinations that you think would be amazing, let me know. It's really fun to just, you know, come up with the combinations and put them on the website.

It doesn't take me too, too long to do that. It's so, yeah, but feel free to, you know, make a comment if you. Let me know what you think about them. I think they're adorable. I love how they just, yeah, they fit perfectly. I should show you that it fits a business card too. I'm just gonna grab a business card right now, so you can see what they look like.

This is my old business card, but oh, hi crystal. How are you today? Thanks for being here. It's so nice to see your name and for you to say hi. Let's see, so these mini envelopes yeah. See how they hold the business card for anyone that's just hopping on. I just announced our brand new product.

They're called mini envelopes and they, I have them in 14 different colors. Yeah. And they they're awesome because they hold, let me show you. They hold, will they all come with a, a little card that is the same color as the. The oh, hi, Cindy. Nice to see you or see your name. Not that I'm seeing you personally.

And oh, well I amuse myself I guess. So here we go. So they hold a gift card and they hold a business card. If that's your thing. Yeah. I love I've been using these for about a week and I've handed out a few to people with business cards and they think I'm like the fanciest company, you know, like it's just me.

But it it's funny and look, it, it holds, I don't know if you just saw me sneakily put in a little ornaments, so some of the ornaments will fit in them. You can fit. Key chains in them. So I think they're really cute because you could, you don't need to get a big box or something to wrap a little gift.

You could just put 'em in these and you could actually slip these into a greeting card or make this your card too, because they all come with coordinating or matching card stock here, show you all the different colors here. So let me know what you think about them. And if you. Oops, if you have any other color combination.

So what I, I don't for those have joined that are joined a few minutes after I was talking with them. So I have them, there's the 14 different colors. And so there's six packs or 12 packs of those. And then I did assorted shimmers, cuz there's three shimmers. So you would get two of each or six, two or four of each, depending on if you bought the six or 12 pack.

And then I did. Assorted like pastels, cuz I had six of those that I felt looked nice together. And then what else did I do? Neutral, which is half white, half ivory. And then I did assorted surprise, which would be 12 or six or 12 different ones depending on, you know, what we have. So I dunno if you have any other ideas.

I love everyone's suggestions and oh, I should also say that. , if you are not on our email list, you should definitely get on it because tomorrow's email has a super special offer in it. And so there's that, and it's only for people that are on our email list. So therefore you can hop onto our website and it should pop up and say, you know, join the site, join the list.

Or if not, you could scroll back on Facebook because last night I posted. No, I'm trying to remember. I don't know if it was last night or if it's gonna happen tonight. They're scheduled. And so there will be a post that will say that also. Yeah, I have started on TikTok, but I'm gonna start posting some of it here as well.

I have started a a series TikTok series called postal notes. And it's all about the post office. It's going to be it's all about, you know, Fun things that you might not know, quirky things that you might not have known, known. I'm having customers send me post office pictures and I'm learning about different post offices and, you know I posted maybe last week or so about the national postal museum that I made my family go to.

So they said they enjoyed it. I hope, you know, they were good about. So I posted that. And so if you have any fun tips or, or stories about the post office, feel free to share me, share with me. And I'm gonna be sharing about like special stamps, you know? So I have posted. 12 things, I think so far on the TikTok and you don't have to like subscribe to TikTok or anything, but I will start posting more of that here.

It's just, yeah. I'm learning on one person and I need more help. So we'll get there. So, but yeah, definitely like if you have a special post office or. Special stories or pictures, you know, please send them along. Yeah, it's, it's really, I, I love it. When I was a kid, I was a stamp collector. My dad has collected stamps his whole life.

So I just have this affinity for the post office and everything they do. And they just thought it would be fun to, to spread that. So yeah. So stay tuned for all of those. And yeah, now I go, everywhere. I go, I take pictures of the post office. So I become that person. And I learned that the smallest post office in the country is actually only three hours from where we live.

So yeah, I'm working on convincing Vinny. That's gonna be a fun road trip. I'll just have to find some good food that we can try as we, as we get there, when we get there. Yeah, but I just wanted, so I wanted to show you all the mini envelopes. If you have any questions about them, let me know. It's the same exact card stock as our cards, which is awesome.

So if you wanted to get, you know, white mini envelopes and then the white cards they match. So that's awesome. I love that. And yeah, the, the special email is going out sometime tomorrow. I don't know the time because I haven't finished writing it yet. So there's that. And I think that's everything I so appreciate.

Y'all for being here and supporting me. It's it's been, it's so awesome. I love it so much. I'm so lucky to have you all in my life and I will be back against, you know, if not sooner, definitely next Wednesday. And I hope you have a great day. Thanks so much for being here.