Live with Lisa Week 20: Holiday Cards & NEW Snowman Ornaments

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 20: Holiday Cards & NEW Snowman Ornaments-Plymouth Cards

Hello, Happy Wednesday, I'm Lisa DiVasta and I want to pop in for my usual Wednesday chat with you. I want to see how you're doing, through the middle of the week, catch up, and say hello.

So, I have some exciting news. Okay, hopefully, you can see everything. For today, I know last week I said I had an exciting announcement that I wanted to wait on. Actually, I was able to wait until this Wednesday to give you what it is. So, I'm really excited that we are adding on to Clarence, his family or friends, he has two friends that we are adding on, and I don't have the actual samples yet. I guess I'm a little bit patient. They're not going to be here till Friday. But I wanted to show you a picture of him, or not him of them and, and see if you had any ideas or suggestions for names. So, these are two of Clarence and his best friends. I will show a picture of him in a minute, but I wanted to tell you about his two friends. So, hopefully you can see it. Okay, so he or she is wearing her sweater Poncho, and it's going to be in red, the same red as the red mask Clarence. Then he is wearing a green Christmas scarf, the same green that we're using for the green mask. So, those are our two brand new snow ornaments. They are coming in, they'll be ready to ship on the 23rd of this month, but you can preorder them now.

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I think they're so adorable. So, their hats have the same kind of texture to them, you can tell that they're a pair, and he has on sunglasses. You can see that it's awesome. They will be the same size as Clarence. So, they won't be off scale or anything, which is great. I think I have a Clarence in my pocket, because who doesn't walk around with an ornament in their pocket, right. So, just to show you, again, this is just a computer-generated rendering that I got from Allen. 

So, I will have the samples on Friday, and maybe I'll pop in really quick on Friday or Saturday once I get the box and open them and show you. But these are the two brand new snow ornaments that we're getting, and they'll be the same price for $10. They are the same that Allen makes from Pewter. Let me think of what else you might want to know. I need help with names. So, as soon as this live is over, I'm going to post, and I would love if you could give me some name suggestions. Or if you have a suggestion, you just can't wait for me to post that in a few minutes, comment here. I'd love to know your ideas, because look at how cute they are. Oh, can you see them? So again, they're matching hats. texture. He has the green scarf on. She has the red poncho sweater. I just think they're adorable. I hope you do too. So, that's what we're looking for is some name suggestions, and hopefully you have something good. I think there might be a prize in there for whoever comes up with the best name.

Okay, it's October, and honestly, the only thing everyone's ordering right now are Christmas cards. So, I just wanted to throw out some Christmas card suggestions or ideas just so you can see all the different things that we have. In case you hadn't thought about it. I know it's October but honestly, I can't even tell you how many custom Christmas cards I printed this week, and it's been awesome. So, I want to do a picture of our Christmas card from 2014. It doesn't have to be a Christmas border. It can be whatever you want. So that was our Christmas card from 2014. Alabama fans, I know roll tide. Let's see, here is a buffalo plaid, and what's really cool is he used it. Oh, that's a really good idea. 

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So, what he does every year is he puts his business card here and then he puts a picture from the event, because he's an event planner. So, let's see, this one is really cool. So, what this customer did is that she kept Christmas cards from, and obviously, you guys are related. That is too funny.

Okay, so let's see. So, what this customer has done is she has kept the Christmas cards that people have sent her through the years. What she came up with this year is a poem, and I think it's awesome. So, what it says is wishing you good tidings and Christmas cheer. As you remember the joys of yester year, your photo cards have been saved with care what fun it is for me to share. Then what she's doing is she's taking the old photographs of her family and friends that she's received through the years and she's putting them into the card. So, I want to show you this as an example. This is Luke when he was only one, and that is what we did. Yeah, so that was the card that we used for him. But I wanted to show you how I just love this idea that she wrote, I will put this up here. So, you can see that, just like that we just custom printed in there for you. But I just love this message. Next year, my family and friends might be getting this. So, the custom printing is 25 cents a card. There's no minimums, there's no setup fees, it's just 25 cents, and you will get three rounds of proofs because we want to make sure you're happy with it. I want to show you a school that I just completed, and they have a message inside the Christmas dots.

Hope your holidays are pointed in the right direction. Okay, so they have a dog that has the pointer, it's called the pointer, I think something like that. Anyway, I can't remember, I'm not good with dog breeds. Can't be skilled of everything. This family wrote from our family to yours; we wish you peace, health, and happiness this holiday season and throughout the new year. That's what we did for them. So, we wanted to show you there's so many options. Sideways, we can also do foil stamping, we have a variety of phrases. But then we also have a font that we can make whatever phrase you want up to I think 20 or 25 characters, I believe for the front of the card. But the foil is 40 cents a card, and there's no set of fees for that either, or no minimums. So, that's another option, just as a different dimension to your card. When you use the foil, and we can do the foil, it doesn't just have to be on a solid card. I should have brought an example we did. We do it on the printed cards too. So, that's an option, which I think takes the cards to a different level or your event if you're planning a big event or something. So, where did I put it? 

I want to show you these, and they are our two new snow ornaments. They're coming in a few weeks, they're on the website right now for sale, and the price is $10. We're only getting, I believe, 100 of each to start. So, that is where we're at. If you want to get in on the first hundred, place your order now. $10 is the same $5 shipping, No matter how much you order. Oh, let me show you again, because I see some other new people have jumped on. So, just want to show you it will be the same dimension. Again, this is just a computer rendering that Allen sent me that I just cropped off and imprinted on a card so that you could see what they're going to look like. So yes. Oh, hi, Kirsten. All families here today. Yay. I think that's all I wanted to chat about today. Let's see. Oh, questions. So, we've had a lot of questions from new customers or potential customers. I want to answer some of these questions so that in case you're wondering, our products are made here in the US. The cards are made in Florida, the ornaments are made in Massachusetts, the picture frames are made in Maine and Georgia. The twine comes from California. I'm sure I'm missing something but that's where everything you know, with the exception of the clear bags, everything's made here in the US the kraft brown bags, we get in Tennessee. 

We're always looking for small businesses that we can support because we're a small business. Then people want to know where our products ship from. So, all orders ship from here in Florida, so just outside of Tampa, so everything gets hand packed by us, and then we ship it off to you from Florida. So, every order, you'll get a tracking, and you'll get a tracking number. So, then you can track it along the way to see where it is. I think that's what I've got. I think there was I apologize, I'm just trying to remember if there was one other question that I've been getting, a lot of the colors may vary slightly. Computer generated images; every monitor is different. It's amazing to me that I will put a mask color on the screen if this happens to you, but so I have the ornament in my hand, I make it on the computer, and then I look at it on one monitor and it looks perfect. Then I look on it another monitor and it looks slightly off, then I look at it on my phone and it looks different. So, you have to keep in mind that I do my absolute best with the colors, but it can vary. So, you just have to keep that in mind. We do exchanges, if there's something that you're really, you know, unhappy about or just dissatisfied so that that's not an issue. I'll always do what we can to make you happy. So, I hope you have a great rest of your day. If you do have any questions about the ornaments or about the cards, please leave them in the comments. I'm happy to answer them. Or shoot me a direct message through Facebook, at any time because I'm very responsive. You can always call our number is 877-830-3405 I answer the phone, except we only have one phone line and we're not that high tech. So, if you get a voice machine message or voice message, leave one in then I can call you back Just tell me your time zone. I know everyone, you bring your cell phones with you nowadays, so you never know where anyone is. I just hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks for watching. Bye