Live with Lisa Week 22: Send A Letter to Someone You Love!

October 21, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 22: Send A Letter to Someone You Love!-Plymouth Cards

Hello, Happy Wednesday. Just wanted to come in and do our usual Wednesday afternoon live. Good morning, good afternoon, not sure where you are today but it would be great if you wanted to say hi, you can write a comment and say hi. Let me know where you're from, where you're watching from. I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Lisa. I'm here, Lisa DiVasta, here at Plymouth Cards. So I just wanted to jump in real quick and do my usual Wednesday thing. If you have any questions, as always just write it in the comments, I'm happy to answer them. If I can't answer them live, I will answer them as soon as I get off. I typically am very responsive. 


Today, I have some really cool things I wanted to talk about. The first thing is the holidays are coming up and I've been talking to a lot of customers. Some of them are older and they're by themselves. And I feel badly for them because they're home and they're not going out, they're not doing anything and I feel like they're so isolated. And I feel as the winter gets closer, it's going to be worse. So I wanted to mention that we have a whole greeting card line. So you don't have to be a photographer. It's called greetings from the past, we have alphabet soup, we have the booth cards, and we have patents. And they're really cool. And I've printed out some Halloween ones so you could see them. And what I'm going to do is, if you want to send a card to someone that you know, and I know everyone's life is so hectic, that you can use a special code that I'm going to show in a few minutes. And you can have the cards sent to them for no cost. Well, obviously you buy the card, but other than buying the card, I will write the message, I'll address the envelope and pop it in the mail for you. So how easy is that?

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So I wanted to show you, here's a Halloween one. I'm writing this right now to one of the customers who really moved me the other day. Her name is Polly and she's in her 80s, and she's by herself and I just feel so bad. So I'm going to start writing her cards, and I feel I have to practice what I preach. So this is one of our Halloween ones. And then here's another Halloween one. And we have a whole line of cards. We have all the holidays that you can think of and then some. So what it is, is okay, here's the card. SENDLOVE is the code. So what you do is, if you want to send a card to someone that you know is alone by themselves, well I guess doesn't even have to be that. Anyone at all that you want to send a card to and you just...I know because I do this sometimes - sometimes I have the best of intentions of doing something and then two weeks go by and you're like, Oh my gosh, I never did that. So I'm trying to make that easier for you. And so what you can do is send a greeting card to anyone. And it won't cost you any shipping. This code right here SEND LOVE, will waive that $5 shipping because that would be a little extreme to spend for one card to mail to somebody. And what you do is just put the card in your cart and during the checkout process where it says special instructions/notes, put what you want to say in the card and I'll write that in there. And then what you can do is use your address as the billing address and their address as the shipping address. And when the order comes in, I will write the message in the card for you and address their envelope. And we'll get it in the mail to them. Because, like I said, so many of the customers that I've been speaking to, that are older, they're by themselves. And who doesn't love getting some happy mail? So that's why it's SENDLOVE. So we can send cards to people. I love getting mail, that isn't a bill who doesn't or junk mail. So I just wanted to show you. These are just a couple of examples. And oh, you're probably like, oh, the black card, how do you write on that? So I started writing this to Polly. And you can see I'm using a silver pen. And so that's what we can do. 

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And then we have Thanksgiving, I just want to show you a couple of our Thanksgiving cards. This is John and Priscilla Adams. And here's another one, this is a brand new one. So they're all on our website under greeting cards. And so this code will work to give you that free shipping on those cards. Not just those ones specifically, but any of the cards in that greeting card section. Just buy one card, use that code, and we can get those cards shipped out to someone that you know, anywhere at all. I just think we should spread some love. So that's what I want to do with that program. 


So I hope you participate. If you forget the code, no worries. When this is over, I'm going to post it in the comments with a link to all the greeting cards so that you can see them. And that way, you can just check it all out. And I'd love for...[Audio Break 05:43] That would be really great. So that would be fabulous. 


And then what else have I been doing? I've been busy working on lots of cards, it's Christmas here, everyone's ordering their Christmas cards. So I just wanted to show you all some of the ones that...actually I have some customers that send Thanksgiving cards, which I think is such a fabulous idea as a business owner, to send them at Thanksgiving time to let them know you're thankful for them. Not that the holidays is a bad time but I feel like sometimes you get inundated with Christmas cards and maybe you don't take the time to read them as thoughtfully as you would. So I think it's such a great idea that many of our customers send their customers and clients cards at Thanksgiving. So I just wanted to show you this one right here. And we do foil stamping, I don't know if you knew that. But we can do anything. So they wanted to have 'grateful' put on theirs. So there's that card and they had a message, a quote, printed on the inside. 'Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings' - William Arthur Ward. So that's really cool. 


We can do anything like that that you want. And I just wanted to show you real quick, we have different ...What is that 'Believe' and 'Merry Christmas' and 'Season's Greetings', but honestly, you can do whatever you want. Last year we did a lot of family names or Thank you', whatever you want is great. We can do any of that. So that would be fabulous. 

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And let's see what else was I going to talk about today. So I just really wanted to talk about sending cards to people. Especially right now I's touched me. It's moved me talking to them and they're by themselves. So I just want to spread some love and joy. And speaking of, George and Mary are going to be here on Friday. So in case you don't know who George and Mary are, here they are. They we go - George and Mary. So they will be here on Friday. They're $10 each just like Clarence, they're his buddies. So anyone that has ordered them, that has done a pre-order, your order will ship on Saturday. We will be shipping them as soon as they come in. And then let's see what else I have. So that's George and Mary, we have Clarence. I don't know if you've seen the blinged-out one. We have red, green and silver now in glitter, which is really cool. And so there's that. 

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We've just been packing your orders as quickly as possible. I'm trying to get them out next day if not the following day, but most orders are going out next day. Except of course the pre-order ones, those have to wait until they come in. So, George and Mary, they're here on Friday. Pam, our UPS driver is bringing them, I can't wait to see her and then we'll get those shipped out to you on Saturday. 


So SENDLOVE, would love to have you participate. Let's send cards to people and just use that code SENDLOVE that I talked about and that will let you send one card for no postage costs. And I will address it and ship it up to whomever you'd love to send a card to. And let me look at my notes and see what else I got here. 


Okay, so I'm working on a fall box so that will be...I'll open that up live next week so you can see what the content will be. That will be at a slightly discounted price which will be great. And then after the fall box in November, I will show you the holiday box that we're going to do, a Christmas box. So they'll be great to give as a gift and it will be a little won't be, it'll be discounted off retail price. So just working out all the kinks on that and see. So if you have any suggestions on something you'd love to have in a box, put it in the comments. I'd love to know your thoughts while we're working on it. Benny and I have been brainstorming some ideas. 


And what else do I have? Oh, so Beni wrote this great blog post on Christmas and Christmas card ideas. It's a different kind of year, so we came up with some fun ideas. And if you check out our blog, you can see her ideas. 

Read '5 Fun Christmas Card Ideas for 2020' Here.

And then we're also working on some other small businesses like us that we weren't going to...we just ordered a bunch of...not a bunch, four different things. We wanted to test them to make sure that they meet our standards because we don't want to recommend something to you that we wouldn't personally use. I don't feel right about that. So we found four small businesses that we think have some great products. So once we start getting those in, we're going to let you know about them. And maybe I'll even do a box opening and show you what it is all about. So if you have any ideas or if you know of any other small businesses that have mainly USA products, bonus points if they're eco-friendly, it would be great if you wanted to throw those in the comments too, because I'd love to check them out. And maybe we could give them some love too. So that is all I have for today.


I'm just checking my notes one more time. But again, I just wanted to finish up with let's send some cards to people. And I have all kinds of greeting cards in our greeting card section. We have our greetings from the past which are vintage; postcards from the early 1900s that we're reproducing. And so, there's several of each, they're different for each holiday. But I'd love to start sending some cards to people that are by themselves and let's cheer them up and let them know that people are thinking about them. So those are just a few Halloween and Thanksgiving. And then just put the code SENDLOVE in the box when you're checking out. And therefore you won't have to pay any shipping for just that one card. It's not for your entire purchase, it's just for that card that you want to send to someone to send them some love.


So I really appreciate you taking the time to spend a few minutes with me on Wednesday. And I hope you have a great rest of your week. And please, if you have any other questions, put them in the comments. You can email orders at I'll email you right back. And you can always call, our number here is 877-830-3405. And I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thanks so much. Bye.