Live with Lisa Week 23: Fall Box 2020!

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Live with Lisa Week 23: Fall Box 2020!-Plymouth Cards

Hey, how is everyone today? Happy Wednesday. I wanted to try something different today, so that you could see what I wanted to show everyone here. I just wanted to wait a few minutes to see if we can get anyone else to join us today.

My name is Lisa, I'm here from Plymouth Cards. And it's Wednesday! Can you believe another Wednesday is here. So let's see, I want us to talk about a few things today. And one of them is going to be this box opening, which I'm excited about. 

A few other things that I wanted to talk about is our catalog. I'm not sure if you got it yet, I got mine. And I've had a few customers call me. You know when you do those things, you think you check everything a million times and that's exactly what I did. When we did this catalog, I can't tell you how many times I looked this over, proofread it, the whole nine yards. And lo and behold, on the bottom of every page, down here, on the even-numbered pages down here, the phone number is wrong. So, crazy. I know totally. So what I wanted to say was that the phone number here on the back of the catalog is our correct phone number. So if you do need to call us, it's also on our website. It is...let's see. It is on our website, it's on every email that I send and it's on our Facebook page - it is everywhere. It's on your receipt when you place an order. So if you ever need to get in touch with us that would be the way to do it. Our number is 877-830-3405. And yeah, I can't believe we made that mistake, we being me. But I like to say we when...But it's me and I own it. I don't know what happened, how our phone number would have changed on the catalog from last year but it did. It is what it is and we'll move forward but just if you do need to call us it's the number on the back of the catalog, not the number on the inside of the catalog. And you'll see it on Facebook, it's on every email, etc. 

So if you can or cannot...if you can't hear me This is a brand new thing that I'm trying today, it's called StreamYard and I'm doing it so that you can see this box when I open it. I think it might work out better than when I'm just trying to hold it up to you. I think that might be better. Hi, Nancy. I'm so glad you're here. Thank you for saying hi. So that's what I wanted to do with that.  

So what I have here in this box, this little mystery box is our Fall Box. So we try to do a quarterly box based on the season and it has a variety of products and it's typically 20% off the full retail price. So if you bought everything separate, it would be 20% more. So that's what we do with this box, we have fun with that. I just wanted to wait and see if we can get a few more people to join before I start so they don't miss out on anything. 

Shop our Fall Box Here

Let's see! So how you receive it? You'll receive it in gift-ready fashion. So we wrap it up in tissue paper and all our tissue paper is 100% recycled, it's eco-friendly. So I love that. Just like most of our products, we try to get recycled products. We strive to find eco-friendly, recycled products that are nice quality. So in our box. So this box retails for $76 if you bought it every piece separate. So our price is going to be $59.99 and this is what it looks like when you get it. So it'd be great because it is a Thanksgiving Box. If you can't go see your family at Thanksgiving time because of COVID and you want to send something along this would be a great thing to send. 


So it has in it -- let's see. In this bag, are the Buffalo Print Flat Note Cards and it includes the twine. So the note cards are really cute. You can either have them flat like this, and see the other side is completely blank or you can fold them in half and punch a hole and then we're providing the twine with them. We have about eight different prints available. But in this box is going to be the Buffalo Plaid. It comes with the red twine, solid red twine. So this retails for $4.99 if you bought a 10 pack, or $3.99 without the twine. So that's totally up to you. That will come in a fun bag, the bags are recycled. Sorry, if I just made you sick by hitting the camera. So this is totally a new thing for me to try today. So I appreciate you hanging out with me while I do it. 


So we're also going to include a hope ornament because we feel like at Thanksgiving time it's a time just for hope and thankfulness. So we have the hope ornament. And those sell individually for $10, just like all our ornaments. 


Let me see what else is in here. Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I hope you like them as much as I do. They're little gift tags. So you get a dozen gift tags and you can actually use them for place settings if you are seeing your family. So they're six pumpkins in our color Ember and then there are six turkeys. Check out how adorable these - little turkeys, and there are six of those and they're in nutmeg. 


So you can see that. Let me know if you think that this is a good format if I'm going to show things like this in the future. Or if you prefer that I just hold things up like this to the camera. I'm not sure what you like better. So let me know. I'd love to hear. 


So those are the gift tags. Our gift tags are made from recycled paper just like our cards. They're $3.99 for a 12 pack, they do come with the twine. In this set, you will get six pumpkins and six turkeys. They come with orange and white twine, yellow and white twine for each, just like this. But if you bought them separately on our website, they would be $3.99 and you would have your choice of I think 15 different twine colors. So if yellow isn't your thing and you wanted to have orange, you can totally do that on our website, pick and choose. Let's see what else is in the box. 


So you'll get a gold pen. And I'm going to demonstrate with my used...not that one. So also you're going to get...So we wrap everything. We use newspaper that we get from our local newspaper. It's never been read, it's just overruns that they have. So they've printed too many. And so they bundle it up and then once a month I go down there and I pick it up, and we use it to be eco-friendly. But then we also wrap the cards in tissue paper. You can see that. And then all our cards come wrapped in our eco-friendly cardboard wrap. I hope you can see that, that's better. And then the twine, you can reuse and I'll show you where you can reuse it. Inside our packaging we have gift tags that you can cut out. So it's just another way to repurpose our packaging. 


So in that little cardboard wrap comes six cards. Four of them are blank in our burnt orange and they say 'grateful' on them, and that's in our gold foil. And they come with our cream felt envelope; it's a really nice textured envelope. Then you also get two of our Greetings from the Past Thanksgiving Cards in this box. This is one of our brand new designs Thanksgiving Greetings, so there's that one. And then there's this other one called a Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrim and Plymouth Rocks. So we are from Plymouth, Massachusetts, so this was very appropriate for us. And you get two of the white envelopes with that. So those six cards come in that. Now the Greetings from my Past Cards are $2.99 each, yes $2.99. And we have an array of options. And then the foil cards are, so with the envelope upgrade they're $2.09 but if you didn't get the envelope upgrade, it would be $1.89 in gold foil. We have one font option at this point and this is the font option, there we go. So that's the font option. We can fit up to I believe 22 characters. So if you have a message that you want to say that you think would look great in foil. Oh! And we also have, I believe, 8-10 different foil colors, so that's really cool. They look really nice on the dark cards where you typically can't do custom printing because we don't have white ink at this point. But the foil looks really nice. That's also included in the box. 


And then, let's see what else we have. Alright. Again, our newspapers [inaudible 10:34]. The tissue paper just keeps it clean. I worry that the some of the newsprint might come off in transport, so I don't want you to get dirty envelopes or cards, so I do that. And then gift tag. Of course, we always put tags that you can then reuse, repurpose with the twine that's on the wrap if you so choose. Inside this wrap is 24 cards and there's 12 Buffalo Plaid and 12 of our Vintage Flair. The Vintage Flair has corners. Do you remember...I remember when I was a kid, we had envelopes of these little, I'll put them up close but corners that you would have to lick and stick to put your pictures in your scrapbooks or photo albums. So I just love nostalgia. So that's that card, you can see the back. So this set, if you bought each card separately it would be $35.76, but again, this whole box I'm not done yet is $59.99 instead of the $76 that it would be if you bought everything separately. 


And then also we're going to include is some gift bags with the tissue paper. All our gift bags that we sell are 100% recycled, made here in the USA just like all our products, and they--here we have a few options. So this one is our small size. Let's see, I should demonstrate the small size I'm going to just put this not very prettily but just to give you a visual. So here's the small bag, just to give you a visual. And then I'm going to take our 24 card collection, and look at that. It fits perfectly, right in that bag. So if you wanted to just give the cards to somebody and you want to keep everything else for yourself, probably perfect. All our gift bags come with tissue paper and they come with a coordinating tag. Usually we do something seasonal, so right now we would do turkeys and pumpkins and then we have Christmas trees, snowman, stockings, you have so many options available. So that is it. 


So the Fall Box when I get off, I will post the link to the Fall Box if you're interested. We only have a limited number where we have 10. Oh shoot! So we also have an upgrade available and I'm going to do my usual. I forgot something I'm going to be right back hold on. So you can upgrade to include a picture frame. So you can upgrade. So the box itself is $59.99. We have 10 boxes available of that and then we also have 10 boxes available with a picture frame upgrade. So you can get the 'Weathered Gray Picture Frame' included and that would make the price $76.99. So that would be an additional savings too. Our picture frames they're handmade by a small business in Maine. So that's this one. It's glass, it's not plastic or plexiglass or anything like that, that's real glass. So those are the two box options that I wanted to mention. 


And then I wanted to show you...see I have my little fancy camera here, I wanted to show you what it looks like when you right inside the card. I'll just write...Oh, probably not the best. There we go. 'Hello, nice to see...' This table is a little grooved so it's not the best. But I just wanted to show you what the gold looks like. I love the gold on the cards, it just adds such a nice touch to them. So that's the gold pen and that is everything that gets in the box. So if you have any questions about the box, please feel free to write them in the comments and I'd be happy to answer them.


Beni or I will put the link in as soon as this live is done and posted with this news program for today. I'm not exactly sure how, I should have probably figured this all out but that's just how it goes here. So there's all that, what else did I want to tell you?

Read our Blog Post About Reputable Companies

Okay, let me get my notes out here. Oh, okay. We've gotten a lot of calls. Because we're a small business that people have never heard of, Plymouth Cards - no one has ever heard of, not no one but we're small. We're a small family business. We've been in business since 2005. But with Clarence, there's been a lot of activity for our company. But people are calling and asking us if we're real. Yes, we're real, I'm real. So what we're doing is Benny actually spent some time and she's written a blog post that we're going to be posting in the next day, as soon as it's available we'll be posting it on our Facebook page. But it's 'How to determine if an online company is reputable?' Because it is that time of year, the holidays are coming and there are so many unethical businesses. I know people personally that have been a victim of these un-reputable companies that are online, they just make up all these names and it's crazy. So Beni and I had a conversation and we talked about different ways that her and I both -- things we do to make sure a company is real that when we're buying from them for the first time, obviously the Gap, everyone knows that and Pottery Barn or Target, Walmart, everyone knows all those stores but for the smaller businesses like myself, it's hard and we just want to try to help you all be able to figure out if a company is real. 


So some of our tips is look at their contact page. Whenever I go to a new company's website that I've never shopped at before, I go to their contact page and I make sure is there an address? If there isn't an address, I never buy from them. It's an automatic no way. Because I don't know, if you just don't put an address, where are you? That makes that makes me uncomfortable. Look for a phone number. If there's not a phone number, deal-breaker. And sometimes, and actually, I've gotten...I feel that a lot of calls over the last few weeks from customers calling. They're like I'm about to place my order online, but I wanted to call and make sure you were real. And so feel free to do that, call companies. They're happy to do that and answer any of your questions, the reputable ones. But keep in mind, small companies like ours, we only have one phone line. So if we don't answer, in the voicemail message, leave a message, we'll call you back, or try calling again. But we figured is it better to have multiple phone lines or keep our prices affordable. So we've opted for affordable pricing instead of bells and whistles. I hope you can appreciate that and understand that. But those are some things, and sometimes when you Google the address, you're going to see a small business homeowners home, and I'm okay with that. But I just want to make sure that it isn't some random field in the middle of nowhere. So that kind of makes you feel better when you do the Google search to make sure that it's real. 


What other things? Check their social media presence. Not everyone's on all social media, we do have handles on all of the social media but honestly, we've decided to focus our energies on Facebook and Pinterest. There's just too many, we can't handle it all. But whenever I do go to look at a new company, I go and I look in look at their social media and see which one they're actually active on or if they are active. If they're not, that makes me nervous too. Especially if they're advertising online and they don't have an online social media presence that makes me nervous. Maybe I'm nervous about too much but anyway, I'm just trying to share some tips and tricks to help you protect yourself especially as we get further into the holiday season and I know there's going to be these .com companies that are just going to be popping up all over that are not ethical or reputable. So what I was saying, check their social media presence and then see if they actually are communicative with their customers. Are they responding to questions or is it just people commenting and nothing from the company? I feel it's really important for a company to respond. I try to respond as quickly as possible but within 24 hours I feel like a company should be responding to their customer's questions. So if a company isn't responding then I would be hesitant to purchase from them. Just see what kind of posts they're making. You just want to just check it all out and make sure, don't need to be all serious, but I just want everyone to be protected. Especially since I know people that have fallen victim, and that's terrible. We work hard for our money, we don't want it taken away from us by some un-reputable company. 


So the blog post is almost done and as soon as it is, we will post it here. I hope you find it useful. And if you have any of your own ideas after you read it, please let us know because I'm all about education. And I would love for all of us to be educated on ways to protect us as a group. We all have to work together and we're all a big team. So I think that would be really great if everyone could do that. 


So the Fall Box, to wrap up, the Fall Box is available on the website now. We do only have 10 of each available. I'm not sure if any have sold while we've been on live or throughout the day. Oh and the SENDLOVE campaign, that's an ongoing thing. In case you missed last week's live or you missed the email, what the SENDLOVE Campaign is, is that I know we're also busy with our lives. And so our whole greeting card section, if you, you're like, oh, I miss my friend Sue. I haven't seen Sue in such a long time and I'd love to send her a card. But then the day goes by and you never get to it. And then a week goes by and you still haven't gotten to that card that you wanted to send to Sue. So what we're doing is, you can buy a single card on our website for $2.99. And in order to waive our $5 shipping, what you do is use the code SENDLOVE in the discount code section and it will take off the shipping. And then just in the 'Ship To' address put your friend Sue's address. And you can put a message in there too, that you want us to send to her. And we'll take care of it. We'll send your card off to your friend Sue or your Uncle Joe or anyone that you want to send a card to. I just feel like it's so important, especially now as we get further into the holidays or the winter is coming and I just want people to have some love in their mailbox instead of just a bill all the time or junk mail. So that is the SENDLOVE Campaign. If you have any questions about it, you can always just pop a message here and I'm happy to answer them. And let's see, I think that's everything I have. 


So our phone number was wrong on the catalog in case you missed that, 877-830-3405 is the correct phone. I won't make that mistake again. And you can always Facebook message us, call or email is what I meant to say. And I hope you have a great rest of your day, your week. I really appreciate your watching and let me know if you have any other questions or ideas. I'll talk to you soon. Thanks so much. Bye