Live with Lisa Week 36: Class of 2021 Ornaments, Valentine's Day Cards!

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Live with Lisa Week 36: Class of 2021 Ornaments, Valentine's Day Cards!-Plymouth Cards


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Hey everybody. Welcome to my Wednesday live. My name is Lisa DiVasta, over here at Plymouth Cards today. I hope you're doing well. Got a busy eventful week already and I hope you are too. I've been talking to some friends and customers who live north and they said they've been getting a lot of snow. So I hope if you are getting snow, you're enjoying it, I guess, making your snowman and who doesn't love a cute snowman.


Today, I just wanted to... First I wanted to, I'm not sure if you've had a chance yet to see my post a little while ago. My son Luke, he lives up in DC, he works up there too. So he sent me this great picture when it was snowing, of the Capitol. So I put it in the Charcoal Card and I just think it looks amazing. But I wanted to show you just how the colors accentuate different features of a photo. So I also put it in our Pewter Card and that's what it looks like. And I just felt like I liked the charcoal better. So that's the story on that. And why one is glaring and one isn't is I used a matte, not even a photo paper, I used our card paper to print it on this to give it a more artsy feel. I don't know if you can see that. So there's that. And then when I printed it on the photo paper, that's why you can see the ring light that makes me look... So I'm not in the dark. So that's what that's all about. But that's, that's the difference. So if you look, you can see that I posted the picture that Luke took for me -- or not took, he didn't take it from me, but he sent it to me and I said Luke, I love this picture. And it's funny because he said he didn't even like the picture. He said, if I had known you were going to love it so much I would have gotten out of my car and you know, instead of just being parked because it was snowing. But I just think it's the most beautiful. I just love it. I just love everything about this picture. Just so serene, I guess you know, the benches are all empty and just the snow. So I did post this. So if you want to shout out and give him some love, tell them how much you like it. But that's it in pewter. So that's just to show you how the cards actually -- the card does make a difference, the color. And I just, I really liked it in charcoal versus the pewter. Oops I'm going the wrong way with my mirrorthe mirror image so you see things the right way instead of backwards. But for me, I still you know, I don't know, I think this is week 36 that I've been doing these Facebook lives, I still can't figure it out. You think I'd know by now but that's all good. 


So in case you're just joining now, my name is Lisa. I'm the owner here over at Plymouth Cards. So I've been trying to change up the locations a little bit. We do work from the house now. And so I'm in front... Yes, it's a real phone booth. It has a real phone. The phone used to work but years ago before we move to Florida, and the kids used to have so much fun. Our kids would have their friends over and their friends would call their homes and I'm on a payphone. So because payphones, they don't really know what they are anymore. But that is yes, this is a real payphone. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at this moment, Vinny is going to work on getting it fixed up again, but we do have that. So I'm just going to try and change. So if there's anything you want to know, like anything you want to see about Plymouth Cards, last week I showed you where Vinny had just built me new shelving for all the pewter products. And I'm thinking next week, I might show you all the cards where they are on the wall, not at the warehouse but in this location. But if there's something you want to see, please let me know. I'm happy to give you a tour. 


Yeah, so exciting, exciting! I know I've talked about the class of 2021 ornaments. Well, some of the colors have arrived. They arrived on Monday. So they are for sale on the website. They're $10 right now, the price will go up in a week or two. We're going to just do an introductory offer right now. So anyone if you're thinking about it, get it now. So I'm going to show it to you, the colors that we do have. I might have to turn off the light and because of the glare. Let's see. I'm going to okay. Let me get a darker color and see if that works better. I'm not sure, what do you think is the glare too much for you all? Let me know.


Just, okay, let me see. I think I will just see if I can turn it off. And hopefully you'll... Okay. Alright, I turned that off. Hopefully you can... Yeah, I think that's better. Hopefully you think so too. 


There are nine colors that are going to be available for this ornament. And right now I have three colors in stock and I have one sample in one of the colors. So it's Class of 2021, We Made History because they spent so much time at home doing online learning. So that's why we did the 'We Made History'. We just thought wow! They've spent... Basically two years of their education has been-- or one and a half years has been online. So it's the Wi-Fi signal for the zero. And then for the one -- Let me see if I can -- I told you, I'm such a mess with this mirror image. There we go. Sorry if I'm making anyone seasick here. So the one is a -- oh my gosh, I've got myself all sidetrack here, all discombobulated. Let's say the one is a hand sanitizer bottle. And then we just did #WeMadeHistory because like I said, they're graduating having gone to school, a lot, virtually. So there's that. 


So the cool thing is there are nine different colors. So I have it in blue, black, white, green. And then we also have coming, I have purple, orange, yellow, red, I'm missing one. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, and oh, crimson, that was the last one. So we have crimson also. But the great thing is... oh, so exciting! For anyone that bought the ornament, I now have a new color, I found a new color ribbon, purple. So I love it. All our ribbons -- Well, I should say all our products are made in the US. So it's very important to me to source products that are made in the US. And so I've been slowly, making sure that everything is... The one thing I'm having... I'm going to get sidetracked here. Let me stay on track here for a second. Okay, so purple ribbon, look at that, I love it. So the great thing is I know it's not 100% ideal, but I think it's great that you can do your school colors. Oh, and instead of a tassel, we've put a mask, because we just thought that that just pretty much sums up 2021 for the graduates. And the mask is the same color as the cap, there's no changing that. That's what it's going to be. But you can make your school colors by picking one of the ribbons and hopefully we have enough combinations that you'll be able to pick your school color. So we have black ribbon, I did one of each. Purple, let's see, we have red ribbon. So all the ribbons are made in the US. As well as the ornaments are made by my brother in law Allen up in Massachusetts.


If you ever have a project that you're going to need a minimum of 50 ornaments, we can do custom ornaments for you. we did it for a customer this Christmas, they needed 100. So they made their own design. So if you need something special, reach out to me and we can make it happen, I'm sure. 


And then we also have the gold ribbon. So you know if your school color is... So my high school colors were blue and gold, so this would be perfect for that. Yeah, so that's the class of 2021. I will post a link to it after I get off this live so that you can order. So in stock right now I have black, blue and white with the five ribbon options. And then over the course of the next week, week and a half, I will have the rest of the colors which are purple, yellow, red, crimson, I'm going to forget one again, blue, no green, and orange. So I know I showed one in green. But that's just a sample that Allen sent me just so I could make sure I was happy with the whole layout and the design and everything before. On the back of the ornament it does say and made in the USA. The great thing about it, this year we didn't do the black coating. So this way you can use the black sharpie that we have for metal products and you could write a message to your graduate on the back, which is great. 


Why do we not do personalization is a question I get all the time. And the reason why is I personally prefer a handwritten note. I know I've mentioned this a million times. I'm very nostalgic and sentimental. So I personally prefer something handwritten versus a machine personalizing something. So that's why we do it that way. And that's the things I treasure the most. I love the notes I have from my kids when they were little, I love the notes I have from my grandma before she passed. So those are things that I personally treasure. I know some people are like my handwriting is messy, I don't like the way I write, but I think that's what makes it authentic and that's what I love about it. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's perfectly awesome being just you. So that's what I like, is you just being you, not trying to be a computer you're not... I can't stress enough how much I like personalized handwritten messages. So that's why we do not offer personalizing. But we do have a sharpie that is graded for metal, writing on metal. So we do sell that for $2.49. 


Oh, I should mention, the ornaments will be $10 for the next week, one to two weeks, I'm not sure the exact date, it might be the 15th when they're going up. So if you are interested, get them now. You can pre-order the colors that we don't have in stock to lock in that price. And that's that. We are offering, for an additional $5, the gift wrapping for the ornaments. And look at that cool tag I have, it has the graduation cap, what's it called? A mortarboard. There we go. When I tie them up for you, because I don't know about you, I like to check my things before I give them as a gift just to make sure there's nothing wrong, or it's actually what I thought I ordered. So we tie it in such a way that you can just untie it quickly like that. And then inside is cotton boxes, twine, all made here in the US. The boxes are 100% recycled. And see the ornament just fits in there perfectly. So yeah, so that's the ornament. I'm really excited about them. I'm glad that we got them. So they're perfect. You can use them as your gift. They're great to use as -- I know last year, our class of 2020 ones, we still have a few of those left if you didn't get one for your 2020 graduate. Let's see. But I know people use them on the gift, almost as a gift tag. So that's another great idea. And yeah, so that's the ornaments. 


But what I was saying earlier about the about pens, and just the products that we source, it's really important to me to get our products made in the USA and eco-friendly whenever possible. So the few things I'm having trouble finding of a quality that I will feel comfortable selling are pens, colored pencils and our clear plastic bags. So if you happen to know a company that sells, makes any of those three products, oh, please let me know. I have been googling, calling people, sending messages and I just can't find anything. So I would be so grateful if you had any tips or leads for me. I've been posting on Facebook groups that I'm in, does anyone know... I'm sure they're sick of hearing from me about made in the USA. I just don't... Yeah, I can't find any pens, colored pencils, or the clear plastic bags. Everything else is made... Those three things are made overseas. Of all our other products, the only other thing that is... Some of our papers are made in Europe. So those ones now start with the letter E to indicate that they're made in Europe versus all our other papers are made here in the US for our cards. So that's all that story. But I just like to be transparent and let you know everything and not try to be sneaky about anything. So that's that. 


Let's see. So I talked... I'm just going through my list to make sure because like I say I know I've said this before I have all these ideas of what I want to tell you and then I turn this on and I forget half of what I want to say. 


So Valentine's Day cards, I know, Valentine's Day is another week. So if you are going to be ordering cards and want to get them in the mail to your recipients, order I would say by Friday the latest. And I can post the link after I'm done with this live to give you a link to all our different options. You can either use our solid... our cards without images if you want to use your own picture, or you could buy our already done Greetings From The Past Valentine Cards. So I'll put both of those links in the comments when I'm done with this live and yeah.


Oh, let me see. I can't... Hi Donna. Sorry, I have such a hard time seeing far away or seeing I guess, in general. Thank you so much for watching and saying hi, I love it. It makes me so happy that I'm not just talking to thin air or whatever. So I appreciate you saying hi, thank you. Hope you're doing well today. And I appreciate you being here.


Let's see. So Valentine's cards I'm working on. Oh my gosh, I have such an amazing... I know it's February, you're going to be like, oh, she's like those other stores. But things have to happen far in advance for it to be ready for all of you. So I've been working on some new Easter ones, oh my gosh, you're going to love them. I love them. And then I have some other new things coming in the spring. And I'm just really excited about all the new products I have coming. So that's that. 


But in the next week, I will be introducing our February collection. So what our collection is a collection of the month. So each month we introduce a special combination of card colors that are different than our standard ones. Because on our website all the time, we have our spring, our summer, winter, fall, we have a formal, trying to think of what else. Oh my gosh, I'm drawing a total blank, which is so funny because I... Rainbow,  I see them all the time. But anyway, but what we're doing this year is just to add some fun and excitement and input different colors together, we are going to do a collection of the month. So I know for February, what we're going to do for each month too is include one of our new card colors. So that's really exciting. So I'm not going to give any more details other than that. So be sure to be here next Wednesday when I announce it. And then that'll be great. 


And if you ever have any questions, I am here, I read all your comments, I read all your messages. Sometimes I am delayed or I don't get notification sometimes. So I'm not ignoring you, please, I promise I'm not ignoring you. If I don't respond within a day or two, please, feel free to comment again, say hey, Lisa, what about this? What about that? And I will get to you, I promise. So I do try to check Facebook in the morning before I start everything and then in the evening before I go to bed, so that I can get everyone's... And sporadically through the day just to make sure there isn't anything dire that needs to be addressed. But you can message me through Facebook if you don't want to post on Facebook, you can post on Facebook, you can email me anytime And what else? Oh, the phone number 877-830-3405. If I don't answer it just means I'm on the phone with another customer or taking a quick walk just to get some fresh air. Got to do that every once in a while. But please leave a message and I promise I will call you back within the day. If you call me at the end of the day, obviously it won't be until the following day. But I do my absolute best to return all phone calls the same day. I feel that's important. You're important to me, so I want you to know that. 


So I think that's all I have unless you have any questions, feel free to pop them on here. And I will talk to you next Wednesday. And yeah, I hope you have a great rest of your day and wonderful. Oh, the Super Bowl. I know I should even mention that. I'm not even really the biggest football fan. I just am by osmosis because I have a husband and sons that are into sports. But yeah, we're here in Tampa. So the Super Bowl is here. Tampa Bay versus the Chiefs, Kansas City Chiefs. So we will be watching that on Sunday. I will just be making food. I don't know what you're planning on doing but I just plan on making and enjoying lots of food. That's my thing, that's my contribution to the football. So I hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday if your team is playing. And I will talk to you next week. Thanks so much for watching. I really appreciate it. Bye.