Live with Lisa Week 37: Special February Collection & Class of 2021 Ornaments

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Live with Lisa Week 37: Special February Collection & Class of 2021 Ornaments-Plymouth Cards


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 Hello, Happy Wednesday. My name is Lisa DiVasta here at Plymouth Cards. Welcome! I'm just coming in for my usual... Just getting myself altogether here with my-- aprons a mess -- my usual Wednesday check-in. I hope everyone's doing well. It's been a little hectic here today. Yeah, the last day or two have been a little crazy just getting everything organized.

I did want to talk about something, a little untraditional to start. As you probably know, because I've posted about it before, my mom is a breast cancer survivor. So today I went for my annual mammogram. So I just wanted to mention that I think it's so important that you go and get it. It's not the most exciting thing to do for sure but it's so important to do. And with my family history, my mom, my mom's sister - so my aunts, and my mom's first cousin, as well as my mom's grandmother have all had breast cancer. So it's just really important. So I know we have the Clarence with the pink mask, and I donate $1 from every Clarence with the pink mask to breast cancer organizations. So last year 2020 we donated a total -- what was the number again? 25, no. I'm trying to think -- I'm sorry, $1500 I donated last year to breast cancer organizations. So I think that's really great. And it's just so important. I don't mean to get on a soapbox or anything about this but I just feel like, well, it was a whirlwind going to do that but it's so important to do. And I know, especially with COVID it's hard because you just want to put things off and you don't want to even go, like why would you want to go to the doctor's office, that's where all the germs are. But I went and I did it, and I hope you do too.

So anyway, today, I have some great things. I have the new... The rest of the graduation ornaments are here. So I'm really excited about that. And so I wanted to just show you all the different ones. Let's see. So, I know last week I showed a few and I'm going to just show them again probably at the end just because it's always good to see them one more time. So I wanted to start, here is our orange with a black ribbon. So the cool thing is that you can have them be part of your school, match your graduate school. So I just wanted to show you all the new colors. So orange and black, so this is Oklahoma State, my brother in law Allen went there, as well as his mom and his sister. And so... What was I going to say? So Allen is the one who makes the ornaments for me, he's up in Massachusetts. So orange with the black ribbon. You can get any one of the five colored ribbons, you don't have to just do orange and black. So if your student’s school is orange and white, we have that as an option. So we now have black, red, oh hey roll tide, have to say that when I show the crimson, that's where my son Luke went. And so we always do something crimson in honor of that, with the white. But we have black, white, gold, red, and purple - we added purple, I found made in the USA purple ribbon, so I was really excited about that.

And if anyone ever knows a place, I have combed the internet, but if you can find a vendor that sells green satin ribbon, it's an eighth of an inch thick, I would love to know because I would love to have green ribbon as an option. But I just haven't been able to find it. And I'm really... I feel strongly about making sure that it's made in the US like all our other ribbons. So purple with gold, so I thought that's kind of like LSU. And I only know all these football teams because I have boys and a husband that watch all these colleges and such. So I learned by looking at their colors, not by what the team actually does mostly. So and then here's the green - green and white. Green and white is Michigan State or my kids went to Duxbury High School and that's their colors. So there's that and then let's see, I have red - red and black is -- what did I write down? Oh, Georgia and Ohio State. Those are the two but you know, but they look great with any of the colors. Yellow, I was a little stuck on, but Tennessee Tech, and that's yellow with a purple ribbon. But again, you can swap them out however you want. So if you're child's school is yellow with red, then I can do that for you. So that would be awesome. And let's see.

Okay, I know I showed these last week but I just wanted to show you again. The white and the black, and then the blue and the gold. So all nine colors are now in stock, which is so exciting. And you can buy them right on the website. I will pop a link... After this live I will post the link in the notes so that you can see where to go. But I wanted to mention that right now the ornaments are $10 but on Monday, they're going up to $10.99. I'm not trying to pressure you, but I just want you to know in advance that the price will be going up to $10.99. So we're just doing an introductory special price of $10 and then on Monday, the 15th they will go up to the $10.99. So I wanted to make sure you knew that. Again I'm not trying to pressure you, I just don't want you to be surprised if you wait. Hi, Cindy, thanks so much for being here. Happy Wednesday to you too.

Yeah, so that's all the grad ornaments, they are in those nine different colors. They're all on the website and I made it a little bit easier this time. I know with Clarence we did each mask separately and that was only because... Well that was a whole different story. We added colors as we went, it wasn't just all decided at the beginning. So that was just... But this time we decided on the nine colors for the graduation caps all before we put it on the website. So they're all in one listing or product page, I'm not sure how what you want to call it, but that's what I call it. And so there you can toggle and decide, there are pulldown menus, so you can pick the cap color, then you can pick the ribbon color and then you can decide if you want it to have a gift box or not. So those are the three things when you do it. But again, price does go up on Monday. I'm excited because our... If you don't get our emails, I will also pop a link so that you can sign up to get them.

So today I announced the February collection. So what we do is we started it in January. So it's our second month but we're doing monthly collections that are specific to that month, and they'll only be available for that month. So if you want it, that's the best time to get it. The great thing about the collections is they're slightly less priced, a discounted price off the regular individual card price. So we pair them in 24s and 36s. So the 24 pack is 10% off, so that gives you a price of $31.99. And then the 36 pack is $45.99 and that is 14% off. So the more you buy in the collection, the more you save on that. So I'll show you.

So this is what it's like, of course it has to be a little bit Valentiney with the red tag and stuff. But there are four cards, four colors in this collection. So I just wanted to show you. So we have Cherry. So yes, those are my kids, you probably see a lot of them in pictures. But I wanted to hold it up, I hope you can see the texture. This is Cherry from our Coffee Collection. What that means is the paper... Our Coffee Collection, all the papers in our Coffee Collection are made from recycled jute and sisal bean bags, which is really cool. So what they do is they chop up those bags that the coffee beans come in and they make paper, which is so fabulous. Can you see that texture? I hope you can. So there's that texture. So that is the... I know you can see the ring light that I have. So that it's not so dark over here. But then I always get the ring in the picture. Oh well, I'm sure you're okay with that.

So the great thing about our cards is the photos slide in and out. You don't need any glues or tapes or anything like that. And I'll just show you real quick, I'll pull it out, just like that, boom. And that's great because it doesn't damage the card or the picture. And our cards all fit into a 5*7 frame, they all hold 4*6 photos. We do have, oh my gosh, I'll have to bring it next week, graduation cards that hold that wallet photo. I'll make a note to do that for next week. And then I'll get some examples. And then we have a big card that holds a 5*7 photo, but it fits into an 8*10 frame. I try to make all our cards fit into standard sized picture frames because then that way you can frame them and display them throughout the year. And then the recipient that gets the cards can do the same. So that's really great.

So again, I'm talking about the February collection. So I know I go off track sometimes sorry. So there's Cherry, and then there's Rustic Hearts, which I love this because you can use it for Valentine's Day but you don't have to. I had a fair amount of customers this year use it for Christmas card, which I thought was -- Hi, Donna. Oh great. I'm so glad you received it. That came quickly I'm happy about that. Thanks for letting me know. So Rustic Hearts is this one. We have Ivory, I'm going to hold it up. Hopefully you can see the texture of this, there we go. So this is our Ivory card. And most of the cards have this, I don't know if you can see it, this ruled emboss. It's actually a debossed border because embossed means it's raised. But debossed means it's underneath the paper. But we have that. It gives some definition to your images or photos, postcards, whatever you're putting in them. So that gives them definition.

But then special in this February collection is one of our brand new colors, which is wheat. And it's the same texture and feel as Ivory, but look at it. It has flecks in it and stuff. It's not like the coffee, it doesn't have the same texture, it's a more smooth texture, but it does have that definition to it in character. So I thought that looked great. So that is the February collection, available until February 28. And I know there's no Leap Year this year. And I'll just put them up, I hope you can see them all. So those are the four colors. And again, they're on our website. I will pop the link after this live is over to make it easy for you, especially if you're not watching live so that you can know where to go on our website.

Oh, really great. We updated the website just ever so slightly. But the navigation, it used to be you had to go to a shop on the far left side, and then it would open up a menu for you. So to make it easier for you, everything is all at the top. So you don't have to go to shop and then go to find what you want. And I hope you like that better you find it easier to navigate. If you don't or if you do, if you have any other ideas of things that you would like to be highlighted up there, let me know. It's hard because I honestly get on the website almost every day. And so when you're just so familiar with something, you forget what it's like to use it for the first time. So if you ever have any suggestions on how to make things better on the website, I will not be offended. As long as you're not yelling at me saying it. But as long as you're just letting me know, you know, hey, Lisa, it would be great if you did X, Y or Z on the website, it would make it so much nicer for us to navigate. I would love to get that feedback because I don't know what I don't know. So if you're having trouble finding something, it would be great to know what the questions or the issues are so I can get that fixed. I do listen to everyone's feedback. I read every email, I try to respond promptly but sometimes I get overwhelmed with the number of emails that come in in a given day. And it takes me a few days to get back to people. And I apologize for that. I do try to do that.

Let's see. So I talked about the February collection, the website. That's so exciting, I love it. I think it looks fabulous, I'm really excited about it. But if you aren't part of our weekly email, I would encourage you to sign up. I will put a link to that as well so that... Because I know there's a few things coming up in the pipeline that you probably don't want to miss. A few offers and sales that are coming up. So those will be in the next few months, I shouldn't say in, over the course of the next few months. So that's really great.

And let's see what else did I want to say. I think that's everything. I hope you're doing well. And you have a good Valentine's Days, I know it's this weekend so I hope you enjoy yourself and find time to relax. And I think that's what I've got today.

If you ever want to get in touch with me, like I said, I am here I love talking to you, don't hesitate to call me. I just ask that you don't yell at me. We can work on whatever it is. So the number is 877-830-3405. If I don't answer, it just means I'm on the other line. So just please leave a message or call back. Those are the two things. You can email You can always put a Facebook message, you can post on Facebook, you can direct message me through Facebook, or what else would I say? I said email. Yeah, I think those are all the ways. So I would love to hear from you if you ever have any suggestions on the website or anything else too because, you know so many of the card colors that I've added through the years have been from customers requesting them. So that's really great. I just would love to make what you want. So that's great. And I think that's all I've got today. So again, if you're not watching this live and you have any questions, just pop them in the comments. Or if you did watch it live and you thought of a question after, that's great too. So I love hearing from all of you and I hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday and the rest of the week and I will see you next week. Thanks so much for watching and being here. I so appreciate it. Bye!

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