Live with Lisa Week 6: Green Cards, Clearance, Labels

June 24, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 6: Green Cards, Clearance, Labels-Plymouth Cards

Hello, Lisa here from Plymouth Cards. Just wanted to hop on today. Just give me a minute while I get everything set up. Perfect, okay, sorry. Well, it's Wednesday. Happy Wednesday. So, I'm here again today at Plymouth Cards in case you've missed that already. I hope everyone's having a great day. It's been a really warm year in Florida. I love it, absolutely love it. That was not a complaint. That was a, I love the warm weather. So, that's very nice. Getting out for our morning walks. So, that's been really great. Today, I have a few things today is green. So, I know every week we've been, or I've been talking about the different colors in our rainbow so far, and today is green, we have a lot of green, which is great. Because they show you, we have so many different shades of green, which is great, because I think a lot of people take nature photos, and there are so many different shades of green. It's crazy. 

So, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. I will definitely go back and respond to any comments. If you have any other questions, leave those as well. You can always if you don't want to put it on the Facebook page, you can always direct message us. You can email me at orders at and then I can respond that way, because I'm very approachable and reachable. Even if you want to call our number is 877-830-3405. I'm happy to chat if you have any suggestions, comments, questions, etc. 

Okay, so there's 10 Green, can you believe that and that's not even scratching the surface of the shades of green. The first green we have today is from you know, I'm going to turn off this light throwing off stuff a little bit. Okay, this is called meadow, and it's from our nature collection. What is the nature collection, the nature collection is just a card line of pretty much smooth cardstock, and sometimes there's a hint or flex of a card in it but it's most often smooth. So, all the cards have our small logo, it's about a size of a quarter on the back and blank inside. So, that is meadow. The next color is sage, where meadow tends to be on, it has a hint of yellow in it. Sage is a lighter green, which has a hint of brown in it. Again, there's the back of it, and inside is plain. I have a few that I'll show you with pictures, but I just wanted to start with. Okay, next we have pale green, which is a very, very light green that we have. And let's see, I could show you the differences between the three if you can see that so far. So, this is meadow sage that has the hint of brown, meadow that has the hint of yellow, and then we have pale green, which is a very light green. Our next green is soft green, which is I'll put it next to tail so you can see the difference there in the same family. But he has soft is just a little bit darker than the pale. Then we have cactus and I left one of our catalog winning photos in it. So, you can see cactus. Cactus is more of a belt paper that we have from our color classics but it's just a different texture, and so there's cactus, which is a brighter green, which is kind of fun to have. Let's see, what do we have Next. Next is avocado. Avocado is in the same family as soft green and pale green. It's just again that it's the next shade up so you can see. So, here I just put soft green next to the avocado and you can see the difference between the two. Then we have forest green, which is kind of almost like an olive green. You know, it looks good with your forest pictures, natured deer. Then I'll put avocado next to it so you can just see the difference in shades. We also have shamrock that's perfect for your St. Patrick's Day, or any. It's a great option for Christmas too. I know it's only June, but just something to think about as well. So, that's shamrock. I'll put that next to forests so you can see the difference. 

Now, the next one is decaf, and decaf is really cool because it's from our coffee collection, and what that means is the coffee collection is paper that's made from recycled jute and sisal coffee bean bags. You know, those burlap bags that were not burlap fit, they look like burlap. What the paper does is that they fall off and then they make paper and so it has this really rich texture. It has I don't know if you can see that. I'm going to hold it up as best I can. But see all the little flecks in it has, it's really cool that the texture is just really great. I love it. This is another option for Christmas too. We do custom printing inside if you so choose for an additional 25 cents a card which it's better to have us do it so that if you if anything gets stuck in the printer, and you're not short on cards. Then our little logo. The last one is green, which is our most popular green for Christmas. Oh, that's Lynn Massey's winning photo from last from the catalog contest. So, those are our 10 greens if you can believe it, but if there's a shade of green that you're dying to have that I didn't show you, we can definitely look it up and see if that color paper is available and happy. You know we love adding colors in so right now we're actually having a sale to on our clearance card. I want to bring that up, because in order you get 50% off and on just the clearance cards only is that's what's eligible and the code is F as in Frank, or F as in face, B as in book and then five zero and you will receive 50% off on every clearance card you buy. 

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There's nothing wrong with the clearance cards, absolutely nothing, they're 100% first quality cards, but the thing that makes them different is a lot of times they have our old back one of our old backs like this or this or even both. That one's upside down. Let me see. Let me find one of the other backs that I wanted to show you. This one or this back. So, some people prefer not to have all that information on the back of the card, and we are phasing that out we are now only doing the small logo like I showed you here. So, that's so that's all our clearance so I keep saying so all of a sudden today I don't know why. But anyway, we have some wallet cards that yep oops we're not perfect. We put them in the customer had ordered cream and we printed it on white. So, these are now in clearance their first quality. So, you could get I think that it's a 25 pack. Right now, it's for $34.99 but with the 50% off it would be $17.50, and it is a really good savings that you could get. We have Christmas so if you This is our old snowman card. You see the back and so we have those the new one is pretty cool. We just have hurricane gray. I want to show you the mall so you can see what's available and they are selling really fast. Just make sure that you know if there's a color that you see that you're dying to have, I would order it sooner than later. Pink is one of our other options. Marsala is a nice burgundy shade. Let's see, the star of David, and we have a lot of those. Lilac, it's just a very light purple. So, we have that and poinsettia which is a great Christmas red, so if you do cards at Christmas, this would be a great way to stock up, right now.

We have ivory, and we've already sold out of white so I'm not going to show you that. But white has sold out and I think there's maybe only three ivory left. So, like I said they are selling quickly. Fun dots, and this is really fun. The great thing about this one is that it's not only for birthdays, but it is really fun for Christmas to. I love it as you can see all the dots, and I don't know if it's a little bit blurry. So, there's chartreuse, there's orange, there's teal, and pink, like a dark pink. The inner border is teal, and orange. So, it looks really great with all your Christmas cards. That's the inside right there. Plum is available in the clearance section. We have houndstooth, and again, these are first quality cards, there's nothing wrong with them, it's just the old back which we are phasing out. So, that's our houndstooth card that I just put up there. Lastly, we have turquoise and peach. These two colors are really great for summer beach photos. If you have any of those, they will look really great with that.

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So, those are our clearance cards. Again, it's half off, you just have to use the code. F as in Frank B as in boy, five, zero, and that's just the numbers not the word spelled out. So FB50 and then you'll receive 50% off all clearance cards that you buy. Oh, and I should mention that it ends on Sunday, that sale. Again, things aren't going quickly. You want to get onto that if you're interested in that. So, new things that we introduced is customers have asked about, you know, when they're professional photographers, and they want to sell their cards, but they they're worried about the Plymouth Cards logo being on the back. So, they were wondering if there was any alternatives to that, and you know, our cards do have that on there, there's the I think there's, there's a white and ivory option that has nothing on the back.

But what we did is for the customers that order the colors, we have over 50 colors, they what we came up with is some stickers. So, now we offer, you can get a sheet, there's two different options, and I'll explain the differences. So, this is a sheet of 48 circle stickers, and the great thing about these stickers is that they're they have blackout technology on them, which means I'm peeling it off right here. It's printed, and it's gray on the back. So, when you put it on your card, you the logo will not bleed through, which is really cool. I'm going to just show you right here, I have it on mirror, so you don't you can see things the right way. So, that's why I'm a little bit confused here. But anyway, I'm putting it on, I'll put it on an angle, I'll put on an angle like our logo is so you can see. So I've just put that sticker right on top of a white card, and now you cannot see the logo that was underneath, which is great, we can customize it, we can put I think up to three lines. If you have a logo that you want, we can do that too, or monogram or anything like that. I'm just going to show you that they're not cheap stickers. They're everything they're made here in the US. And these are really great look, I'm trying to peel it pick it off, and it's not coming. So, you really have to work to get it off, and then you probably damaged the card. So, make sure if you do it, you put it on right the first time. So that's our circle option, then we also have a rectangle option. So, I wanted to, I just did this with like a little logo on a camera logo, so you could kind of see what it would look like with that. And then again, I'm going to peel it off. Now these are slightly different, these do not have the blackout technology, they're white on the back. So, they would not cover up the logo as well, I believe it would bleed through here, I'm going to put it on, and we will do it and I'll show you will see it.

You can see it bleeding through a little bit. The reason why we got these is that not only are they made in the USA, but they're made from 100% post-consumer waste. So, that's a really great for the environment. Another option B is if you want that, I think another way that I think it would look good is to just peel off another one and put it on another card. You can put it on right in the middle, and then it will let customers know who you are and what you're about. We can get all your information on there. They're all on the website. So, the sheet of 48 is $2.99, and then the rectangles come in a sheet of 30 and those are $2.49. We do up to three lines, and we can put an image on there for you like I love that little camera. I thought that was cute, and they're high quality. They're adhesive, you can pick it off, and all you need to do is push down hard enough. So, now it's not coming off, which I think is great. 

I did a lot of research to find the best labels that were made in the US. I love the fact that this one's 100% post-consumer waste, the circle is not because of the blackout technology, it couldn't be. But it is made here in the USA, and I think that's important.

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What else do I have for today. Last week, I showed you a couple of our collections, and this week, I want to show you a couple more. It's, and they these collections are 24 cards, and this is a great gift idea. Or if you can't decide what color you like, but you don't want to just buy one color, it's a great option. So, this is our spring collection, and you can see it has soft yellow, soft pink, soft blue, and soft green, it's really great. The tags, we always put the tag on there to coordinate with whatever the collection mean. For Spring you think of butterflies, or it could be a little flower on there also, which in they're perfect for gift giving, too. So, if you have an artist in your life, this is a great gift for them.

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They're already wrapped, you know, can't be bad. Then the other one I wanted to show you is our summer collection with the anchor on it because I think the water in this comes with six each of tan, white harbor blue and avocado. So, that is another one of our sets. Next week, I'll show you a few more. But again, they're great, I think, good for gifts, and such. The last thing I want to talk about was maybe I'll show you a sneak peek we have our Christmas cards in. I know it's only June and, but you have to plan these things in advance for manufacturing purposes. I want to show you we are introducing a dog card this year. So yeah, the first people to see it, and there it is. So, hopefully you can see it. It's really cute. It has dog bones with little bows on them, and then candy cane dog bones, which I love. Let me know what you think if you love it, hopefully you love it as much as I do, and that's the inside of the card. Again, you can use it either with a horizontal photo or vertical photo they work with cards are designed to work with both. I don't have you have any questions. You know, I think I'm just going to wrap up.

That was everything I want to talk about today. But if you do have any questions, if you're watching this not live, please leave them in the comments. I'm happy to go back and answer them at any time. I hope you all have a great rest of your day and thank you so much for watching. See you next week. Bye.