Live with Lisa - Week 62

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Live with Lisa - Week 62-Plymouth Cards


Hello, how are you today? I'm Lisa here at Plymouth Cards and I hope you're having a great day. I have been. I'm so happy; I just got on a few seconds later than three o'clock because FedEx came and I'm so happy they came now than during the live. So I was happy about that.


I have some great new table top frames to show you today. And with a never before offer. So there's that. And I just wanted to jump on, on our usual afternoon and say, hi and see how you're all doing? Let me get into it. 


So we've just got the last of our designs for the table top frames. There's eight different designs and I want to show you each of them. So they come from a family that makes them. They are in Wisconsin, that's right. Like I said, there's eight different ones. I think you'll like them all. I'm actually having a hard time deciding which one I would like for myself. Love the little things. So each one is handmade, and they use reclaimed wood, so they're all going to be slightly different. If you buy more than one and you're not okay with them being all slightly different then it might not be the best idea. But they are six inches long, four inches tall, and two inches thick. Just so you have that idea. Oops. So, yeah, don't drop them, I wouldn't do this, they're wood. They're made by a family, a dad and the sons that are in Wisconsin. So I think that's really cool too. So this little topper, there's a hole that you put them in. So if you order one, they will come without this attached just for packing purposes and then you just put it in the hole like that. And the cool thing about them is that they hold our cards. So if you have a card -- so I just went through and I got some pictures for love the little things. So this is my kids at their first trip to Disney. And we introduced them to the Disney Mickey head, which we absolutely love. And as you can tell, they enjoyed it immensely too. So that's what I thought would look really cute in love the little things because it's just an ice cream. Who doesn't love the little ice cream? So there's that one. 


Let's see, we have oh, I forgot to print out my picture. But it's on the other side. It's best dog ever. Actually, I'm going to grab, I have it printed I just forgot to grab it. So I want to show you how it also can -- well, not the picture I'm looking for here but -- oh here. Okay, sorry about that. Sorry. So I just wanted to show you, you don't have to use a card if you don't want to. Oh, and I probably should mention that they are $12.99. But in a few minutes, I'm going to tell you something special, a secret. So it will hold. So this one is best dog ever. And no, I don't have best cat ever, I'm sorry, they only have dogs, they only had the dog one. And you know there's that nice, chunky, two inches. So you don't need to do anything, it just sits straight. I'm going to show it with my hand. It just sits completely flat, you don't need to do anything. And it will hold a picture or I'm going to show you. So that's the second one that I've showed you. 


Happy together, I don't have a good picture for that one. But that's another design. So that's the third one. And I love that they use reclaimed wood. which just makes me really happy about that. Where did I just put the picture? Here we go. This one is really cool. Although this is this picture, I cheated. I couldn't find one of us on the lake. But Lake Life. I just don't know where I was looking and I just didn't have enough time. But this is one. I love this picture. I don't know if you can see it. There's a double rainbow. The second rainbow is a little bit fainter. But oh my gosh, that was so exciting when we saw that double rainbow; we were on a beach and we saw that so I had to take a picture of that. But Lake Life is another one of our designs that we've added on to the choices. And they're all just really durable and I love that you can just swap the pictures in and out, the cards in and out so you can change it with the season. And so this one is you are my sunshine. All of them are black and white, except for this one where it has the sun right there in the fun colours, obviously. And this is a picture of Beni. Oh my god, she's so adorable when she was little. So I thought that was a good picture to go with you are my sunshine


That's our shimmer heather card. I don't know if you can see the shimmer. Love the shimmer, because it just has that iridescent-ness to it. I don't think it's showing up very well. So again, if you missed it, if you weren't here at the beginning-- oh, wait. Oh I said. Hi Donna. How are you? Thanks for being here. That's so awesome. Sorry, I forgot to look over on the side to see if anyone had said anything. I was so intrigued in my -- or engrossed in my frames. So there's that one. 


I have this one that says we know you would be here today if heaven weren't so far away. So you can put a loved one that has passed away? What I did is I printed a picture of Lilly, we lost her last year, she passed. We had her 17 years. So I thought that would look nice in that. And yeah, if you're here watching live, say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. I'd love to know. So there's that. So we got that one. Okay, so I couldn't find a verse that I liked other than this one. This one made me smile. You have to have a sense of humor, I guess in life, verse of the week. And I thought that was funny, thou shalt not try me, Mood 24:7. So I thought that was really silly, but I enjoyed it. But you could, put a different verse in every week, switch it out. You could do it by season, however it works for you. And let's see. I don't think I showed you this one. So think I've got all, so this is the last one. So they're all $11.99. 


So I posted this picture the other day, I posted a true love story never ends. And I love this picture so much. These are my neighbors, my childhood neighbors. They still actually live in the same house. My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in and so they just celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary and their granddaughter caught this picture of them sitting at the lake. Oh, I should have -- Well, I guess I couldn't have used that one at Lake Life because I think a true love story never ends is just more perfect. And it's just such a great picture just capturing their peacefulness and enjoy just sitting looking at the water. So that's our table top. Oh, hey Monica. Thanks for saying hi, I'm so glad you're here today. Thank you.


It is super rainy here. I don't know, we're in Plant City, Florida today. Or we -- me, like I'm more than one person. I guess sometimes I feel like I am. But yeah, I woke up to pouring rain and it has just been cloudy and rainy all day, very un-Florida like. Hopefully it's nice for you in Philly. My daughter, Beni, who I talk about often lives in Philly. So that's really cool. And yeah, she and her boyfriend live up there, which is nice. We're trying to make a trip up there, hopefully in the next month or two. We'll see how that goes. So that is the new table top frames. 


So what I wanted to share with you is to thank you all for watching. I've never done this before, but there's a special code TABLE, T-A-B-L-E, and you will get $1 of each of the table top frames; every one that you buy, you'll get $1 off. So it's not just one $1, it would make them $11.99 instead of $12.99. So that will be good until August 18th, 2021. I have to say the year because sometimes people watch these lives after the fact. Anyway, so it's $1 off each of the new table top frames and the code is table, TABLE and just put that in at checkout. Do that and it will take $1 off. If you have any questions or troubles, just pop a message here. You can't combine it with other codes. So if you received the postcard in the mail, hopefully you did, if you're on our mailing list, then you got a special code in there, so it just depends on how much you're buying. But there's that. And so we're not big enough to allow double coupons right now, so there's that. So those are all the table top frames. Do you have a favorite? I'd love to know. I'm having a really hard time deciding. Every day I come in, I look at them and I'm like, oh I love this one. And then the next time I look at them, I'm like, oh no, I really like this one. So I haven't sided yet. So let me know if you like one best and which one.


So I know we have our wine bottle ornaments and I have a couple of new additions to the collection. They are awesome. And it's really cool. So yeah, they're really cool. We go the police officer with the dog. How cute is that? I love that. And I also have this one, it's a nurse. And the only change is as -- When I saw it originally, I said -- well I'll show it to you and then -- I said I love except for the pink purse. I said, we have a lot of customers who are male nurses or have a male nurse in their life. And I just don't think, you know, can I get it without the purse. And she wrote back, sure, but she was laughing. She's like, it's not a purse, it's actually a medical bag. I'm like oh! I get it now because I see the Red Cross on it. But I don't know, for whatever reason, I thought it was a purse and I figured most people would think that as well, especially with it being pink. So the ones I'm getting, that will be in in another couple weeks, sorry, I'm trying to get it so the light isn'glaring, there we go, will not have this pink medical bag/purse. But I think they're really cute. And I love the fact that she let me make special requests, because she didn't have a police officer. She had a fireman, but not a police officer, nor nurse and I just really wanted them. So hopefully you like them as much as I do. Those are $12.99 each. They are made from recycled wine bottle bottoms, look at it, they're nice and thick and solid. I will admit that I've dropped one once and it didn't break. That doesn't mean that yours won't break if you drop it, but they are, I don't know if you can hear that, they're really sturdy. They're really thick and durable. They're not thin glass, that's going to just -- you know you're going to sneeze and it's going to break. It's not going to do that at all. So that's what I really like about them. 


And yeah, let me show you cool. And here's one more. I got two Cardinals. They're called Redbirds on the website. I think I'm going to change that. But for right now they're called Redbirds. And yeah, so there's that. She did send me some samples of some other ones that I'd love to throw out and get your feedback on. See if you like them. So please write in the comments and let me know, don't be shy. So here's one, it's a sunflower. And the great thing is, is although they're ornaments, they can also be sun catchers, put them in your window year-round. So that's the sunflower. So give me a thumbs up, a yeah, a nay, a thumbs down, whatever makes you comfortable. Or if you'd like to talk, I'm here. And let's see. 


So these are these I do not have, but if you'd be interested in them, let me know so then I know whether or not I should order them. A dolphin, so these are all new designs that she made. And like I said, she sent me samples so I could just see them up close and in person, which was very kind of her to do. And here's one more. Here is this one. Oh, let me see. Hi Debbie. Thank you so much for watching. Thumbs up. Okay, I should have said say thumbs up and then which one, because there's so many that I'm going to be showing you. But I'm so glad you like them. So here's the horse. And which other ones did I have to show you? Here's one more. And then here's this one. Snowman with a candy cane; a little bit different than all the other snowmen we have. So I don't know what you think about those. Tell me, give me your feedback. Thank you Debbie. 


I will post all the links after I get off the live so that you can have them. Unfortunately, I don't have two screens and it makes it hard for me to go back and forth. But oh, maybe I'll try. So we have the table top frames which right now they are $12.99, but if you use that special code that's only going to be available for people that watch this Facebook Live. I'm not even going to put it in the comments. You actually have to watch the live to get it. So you can save $1 on each of the table top frames. So do a little early shopping. If you have a party coming up, I think those would be great. So the code is TABLE, and you will save $1 on every one through August 18th, 2021. Oh, I get it. Okay. So hopefully you can see all the table top frame links. That's the link that should bring you to all eight designs. I just really like them, I think they're really cute. And then the wine bottle ornaments, I'll post a link to those just in case you're interested in seeing all the designs that we do have in stock. And let me know if you like any of those new designs that I just showed you that she sent me. I think some of them are really cute. See the problem is, is I just love shopping for everything. So that can be a problem at times, I just -- here we goSo I've got it, wine bottle ornament. Hopefully it's spelt correctly. Okay, there you go. So there's all that too. 


That's all I got this week. I hope you're having a great day and I will be back next week. A new email, we've sending emails with new stuff every week. So hopefully you're getting those too. If you're not, I'll post the link too, just in case you're interested in signing up for the email list to get emails. I'll pop the link in a minute. That'll take me a minute to dig that up. So I hope you like the new things that I showed you today. And I'm definitely working on a new live with Lisa cooking because I know I did one maybe it feels like six months ago. It was definitely a while ago I did one and it was really fun and interacting. So I'm just looking for some new recipes that don't require cooking because I don't know, I don't know if I have the -- I guess I'd have to figure out how that would all work if it was actually something that was getting cooked. Anyway, and that was really fun doing the live. And if you have any other ideas or things you'd like me to do, I'm not jumping out of an airplane.  I draw the line at that. 


And as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can email me, You can private message through Facebook, but I don't check that as often so... And you can call 877-830-3405. And one more thing I wanted to bring up is when your order gets shipped, you should get an email with the tracking number so that you can track it. And if your order is delayed, occasionally that happens, or if it shows up as delivered, and you actually didn't receive it, you actually have to call the post office, your local post office or talk to your mailman. For privacy and security they won't give us any information on your address. So I just wanted to mention that because I've had a customer send me an email about that. And I was trying to explain that, I can't check on your mail because that's a federal offence and security. Anyway, so I just thought I'd mention that so you can share that with anyone that thinks that companies can check on your mail, I can't. So there's that. So I will see you next week, if not sooner. And I hope you have a great rest of your day and upcoming weekend. And yeah, I will chat with you all soon. Thank you so much for watching. I really, really appreciate it.