Live with Lisa - Week 95

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Live with Lisa - Week 95-Plymouth Cards

What to Write in Sympathy Cards blog post

Vintage Sympathy Cards

Make your own sympathy cards

Nature Collection &2022 New Card collection 

Hey, how are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards and thank you for being here. Welcome. I am really. Happy to be here today. All is good here. And I wanted to talk about a few things. We have couple of collections, one that's, not expiring, but it's discontinued at the end of the month. What we do is we do special collections throughout the year and they're available for a limited time.

So I just wanted to touch on that. And I also wanted to talk about, sympathy cards, because I know that's a. A hard thing to write. So I just wanted to touch on that and get your feedback and input on that as well. So, I hope you're having a great day. I am, like I said, I'm doing good here. It is. it's been in the high eighties here.

I'm in plant city, Florida right now, if I don't know where you are, let me know where you're watching from. It's so fun seeing where everybody. I love that. So we will see today of my Facebook, little pop-up shopping come cooperates with me today. You never know if it's, it's always fun to find out how it's working.

And, yeah. So what I wanted to do was talk about sympathy cards, because know. It is, it's a hard, hard thing to do. And, I think, and of course these are my opinions, you know, you can add, add to them, feel free. I'd love for you to add additional suggestions. because obviously, you know, we can, we can all work together and come up with a great, a great way to have it, have them written.

So I guess my first thing with a sympathy card is to send it to. I think you, you need to get that in the mail one within a week, two weeks at the most is my opinion because you know that they need you're the person that's had, suffered a loss once, you know, they need the support right away. So I think sending the.

Within the, the one to two week timeframe is, is most desirable. And when you address it, you don't have to be super formal. right. It, you know, my dear friends, you know, if it's a friend, or, you know, you don't have to be. You want them to know that you're thinking of them and it doesn't have to be sterile.

And formal is what I guess the gist of what I was trying to say with that and what other things we do have some sympathy cards, and I'll just have them popping up on our screen. But also I wanted to mention that you can make your own with our cards and then put in a picture you can put in a picture of, The beach at sunset or, fall, something like that.

My sister took a beautiful picture and of course I don't have it with me right now. and I shall post it, but it's, some cranberries with some, droplets on it and it's just, it feels really. Like it's appropriate for that time. So that's, that's what, you know, sympathy cards, let me keep going about what my other thoughts are.

I think you should, if you, if you have, and please, please, if you're just joining now live, feel free to say hi and, and, and join in in this conversation. This is, these are my thoughts on sympathy cards, but I think whenever possible, If you, if I think a lot of us say, is there anything you need, let me, let me know if you can do anything.

But I think I know, people don't want to take you up on that. They feel awkward. They feel, you know, I don't know if I'm speaking well on this, but they just feel uncomfortable asking you for something. So I think a better way to handle it would be, say, Hey, I'm gonna be. bringing you dinner on Tuesday, would you like, you know, Shepherd's pie or bake CD and, or you can say, oh, on Thursday, I'm going to the grocery store, give me your list and I'll shop for you.

Just, you know, simple things like that. Or, you know, then just trying to think, you know, those are just some of my ideas, but don't, don't say it, you know, let me know if you need anything, because I think. We all say that I know, but I think it's, it's better. And just to say, Hey, this is what I can do. And if they say, no, I don't need anything at the grocery store, then that's fine.

But at least you've zoned zoned in on something. And that's, that's what I think is good to already help with. If they have children, you know, I can drive Joey and Susie to school this day or that day. Yeah, so that's, that's it. What else was I going to say about sympathy cards? I know they're so hard to write.

That is one of the hardest things. So that's why I thought it would be good to read a blog post about it, with some ideas, in just, things. I think if you have a special memory of the person that has passed, you should include it. Their family will really appreciate it, which made me think of this story of my aunt, who passed away.

Years ago, but, I have this super fond memory of her. I was 12 years old. We were in, she had a big, big, big white convertible and that wasn't the thing back then in Massachusetts, no less. And so I remember. Her taking us, my sisters and I she's like, let's go get the pizza. So we all jumped into this convertible and we're thinking we're like the biggest hot shots there is.

And she had, Funkytown playing. As loud as the radio would go, as we're driving through this little town, us in Massachusetts and it's, to me, like it is still like one of my fondest memories of my aunt. She was just like so fun. And, yeah, so, so if you have a story like that, it does, you know, whatever, just a fun story that you think the family would appreciate share it with them.

They might not even know the story. And so I think they would so appreciate hearing the story. Yeah. So the cards we sell them for 3 49 each for those, our sympathy, our, all our greetings from the past, or you can buy a six pack for 1899. And, so that's, that's it, but I'll just pop up some I'll show you in person live, what they look like.

They're all just blank inside for you to, to write in. And so, but, but that's my heart topic of the day. I don't know if you feel like that's a hard topic to write about or. To address with people, but you can definitely pick up some of ours. Like I said, there are 3 49 each, or if you want, you could use, some of our cards and make your own.

So that segues into our 2022 new card collection, 24. There's six different colors. So you get four of each and I will show you them. And I think these will be really pretty if you wanted to make your own sympathy card or obviously any kind of card you want. I'm not, I just was talking about sympathy. So I wanted to, segue into that.

This is wisteria and it's a lovely. Like I said, it's blank inside. It has our, our logo is positioned at an angle. Do you see that? So it works with either orientation card that you're going to, youth. And then this one, this would be really nice for some fee card. And then again, they're blank inside. So this is color.

A new color is called . And this collection has been available for the last, you know, month and a half or so, which is longer when we do eliminate collections. We usually only do them for a month, but this was the new color once a week, decided to have a go longer. And this is called daffodil. And I'm going to try to hold it up closer.

So maybe you can see I'm going to turn it around. Maybe that'll be better. You can see the little flex in there. So that's a really cool. So that is daffodil and let's see, oh, here's my children when they were younger. this color is called app rhe caught. And I don't know if I'll turn it back. Maybe you can see it better.

It's a peachy color. It's very light orange. So there's that? Let's see what else? Ooh, Misty blue. That's also in the next collection too. So I'll show you the. But Misty blue is this really light blue. It's really pretty. It looks really, really pretty with lots of, card colors, with lots of photographs, listen to me or artwork or stitching or all kinds of things.

I'm going to be posting, periodically over the next few weeks, some ideas that you have ways to use the cards other than just the usual photograph. And so. So those are the six colors that are in the new color collection. It is. I know the price, this isn't the bane of my existence. The price is 33 99 for 24 pack or 48 99 for the 36 pack.

I wish it would show you the 33 99. I don't know why it does. Yeah, Facebook hates me is what I've decided. so, so those are the six colors. And like I said, that's only available until March 31st and then it's the Carla, the card colors will still be available. It's just, That this special price collection will not be so that's, they probably shouldn't have said that to begin with.

I don't want you to think new colors are disappearing that quickly. They are not. So if you do have any questions while I'm talking, if you see me live or if you see me, if you're watching. Afterwards, just post the questions in the comments and I will answer them. I'll try to answer them live if you ask them live.

And if not, I will answer them after the fact. So that's that story? So the cards, yeah, they're all. Oh, I probably shouldn't say the cards are all made from recycled paper there. I would say 90% of the paper, 8 95, 90 5% of the papers made here in the U S there's a few colors I couldn't get. So we had to go to Europe to get, no, I didn't actually get on a plane and go to Europe.

The place, the place where I have the cards manufactured bay, I actually ordered it and it came. So, just to clarify that I didn't get on a plane and go to Europe., but there's that so, but, and it will be indicated on the back. So this says, you know it will say either made in the USA and if the paper comes from Europe, it will say assembled in the USA.

So that. That's the story on that, but so that's the new 20, 22 color samplers that ends the end of this month. And then the nature collection. We've had a lot of questions about it because it changed. And so people wanted some clarification on that. So I just wanted to quickly touch on the nature collection.

This is. Our second, most popular the sampler being the number one collection that we sell, but the nature collection has become our number two collection. And it is again, it's 33 99 for the 24 pack or 48 99 for the 36. And what, what I guess the confusion with the nature collection was is that one of the colors was called blue.

It's called Bluestone has been discontinued by the paper manufacturer. So therefore we had to change the nature collection to take out Bluestone. Although we do have some blue zones still sold. Available for sale on our website. It's no longer part of the nature collection. That's what I wanted to get out.

So instead of Bluestone, we have swapped in and Misty blue, which I think it looks so here's the four colors in, so this is a four color collection. So you get six of each of these colors. So there's Misty blue there's meadow, which has that hint of green. Then there's Moonlight. Moonlight has these little flecks in it.

I'm trying to hold it up closely. You can see it. So it has little flex in it. And it's, it's part of our white family, but it does have a hint of blue to it. And let's see. And then we have seashell, which also has flex in it. And this is, I would say it leans on our ivory family of colors. I flip it over on the back so you can maybe see that better, but there's that.

So those are all the colors, in the nature collection, like I said, oh, and they'll hold it up. And they all come in our cardboard wraps. You can see all the colors right there. Don't they look so pretty together and we always have a tag on there. You can always reuse the tag and inside is, For you to cut up and use the twine with, so there's that, but everything's made the cards are the cards that, well, the cards are made from recycled paper, but this is also recycled.

And, the, twine is a hundred percent cotton bio-degradable and I think that's all I, yeah, so that's, that's what it was, I know is a little heavy at the beginning talking about sympathy cards, but, I really think they're important to send to people. You know, just letting them know that you care about them.

And I think the more personal they can be, the better that they are. So that that's my opinion. Oh, thank you for the little heart. I appreciate it. , that was so fun to see popping up and just like it danced on my screen, but that's why our cards are blank inside so that you can write your message to match whatever the situation is.

So that. I thank you so much for being here. If you ever have any questions, you can always comment here. You can, do a message through Facebook. On our website. We have a it's really cool. It says chat with us. It's in the bottom right-hand corner of the website or on your phone. And it says chat with us and that will, you know, ding us or ding me, and then I can respond.

And then you can always call because sometimes I feel like the phone is much better. You get. Better at new, better results, but I think sometimes things can be lost and I might misunderstand what you're asking. You might Muslim misunderstand what I'm saying. So, yeah, so you can always call me (877) 830-3405.

So that's it. So stay tuned. I'm going, like I said, I'm going to be posting some more fun ways that you can be using Plymouth cards and if you're using them in, without photos and something else, I'd love to know sheriff. Thank you so much for being here. I so appreciate it. Have a good day. Bye.