Mystery Boxes - Live with Lisa, Week 118

September 21, 2022 0 Comments

Mystery Boxes - Live with Lisa, Week 118-Plymouth Cards

 Hi. How are you today? I am home right now because , because unexpectedly we have an air conditioning issue and , I had to come home and thankfully we have the best neighbors and our neighbor, , reached out to me and told me that my. AC unit was making a really strange noise and had ice in it.

So here I am. So I don't have everything organized. I just grabbed a few thingss from the warehouse and drove home to get this taken care of. Now I'm waiting for our AC guy to come and fix our AC so I can actually sleep tonight is very . It's like 85 degrees in my house right now. So hopefully I don't break out into a sweat.

, while I'm chatting with you, . So. I hope you're all doing well. , it's always good to just be flexible, right? And, you know, go with the punches. You'll roll with the punches. , yeah, let me know where you are. I am in Riverview, Florida right now. Usually I'm in Plant City, but , yeah, like I said, I had to come home so.

And, , so it will be a little bit mishmash because I just, like I said, I grabbed a few things and here I am. , yeah. So I hope you guys have all been having a great week and, , yeah, I have been. , oh, hi Naomi. How are you today? So nice to have you here with me. Thank you for saying hi and dealing with my, or enjoying and hopefully you're enjoying my u my shenanigans or craziness.

, yeah, I probably should take these off so there isn't a glare. Yeah. So let's see. So what I wanted to talk about this week, but I don't have anything, I have only have what I have at the house. So, you know, I grabbed a few cards as I was running out, but, , What tomorrow's email, if you're not on the email list, you should get on it.

But tomorrow what I'm gonna be doing is, , mystery boxes and there will definitely be two sizes. , you won't know what's in the box, but it'll be so, I know there's gonna be a $50 box and it's going to have $125 value, and it's all first quality things. Don't worry, it's not gonna be any rejects or anything like that.

And so I'll have that and then I'm working. Second size and denomination, so I wanna make that one good too. I'm thinking 75 or a hundred dollars and then it would be, you know, even more than $125 value, obviously, but I just don't know. I have to figure that all out. So. Yeah, and I feel weird without having my APR on, but I didn't even grab one as I ran out.

So we went to Disney last week and I got this shirt. So , the little things that make me happy. So, , yeah, so I wanted to just, I guess what I'll tell you is, Oh, I've been talking about the Clarence three pack for the last three years, and, , that is now live on the website and I will post a link. Oh, actually I have my laptop up, so I will do that while I'm chatting.

I will find, get the link. And I thought that would be, you know, fun for people to have. And anyone else that as you join on, just say hi. Let me know where you're watching. It's, it's always fun to see. , hopefully it's cooler where you are. , Naomi, if you're still on, , because yeah, it's still summer here.

, I'm trying to find it, why it's not popping up. But what I was gonna say is the Clarence three pack is available now on the website, and it's a 20% savings when you buy the three pack because you're getting all three, three years. Not all colors are available. It's what? Oh wait, let me put this on 63 degrees.

Oh my gosh. It's like 90 here. It's 85. Like I said in my house, . So. 63 sounds nice. But you get snow probably. And I don't anymore, so I'm going to be very happy that I don't get snow anymore. That's, that's what, , that's why we're here. I was, we were sick of shuffling. Clarence, I'm just trying to find why it's not popping up.

So the, , okay. So I have the mystery boxes. I'm very, very frazzled. Evidently . Very, Yeah. With, , yeah, I guess I didn't expect to be leaving to come meet my easy guy and take care of the situation. But, so I have the mystery boxes that will be in tomorrow's email. The emails usually go out between 10, 11 and Eastern Time.

And let's see, what else do I have of the Clarence three set? I only have a few clearances that I was photographing at home, and actually I took one with me. , , my husband is such a good sport. I took this one with us when we went to Magic Kingdom last week, and I, , photographed and videoed him on his, on a journey.

So, Fun. It was just silly. Something silly to do. So we get that. But, but there are the usual we've been getting, , everyone is just so nice to me. I'm just so thankful. , the response to this year's Clarence has been like overwhelmingly positive, you know? , Yeah, down to like, this is seriously my favorite part.

His little luggage tag says his name in the shape of a snowman. And you know, his north pole traveler bust. It has the mountains on it. So there's that. But you know, we have 11 different colors this year. I think I've mentioned that before, but just, but we still have prior years as well available. And that's why I was talking about the three pack.

I don't have 2021, , at home. So, Oh, here it is. Okay. So there are gonna be, there are limited quantities to the three pack and there's limited colors. Okay, now I've got it. I've got it. Now I can post the link into this live so that. , everyone can, you know if you're interested in getting the three pack, if you didn't get prior years, or you have someone new in your life or you regret that you didn't buy it, You know, there's so many reasons why.

, okay. Cool. Here we go. Let's see. This is great. Now I've just posted that link. Hopefully everyone gets it. We should say it and it says, not found. Why would it say that? Do you see that too? Saying not found. Okay. Oh, I guess it's showing it there. Oh, there's an extra two at the end. That's probably why you can see me fumbling

Thank you all for being so patient with me. Maybe that, ah, there it goes. Now it works. The first link is bad. Let me see if I can delete that. So do you have any questions about anything that I'd be happy to answer? I do have some cards. I was talking about, , how you can use the cards, you know, for your, if you're.

Dog business, doggie daycare, anything like that. You know, there's, they're so fun. There's so many ways to use the cards. I just feel like it's limitless. , I don't know if you feel like that as well, but you know, this is one of my customers. I custom print their name on the front for them. , but there's just so many different ways to use the cards, and that's why I think, which makes it fun for me to just, you know, be creative and think like, what else could we do?

You know, I've done, I've done demonstrations on sewing, not me personally sewing because, , sadly I left my sewing machine when we moved to Florida. That's my only regret when we moved to Florida is that I left my sewing mach, or I sold my sewing machine. I wish I hadn't done that, but I know I can get another one.

I just haven't broken down and done that yet. , so I've demonstrated, you know, the mini quilts in them. You can do cassette tapes, vhs, VHS tapes, like anything vintage or old. And you have in, or you know, in your house, you can actually just put in the cards. And I think a lot of times we think that the cards are only for picture.

And, you know, definitely that's how the company started for sure. But there's so many other things that you can put in them. Anything that's four by six, you know, I don't have any artwork with me or any other examples, but, but they're really great that you can, you know, just put so much into the card. It doesn't just have to be a photograph.

So, you know, it's fun. I've, I've demonstrated sheet music. I'm trying to think of some of the other things I've done. I've definitely done the VHS covers. . Yeah. There's just so many things and you know, you could even just put like, , I have one customer she had kept. Greeting cards, you know, , just regular greeting cards that she's received through the years.

And what she's doing is she's cutting them all up, all the ones where she likes the pictures and ones that don't have sentimental value to either, and she's using them and putting them in the cards and like, That's so cool. She's using an old card to make a card, so that's fun. But yeah, so that's just, you know, what I've got.

And then, , a lot of people ask about, Because I say that we're a zero waste. It we're, we're as close to zero waste as you can get. Because what, what I do is, , well first off, the pa, the cards are made with recycled paper and there's a piece of paper that this window punches out and. , what they originally were doing is they were just taking that paper and recycling it, and then I started asking for it because I, you know, I paid for it, so I should be able to keep it.

And now what I do is that's what I make all our gift tags out of. So instead of all that paper going to the landfill, Or Yeah, or worse. , I'm making all these gift tags and this is just, these ones are flying off the shelves right now. All these, my little pumpkin for showers, and I just added this one with the s you know, that's what I think is great too, is that people aren't afraid to ask me for things.

, and I thought, Oh my gosh, why don't I have one for multiples? You know? And so, So those are that. So if there's ever a gift tag shape that you want, or I can pretty much make any shape that you want and make gift tags. That's always fun. All right. I guess I will leave you for the day. I'm waiting, you know, I can feel my, you know, the sweat's gonna start coming off my face pretty soon.

You don't wanna see that. So if you have any questions, , before I. , or when I'm off, when I'm not live anymore, just put it in the comments and I, as usual, I'll be so happy to answer any of your questions. I love that. Or you can do the chat with us on the website or you can call me at (877) 830-3405.

And even though I am home right now, the phone still rings here. I can get it. So don't be worried about that. And I thank you for being here. And yeah, I'll see you again real soon.