Patriotic Cards - Live with Lisa week 105

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Patriotic Cards - Live with Lisa week 105-Plymouth Cards


Patriotic 4th of July cards 

Patriotic insert note card collection 

Hey, happy Wednesday, Lisa here at Plymouth cards. I hope you're doing well today. I am doing awesome. Back from vacation. We had a wonderful time and it was so nice being together with the whole family and the kids. So I had a really great time. The weather was amazing. So today I wanted to talk about.

4th of July. I know, I know you're thinking it's only June, but 4th of July is only gonna be here in a few weeks. So I thought I would share with you some fun cards that we have for the 4th of July. And while we're chatting, I just wanted to what was I gonna say?

Where's all my things. Here I am, again, looking for my cards that I had all prepped out for you and on just like every other week, I don't know where they are. Oh gosh. So let me go run and find the cards that I wanted to here they are. Okay. Ugh.

I can't believe I do this every single time. I try to do my best to get everything organized and sure. Yes, here we are. Hi so we have 4th of July cards and I just wanted to show you some of the designs. We do obvious, you know, have a lot more on the website, but I just wanted to show you these. So this is the, this says the day we celebrate and like all our cards they're blank inside.

So you can write your own special message or you can just frame them. If you'd like to do that, I'll show you how those work in a minute. And let's see which one is this? This is my favorite design. And actually this is one of our best selling designs. I just love it. It's just so fun and cute. So I thought you would like that one and blank inside.

I should show you the back. It has our quarter size logo right there on the back and. . Yeah, they're just, they're so fun. I love them because you know, these are the type of cards that you can display all year. It isn't just for, you know, 4th of July or flag day, Memorial day, or any of the you can really just display them all here, which I think is really cool.

Here's this one, this is in our Harbor blue color. Good see that you're thinking, oh, I might not be able to write with it. But you can use a black pen, black pens look really nice. Or for a flare you could use a silver pen and that always looks really cool too. So there's that? Let's see what else?

Let's see what order it's putting everything in for me today, cuz I know I've told you. Oh like that one I don't even have, I don't even know how that card got in here. Give us independence. That's another one. This card comes in black or also blueberry. So you can choose either color and all our greeting cards that are complete without, you know, that have images in them are $3 and 49 cents.

They all come with a white envelope, so they're ready to be mailed and yeah. So I hope you're all doing well. Make sure you say hi and let me know where you're watching from. I'm here in plant city, Florida. I'm Lisa, in case you missed that at the beginning and yeah, so we're just working on all these cards and I don't know why that one's showing up again.

My country ti of the, there we go. Finally, red. This is candy red. I love this red. It's a little bit brighter than our other red, so. Yeah. So there's that? You've got that. And,

and then patriotic. Ooh. Okay. So I guess we're taking a let me just, let's see, we're taking a break from the cards from the finished cards and I wanted to show you, we do have this patriotic set it's 24 card. It has eight red, eight white and eight Harbor blue. I dunno if you can see the white, the white is split half and half, so that's what that's all about.

And this is one of our popular sets, especially this time of year. And the great thing is, is you don't have to use these colors, just This time of year, you could use them anytime. You know, red is perfect for so many holidays, you know, Valentine's day Christmas. And it's also good for the summer.

The July 4th of July photos and white is good. Anytime, you know, you can always use a white and blue. Let's see what else is blue? Good for? I had it in my head back to school, back to school. I really like with blue. There's that. So those are just some ideas and they, they look good with and blue looks amazing.

This Harbor blue looks amazing. I should pull them out for you. So here I am just out here. This is Harbor blue Harbor blue looks so beautiful with your beach photos. It just really brings out the water, the color of the water. So I really like that the set is 33 99 as usual. It picks some random price for higher For the higher, more expensive envelopes, but there's that?

So yeah, so you can get that. And then to keep with our 4th of July theme, I wanted to show you our a dropped it, our gift tags. These are so adorable and obviously they don't have to just use 'em for gift tags. You could dress, you could use these for placeholders. For napkins for your festive party this summer?

Yeah, there's so many cute little things. So you can put 'em on obviously gift bags, but I love the idea of using them for more than just a gift tag, you know? Just adding some fun decor to your house. You could put them on like little soaps. If you're doing that. If you're having a shower or a housewarming party, you could put them on favors.

So there's a lot of fun things you can do with them. Then I wanted to show you the stars. So we have those in multiple colors. I'm showing it in the red, white, and blue twine because we're doing patriotic. But if, you know, if you have a different color scheme going, we can. You know, any color twine we have, we can do.

And any color paper we have, we can do too. So if you're doing an event and you need yellow stars, just reach out, I can totally do that if it's not on the website. So there's those, I think they're so fun and there's just so many uses for them. Yeah. So that's it, didn't interesting. It didn't show you this one that I, this is a new design that we've added this year and

the part of my country TIS Avi. So I love that. And there's this one as. so we've got all that. And I think that's, that's what I've got going on for today. So, you know, let me know what questions you have. If you're not watching live, feel free to ask questions, just put 'em in the comments. And I do check Facebook regularly and I will answer your questions.

Yeah, right away. And yeah. So we've got, you know, I've got some new things coming up in the works, but I don't wanna spoil it. So, you know, keep, stay in tune and keep watching and yeah, let me see, what else was I gonna tell you? I'm definitely, if you wanna get, you know, see more silliness or. Learn different things.

I'm, I'm on TikTok too. And that that's been fun and yeah. So I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. I appreciate you so much for being here and we'll talk again soon. Thanks. Have a great.