Printing Your Photos for Posterity and Purpose

January 23, 2020 0 Comments

Printing Your Photos for Posterity and Purpose-Plymouth Cards

What’s old is new again sometimes because it’s just a better, or more engaging, option. (Did you notice the record players and albums for sale this year during the holidays?)

Take texting emojis, for example. Is this not a reboot of ancient hieroglyphics? All kidding aside, hieroglyphics are still around thousands of years later. All things digital could be gone in a moment, sometimes without you even realizing it. And will they stand the test of time?

It’s estimated that cell phone users took well over 1.2 trillion photos in 2017, and we can safely assume many of those weren’t worth saving, much less printing. Besides, how much fun is it to sit gathered in a group around a single cell phone, swiping back and forth, squinting at tiny photos of your latest vacation?

Holding phone looking at small photo clips Plymouth Cards

Printed photographs have a tangible feel that lends weight and value to the image. After all, of the hundreds or thousands of photos on your digital devices right now, how many would you consider worth the time and money to actually print? The best ones, obviously!

The ease of home printing means you have complete control over your photos – the size and quality of the prints, how many you want to print, and how you want to display them. Don't have a home printer? Visit your local photo lab, check out some that carry Plymouth Cards here. If one isn't in your area, we recommend using Walgreens (look on their website for coupons), we have used them and been very happy with the results.

Using photo cards like ours is a fun, easy, practical way to display your favorite photos in your home, office, she-shed, or other gathering spot. It’s also the perfect way to share them with family and friends – already framed with a personalized note from you, ready to display and enjoy.  

Holding old photos Plymouth Cards

Look through photos from staged architectural design to Pinterest favorites and you’ll find shelves, mantels, piano tops, and office offices adorned with family portraits, beloved pets, and fabulous vacations snuggled alongside beloved family members from generations past. You can frame them seasonally with a different photo card, or change the photos in the same frame for variety.  

No, my photo-happy friends, printed photos aren’t a thing of the past. They’re a window to the past that keeps us grounded in the present and planning for a future worth photographing, printing, and sharing.

Technology has made it possible to print our favorite photos in a variety of amazing ways, from over-sized canvas prints to coffee mugs and yearly calendars. This kind of technological progress means that printing your photos ensures they will live on even when your digital device has been lost or destroyed, and unfortunately, backup storage was on your “to do” list but never got done.

When you’re thinking about that next birthday, anniversary, or special gift event for that “hard to shop for” person, consider printing and creating an album of memorable, funny, and moving photos. Imagine them opening the album, lingering, pointing, and sharing their thoughts about each photo. Or select just a few special photos and frame them so they can be displayed where they have time to look at them on their way up the stairs, right before bed, or as they share the family meal. 

Print photos for albums or photo cards

Sure, there are hundreds of digital photos at their fingertips that may spark a smile and a fun memory. But the printed photo, the framed photo, the assembled photo album is a priceless and thoughtful gift.  

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