Week 94 - Live with Lisa

March 16, 2022 0 Comments

Week 94 - Live with Lisa-Plymouth Cards

Hey there. How are you today? Everybody friends, friends, friends up. I have some details about the secret sale and, yeah, I think that's, that's the majority of what I was going to talk about today is the secret sale. , Yeah. How have you been though while I, I get my thoughts together here, I guess I, I will say hello.

And where are you watching from today? I'm here in plant city, Florida, and yeah, it is starting, you know, every day it's getting warmer, warmer, but it's all good here having a good time. And oh, snow while at cards. Well, I guess I will start with that. These are not part of the secret sale. However, I know I tell you every week, it just shuffles the order of the product.

And it's always a surprise for me. Graduation announcements were there kicking into gear. So I wanted to show you a few that, we just completed this week. And you can get any color. Oh, grad cap with tassel. We have an endless, endless variety, I should say. And then here's another one we did just black, which is fine.

You don't have to have a color if you don't want the picture slides right into the front right here. It stays in place. You don't need any. Glues or tapes, which is really cool. And I love that our cards all fit into the five by seven fixed picture frame. Well, most I should say I did have a customer. The other day mentioned that she couldn't, it didn't fit into her.

So I will say most eight by nine by identified by seven frames. I feel like I'm really shortened today in this picture. So, yeah. So the secret sale. So I wanted to tell you the details about the. Secret sale starts tomorrow morning and the product I'm going to show you a few of the products that will be part of the secret sale.

However, this is the most important part. Do not the links that you see. You can use the links to go check out the products between now and tomorrow warning. Or even if you are watching this after the secret sale ends, the secret's out and starts tomorrow, which is Thursday, March. 17th and it ends 17, 18 91 Sunday, March 20th.

Sorry, I should've had that written down in advance, but that's the beginning and the end of the secret sale and the products will have special prices. I'm not going to show you just a few right now with, with their regular price. So therefore keep that in mind that they will have a secret. Oh, my gosh.

Yeah. The one I want, of course is, oh, there it is. It will. yeah, it's definitely at, it will be at a secret special price and oops, let me just drop the snowman. So one of the items is our flour sack towel. This one, I love this font. It's good year round. So you don't have to feel like, oh, You can't use it can use it year round.

I think this is a great gift for someone that's starting a new home or just getting into baking. I must say I have one of these taped on the inside, not the towel, but the, the, conversion taped on the inside of a cat. Oh, because I just think it's yeah. I always get confused. So it's just great to have the conversion.

It's always, when I'm doing like the pints, then the courts that always gets me confused. I don't know. Am I the only one? Do you get confused too? , you know, that would be fun to know if it's not just me. Well, I guess it must not just be me if they're making a towel. So this is one of the items that will be in the secret sale.

And if you're just joining. Make sure that you're on our email list because this is going to be a secret sale, only four people on our email list. So you can go to the website now there'll be a pop-up and it will, you can join there. Or I will also post a direct link. Or you can look on our Facebook page because we have like some secret sale images.

And if you click on that link, it will bring you to the page to, to sign up. but we did want to make it secret and special just for all our email customers or people on our email, that get our emails as a little fun way to say, thank you for. You know, getting our emails all the time. We don't send millions.

Please know that, but yeah, so that is this how, oh my gosh. I should tell you, it is about 29 by 29, 28, by 28. They're all different because this, the material just has some stretch to it. And so I will hold that up one more time so you can see the color. No it is. It's just great for a year round gift.

So that will be one of our secret sale items. Let me see if you're in the Mayflower club, you'll be getting an email today. You get to shop a day early. So thank you for being on the Mayflower club and let's see. Oh, peace chick. Oh, okay. How I don't have here we go. Well, we don't have peace. I can tell you that one of the other ones is belief, so that, that we have some key chains in the secret sale.

And again, the prices, if you're watching this, I was gonna say, if you're watching this before the secret sale starts, which is tomorrow, March 17th. Oh, you know, these prices are going to be different. There are special products, they're in a secret section on the website. So you have to get that email and click on the special link to get the items.

But one of them is our key chains. So these, the prices you see right now on the screen are the regular prices and any, everything will be from 10 to 30% additional. And you know, there'll be, there's some bonus sets in there, you know, or bundles. So it's just really, it was fun putting everything together.

So let me know what you think about it. I would, you know, once you get your email and yeah, that'll, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all like and what you don't like the piece ornament, which I should have great behind me. Here we go. Oh gosh. Alan does such an amazing job with pewter. Oh, it's just so nice.

And we're working on our 2022 ornaments as we speak. If you have any ideas for Clarence 20, 22. Oh my gosh. I would love some ideas. I have some ideas, but it just like everything you second guess. I don't know. Do you second? Guess everything you do? I second guess I triple guess I quadruple. Oh my gosh. I feel bad for my husband, but, because I'm always thinking, oh gosh, what else should I.

You know, be doing, not doing, did I say that right? Did I say it wrong? Yeah. Yeah, but the life of Lisa. so that's our piece ornament. They're all made in Massachusetts by my brother-in-law . He has a pewter business and, and that's, I love working with him. It's so fun. Let's see, what else do we have in our secrets?

Oh, the new pad that is really. I love our little note pads. So this one, let me show you,

isn't that adorable? You're going to see there's going to be a little theme coming up. So the great thing about these is that they have a little spiral at the top. So they're lefties approved great for the lefty in your life or the righty, but. We have a lift D my daughter is a lefty, so it's always nice for her to have, notepads that have it across the top instead of down the side.

So her hand doesn't get in. So there's that and, yeah, so, like I said, the secret sale, if you're, you have to be on the email list and it starts tomorrow morning, you'll get an email and the items I'm showing you are some of the. Items, but they are going to have special prices. So, yeah, so there's that one, but we do have a little theme, but of course it's, it goes on here.

So then the sampler, the 2022 sampler will be part of it. And it's going to have 48 99 is not the price. I know you guys know this. The Facebook shopping gates be it always pulls like the most expensive one with the most expensive envelopes. And I don't know how to fix that. So if you're good at Facebook shopping, let me know how to fix that.

But this, this regularly goes, it's usually 33 99 for this particular set, but I can tell you right now, it's going to be less money in the secret sale, but starting tomorrow. let's see what else I got. Oh, so a few other things that didn't pop up. I will tell you, we have a little dog theme going on. So we have the dog of him.

It will be part of it. I love this so much for so many reasons. One is inside. It's so incredibly. I can't even, I don't know if you can see heroin gonna hold it up. Can you see that? Oh, it is so incredibly soft. I like the silver on the back. It just makes it, sometimes I'm having to hold the other mint, not the other mid, but the pan longer than I, you know, when I took it out of the oven.

So I just feel like this is better for it. Doesn't. Get as hot as fast. Well, that that's been my experience, so, and I love that it has a little hook right here, so I can hang it in the inside of the cabinet. So that is the talk, but look it, so I'm going to show you a few things. So we have the dog notepad, which matches it's the same pattern as the dog.

Okay, so the dog other matches the dog notepad, and then just wait, there's more. Oh, this is what, yeah, this is the other man. This is the potholder that matches as well. Silver on the back too, with the hook. So there's that. So then there's also to keep on the dog theme. There's another note pad. If that intrigues you, this one's in color.

But it has a magnet on the back. So if you wanted to put it on your fridge, but again, it's all coordinating. So if you're one of those people that likes everything to match, I like things I'm getting better. I used to, have everything had to be exactly the same, but now I'm getting better and we have.

Flour sack towels with the print on it too. So this is just a sneak peek of some of the items that will be part of the secret sale, which starts tomorrow, Thursday, March 17th, St. Patrick's day. And it will run through Sunday, but I have to, and I'm not doing, you know, I know I do say this a lot. I'm not being an alarmist or anything, but there are only going to be a limited, very limited quantity of these items.

The special secrets out prices. Yeah. That was a mouthful. So we've got, yeah, everything will be at least 10% up to 30%, you know, we'll see what happens in the next 24 hours. I might put more things on, even at a higher percentage. And so there's that. So we have a lot of, if you have a dog or someone that loves their dog, These are great.

You know, you can even stock up now for Christmas. I know my parents start Christmas shopping. I swear the day after Christmas, they start shopping for it for the next Christmas, which is so nice. what else do I have? That's dog. That's going to be part of this. I can't think. Oh, I think, well, where are they?

Oh, there they are here. We have the coaster set. I think you so. I guess, you know, so that's all part of the secret sale, and I'm only showing you about a quarter of what's there maybe a little bit more, but I am not showing you everything that's in the secrets owl. So know that and let me know what you think.

Also, oh, I wanted to mention that we got a blog post from a guest blogger customer, which is great. That was so fun to get that so that I just posted it on our Facebook page a little bit ago. And you can get it, you can read that. So if that's something that interests you, that you want to write a blog for us, we give $50 in Plymouth cards, money, for you to spend and.

You know, there are guidelines in, on that blog post that I think I posted about like a half an hour ago, you can see her name is Carla Barker and she did a great job. She sent me some, you know, the picture, everything that was required. And it's really cool. So there's that way to write a blog. So it's about 500 words that we require and, or there's another blog.

It's almost like a interview type and that one, we give you $25 for, because we give them. You know, five questions, kind of like your name, what's your favorite Plymouth card color? Where do you, where are you from kind of that kind of thing. And then you just have to answer, so you answer, you answer a total of 12 questions, but it's more just, you don't have to do a, you know, 10 page dissertation.

It's more just, you know, give us a sentence or two on each of the questions. And it's kind of like a, get to know you and. Kind of, yeah, it's just like a mini interview. So that's another way. But if you look for Carla's blog posts that I posted about a half an hour ago, you can see there's two links in the text.

You might have to open it up to see them both, but one is a link to her blog. And the second one is a link to the blog. If you want to write your own blog for us. Oh my gosh. I love, love, love getting blogs from customers. It's just so fun. Just seeing how everyone uses their cards and, or uses the cart they can, they get from us.

And yeah, it's just really fun. I guess. That's all I can say is I really enjoy reading customers, blogs. So we have that one. I have another one coming up in the next week or so, scheduled to be posted, but yeah, I didn't want to post them all at once, but I'm always looking for them. People can do the.

The blog posts once a quarter. So quarters are January through March, April through June, listen to July through October says, oh no, September, October to December. Yeah. So those are the four quarters and yeah. And if you, if you have an idea and you're just not sure, you can always reach out to me, I'd love to, you know, say, yeah, go ahead.

Or, oh, do this and, you know, add this little bit or that. So. So anyway, that's what I've got today, but I'm really excited for the secret sale to be starting in the morning. So be sure to get onto our email list, if you have not done so already, once I get off this live, I will post it. It takes a minute for it to process for me to be able to post.

But, uh, within five minutes of me getting off, I will post in the comments, a link to our email signup list so that you can. Get the email tomorrow morning and shop, you know, like I said, we don't do a million sales by any stretch we're small. And I try to keep all our prices, you know, very, very reasonable.

But every once in a while we do like to have fun little sales. So the secrets out is the first time I've ever done a secret sale or, you know, you're not going to know what it is until you get that email first thing tomorrow morning. So there's. If you have any questions in the interim, feel free. You can write a comment here on this live posts.

You know, there's the common spot. You can always go onto the website. There's a chat with us button and I'll get back to you. Or you can pop me an email. You can always call two. I love chatting. (877) 830-3405. Yeah. I looked chatting with. And yeah. And if you ever have any questions yeah. Comments, suggestions, product ideas, card colors, anything.

Yeah. Let me know. We love, you know, some of our best-selling cards are from customer requests and we just didn't know you wanted it. So that's been really fun too. All right. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I guess I'll see you tomorrow in your email. All right. Thanks so much for being here and watching.