Birthday Gifts for the Creative Soul - Guest Blog Post By Maria Cannon

March 10, 2019 0 Comments

Birthday Gifts for the Creative Soul - Guest Blog Post By Maria Cannon-Plymouth Cards

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Birthday season lasts all year long, and it never fails that there is that one person that is super difficult to shop for. However, when you get to thinking about it, that special someone has a creative soul, opening up a world of options when it comes down to finding the perfect gift

You don’t want the present you choose to fall victim to re-gifting, and you most certainly don’t want all the thought and time you put in to go to waste with a store return. Before you start shopping, make a list of everything the person is interested in or enjoys doing, or perhaps consider things they are in need of. If you are drawing a blank, look to their social media pages. They are sure to have shared a post, pinned a picture, or even posted their birthday wishes if you’re really lucky. The good news is that the receiver of your gift has a creative mind, narrowing down your options significantly.

The following are just a few suggestions to get those juices flowing.

Appease the Painter and Composer 

If you are shopping for the artistically and musically inclined, you might find that you are scratching your head. As for your artist, they might be scratching their heads just as often as they try to draw inspiration for their next piece. These art cubes are a fun way to gain a fresh perspective, or at the very least generate a laugh with some stress-free drawing. Perhaps they can bring their creations to life with a 3D drawing pen. The pen can be adjusted for both speed and temperature, making for ease of use and flexibility when creating. In addition, the filament used for drawing comes in a variety of colors, and the pen is refillable 

What about the musicians? Learning a new instrument is fun, but we often don’t have the time and money to dedicate to a lesson. With an online guitar lesson, your loved one can work at their own pace, and access the lesson anytime the mood strikes. There are free options, but if you opt for the paid one, perhaps you could pay for the first month to give them a chance to try it out, giving them the option to pursue it if they wish. Speaking of music, why not help them freshen up your instrument? If they play guitar, pick up some new strings. If they’re more of a woodwind person, look into getting a mouthpiece for their favorite clarinet.

Appease the Green Thumb

For some, their garden is their canvas, and their hands the brush. You might be thinking, what more could a gardener possibly need? Well, there are plenty of unique gifts to give that tap into their green thumb. For starters, now that cooler weather is here, wouldn’t it be nice if they could bring their garden indoors? Well, with a live succulent garden, they can. Displayed in a wooden planter, this collection of desert succulents can be put on display both in and outdoors, combining nature’s wonders with home décor. If you really want to bring the wow factor, combine your birthday card with a pop-up garden, also known as a PostCarden. All it takes is a sprinkle of seeds and water, a botanical garden will start sprouting in days.

Perhaps you could take them back to their childhood with a garden pinwheel made of stainless steel to add a little bit of fun to an already enjoyable pastime. If your friend or loved one is big on conservation and eco-friendly efforts, a rain chain is a great way to harvest rainwater as well as serve as a unique yard decoration. Rain chains come in a variety of shapes and designs, and the sound of running water adds a calming bonus.

The search for the perfect gift might seem darn near impossible. However, with these suggestions, you can ensure the gift you choose is as unique as your loved one. Get creative with your birthday gift for the creative ones in your life.

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