How to Love Print and STILL be Eco-Friendly

February 24, 2019 0 Comments

How to Love Print and STILL be Eco-Friendly-Plymouth Cards

We LOVE print. It's part of what makes books so enjoyable to read and pictures so enjoyable to hold! But we also love our planet and being eco-friendly is a huge deal to us. So how can we love print and still manage to be eco-friendly? Here's how we do it!

Buy Recycled Paper:

When you do use paper, be sure to buy paper that isn't on its first life. Buying recycled paper is great because you get the same experience but no new trees had to be cut down for it to get there!

Go to Used Book Stores:

Same as with paper, buying books on their second owner is a great way to save the environment-- and it's good for your wallet too!

Only Print What You Need:

One of the best things about technology is that it allows us to look at our photos before blindly printing them! This way we know we are only printing our best quality photos. 

These are just a few simple tips that you can implement in your daily life to save paper, money and the environment while still being able to enjoy things in print!