5 Facts That Prove Print is Not Dead

February 10, 2019 0 Comments

5 Facts That Prove Print is Not Dead-Plymouth Cards

Living in today's world we are constantly surrounded by digital... everything! For print lovers like ourselves, this can sometimes be discouraging. But don't worry-- print is still alive and well in 2019 and here are some facts to prove it!

1. Print book sales continue to increase:

Independent book sellers and print book sales have continued to increase in almost every single category over the past few years with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

2. Polaroid cameras have made a comeback:

Polaroid cameras were once thought to be long gone, but thanks to millennials, have made a major comeback-- proving that even the younger generations still love having a printed photograph.

3. Majority of consumers trust print marketing more:

An astounding 56% of consumers believe that print marketing is more personal and trustworthy than digital marketing. 

4. Majority of people prefer reading print text:

81% of survey respondents said that if given the choice they would prefer to read printed text over digital text! Even students who have grown up in the digital world prefer printed text!

5. Art will never die: 

While there have been huge technological advances for art, its main medium being in print will never die. 

While digital media is certainly convenient, nothing is quite the same as holding a print in your hands. And luckily for us, it seems that almost everyone else agrees!

Beni, PlymouthCards.com