Black Friday sale items up close

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Black Friday sale items up close-Plymouth Cards


Watch Lisa showcase all the Black Friday sale items. Offers valid thru Monday, November 29, 2021. Not valid on prior purchases.

If you are part of the Mayflower Club, you will receive an additional 10% off all these items when logging into your account before starting to shop.

Hi friends! Oh my gosh, how are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards. And what am I doing here? I am here to show you all our Black Friday weekend sale items and hopefully you'll enjoy some of the products. I thought it would be nice to show you them all up live, up close, so you could see them. Hopefully, that's good for you. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving. It was really nice. Well Jared lives with us, so he was with us. And then my daughter Beni and her boyfriend Kyle were there with us as well. And the five of us all made the dinner. It wasn't just one person, which was really fun. So I had a good time. I hope you had a good time where you are. Let me know. Let me know how your Thanksgiving was. And yeah, it was good. 


So I am here in Plant City, Florida. I'd love for you to say hello. Let me know where you're watching from. And yeah, let's get into it. If there's something else you want to see while I'm here chatting, please let me know, I'd be happy to share with you. And let me think -- what else? Let me just get right into it, I guess. Alright. So oh my gosh. 


Okay, so all these items I'm going to show you are a minimum of 15% off. So we have our very popular Clarence and we have him in glitter. See the scarf, see how it has that sparkle to it. So this is one of the items. So I'm talking about all our -- I was going to say clearance, but it's not clearance, it's all our Black Friday items. So these are Clarence, he's our 2021 ornament, he has 2021 on his scarf. These are typically $14.99, so they are on sale; you can see the price on the screen. I'm going to hold them up close so maybe you can see how they glitter and sparkle in the light, which is really cool. He's holding his little snow-vid card in his left stick and then on his right stick, he has a little bandaid. If you're not a fan of the glitter, that's fine. We also have about 10 - 12 other colors that are $11.99; these are typically $14.99 because they are more expensive to make, so therefore they're more expensive to buy. But we're doing them as one of our Black Friday special offers. You should be able to see the links on this page right here. And yeah, I think that's -- I think a message just came in. I'm so sorry, if you're saying anything to me, my phone is horizontal today and I can't see comments. But I thank you for watching. Oh, I feel so bad. I don't know how to fix this. Sorry, now you're seeing my big thumb in the way. 


So hi, thank you for watching. I promise as soon as I get off, I will go and look at all your comments -- I'm so sorry and answer any questions you ask. I'd love to be able to, it's weird. It's like I just see a little thing, it's so strange. So okay, well moving on. You don't need to hear me stress about that. 


So these are Clarence, so this is one of the first items for our Black Friday weekend special that I wanted to show you. They're all made from solid pewter, in case you don't know our company, and they're made here in the US. So my brother-in-law Allen makes them. 


I'm sorry, I'm trying to keep my cool here but all I can see is the bottom of people's comments and I feel so terrible because I love chatting with everyone. I don't know what's going on. I'm sorry. So no these things like, ah I hate tech sometimes. I don't know why it's not working. But in any event, here we are. Clarence, I will move on. Sorry. You don't need to hear my little worry here. 


Alright, so we also have some candle sets for you that are on sale. The other day we came up with this beautiful packaging. We were just -- not that it's just, it was in the brown box by itself. But look at this packaging, oh, I did it backwards. Look at the packaging now. So now it says -- I don't know. I just feel like this is like ready. You don't have to do anything, it's ready to give as a gift. It has a tag right on the top that's blank for you write on and it says the name of the candle on the front, it shows our name on the back. This is recycled paper that we're using and right now we're using red and white twine. That could change. If you're watching this live right now, and you're wanting some other color, let me know and that will be fine, on the twine. Just write it in the comments, I'd be happy to change it. And I saw another name pop up, I'm sorry. I'm like, do you do this? Do you guys ever just stress about things you can't control? I cannot control that I can't see your names and comments but it's freaking me out. So anyway, hi. Maybe it's just showing that someone's watching. I'm going to go with that. So anyway... 


So the set, is the candle with the co-ordinating ornament. So I think this is just an amazing gift. Keep it for that person that you just forgot. Not that you forget, but you know -- or not so much that you forgot. I always think about wow, you know, it would be really nice to give so and so something. Not that they weren't on my list, you just want to do something extra special for them, a little something. When you don't normally give them a gift, that's more I guess what I'm thinking of, not that you forgot. It's just you want to give someone a gift that you haven't thought of or just someone that you want to give something. 


Believe smells like Christmas. So these gift sets, we have four of them available and they each coordinate with their ornament. Oh, and let me show you the candle so you can see. In case you're new here, welcome! And this is what are candles look like. Our candles, the vessel is a recycled wine bottle. Everything's made here in the US. Here's the candle, they burn for 100 - 120 hours and it's made with soy wax. There's burn instructions on the bottom, there's a hemp wick being used, which burns cleaner and better, better for the environment, and then you can recycle this. After it's done you can clean it out or you could use for a pen holder or I don't know, you could fill it with beach sand and rocks. What else could you do with it? Do you have any ideas. Not that I can see your ideas, but I will when we're over. But that you could do that too. So that's our candles. So that's the Believe one. And let's see, Peace, we have peace. So I'll show you that. And that's what the box looks like all around. It's like I said perfect, ready to give. And then we have multiple colors of hanging ribbon. So if you didn't want red, if you wanted say purple, we have purple. So we try to make it so that you can customize the gifts for your recipient. So I think we have over 20 ribbon colors. So if you don't see one on the page that you're dying to have, just ask, we really do try to accommodate everyone. But let me know where you're watching from. I'm so sorry, I'm going to keep stressing and I'm going to keep talking about it. I know. This is my worry.


So alright, we also have blessed. So all of these are in that one link for the candle ornament sets. So blessed and here's the blessed ornament. Allen my brother-in-law makes all our pewter ornaments and they are beautiful. They're just really beautiful. So that's how thick they are. They're a little bit thicker than a quarter, to give you some perspective on that and that's blessed. And then the last one is hope. And I just think this is beautiful. And hope is one of those ones -- not that you can't -- Yeah, you can use all of them year-round. I was going to say hope is one that you can use year-round, but you can actually use all of them year-round for any type of gift giving needs. So if you don't need a gift for someone right now, buy it for the future, put in your little closet. My kids used to call it -- we used to have this thing called the surprise closet where I would keep, if I saw something that I knew someone would love or it was a really good price in addition to them loving it, I would buy it and I would put it in this closet that had a locked door so they couldn't get in. And we called it the surprise closet. So you can put in your whatever you have. 


So I wanted to show you also hope with a pink ribbon. We've had a lot of people buying this for people going through cancer. So this was for breast cancer. And so I think that this is a really great idea. So there's that. But if you do have any questions, I promise, as soon as I get off this live I will answer them for you. I really appreciate you being here watching with me. 


You know what I'm going to do. Okay, I know this sounds totally crazy. I'm just going to run over to my laptop and see if there are anything pressing that I should be addressing. Because I really don't want to keep you hanging if there's a question that you have that you want to know. So let's see if there's anything. Nope. Okay. We're good. That makes me feel so much better. I'd love for you to say hi.


Oh my gosh! Okay, so now we're on to the shimmer collection. This collection is only available until Monday. And we do do a monthly collection but this one is just for Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. So our photocards, but it's the shimmers. We have six different shimmers. These are amazing, these would be great for all your fancy, not even fancy, just your holiday parties. Can you see the iridecentness of that. I'll show you each one separate in a second but I just wanted to show you like that so you can see them all. Hopefully you can see the colors and the sparkle in them. They just add a whole different level to our cards. They all have the ruled border that just adds like a little extra dimension to the card and they all work as usual, horizontally and vertical photos. So there's that. So you can see that. And they open up, they are blank inside for you to write your own message on. They do have our logo, it's about the size of a quarter on the back, but our logo is put on an angle so that it works with either a vertical or horizontal photo. So there's that. So that's the red shimmer or shimmer red. Can you see that? Hopefully you can. It's just really cool. Now, another interesting piece of information about our shimmer cards, is they are 100 pound paperweight. So they're a little bit thicker than our usual cards, which are 80 pound paperweight. So there's that, I don't know if you can hear. So that's the red shimmer. Can you see the border too? Hopefully I'm showing it, I can see it on the screen right there. See how it just adds a little bit of extra dimension to your picture. So that's red. 


So if one of these colors is something that you wanted, as in you only liked one of the colors, you can buy the cards separately. We sell them in singles, 10 packs or 30 packs. So keep that in mind too. Let's see, here's silver shimmer. We've been doing a lot of these for Christmas cards right now. Can you see that, the shimmer of it? So that's silver. Let's see, we have Shimmer Heather, which is a touch of purple but not overwhelming dark purple. Purple is by far my most favorite color, so that's why we have purple cards. So again, they all have that little border, they're blank inside, and you slide your picture in, you don't need any glues or tapes just like all our other cards. Well, we have one other card that we give you the self stick but everything else does not require glue or tape. Here, I probably should just demonstrate. You're not supposed to do it in the air, you're supposed to do it on a table. But see right there, and the picture, just slides in and out like that. It's sticking because I'm not doing it properly. We recommend that you use rubber finger tips. We sell rubber fingertips for $1 a pair, but you could also use latex gloves or anything like that, you could use those and it just helps prevent finger prints from getting on your picture and also it makes it much easier to just slide the picture in and out. I'm not following the rules, so please don't do what I'm doing, do what I say. 


Here is the Shimmer Gold and this is really great too. I can see this looking so fabulous with some New Year's Eve party pictures. So that's the shimmer gold. Hopefully I'm holding it up long enough for you. And if you do have any questions, please just let me know and I will answer them once I get off. Here is our Shimmer White. So the difference between the Shimmer White is this one right here is smooth and this one here has a texture. Hopefully you can see the difference right there. I wanted to hold them up together so you can see the difference in them. So there's that. But they're really beautiful cards. People always ask me which one I like better. I like the texture better, but I like texture better, I feel like it adds a whole dimension to the card, so that's why I like it. But there's nothing wrong with this one, it's just my personal preference. You might prefer the smooth texture and that's wonderful too. So those are the Shimmer White cards. But again, they'll come wrapped in our custom wrap that we have designed. And it holds your cards all in place. And then you know what, I'm just going to go grab -- I just thought of this, to show you what the wrap looks like. I hope you can still hear me. 


So the wrap is really cool because it's made from 100%, recycled chipboard. And inside the wrap is tags that you can cut out. And then you can use the twine that is holding your cards all together, this twine for your tag. So we try to make everything reusable, repurposable. So there's that. So hopefully you think that's a cool idea. We get a lot of great feedback from our wrapping of the cards, we do not use boxes on them, on the sets and everything. So there's that. So that is our shimmer collection. Like I said it's exclusive only for this weekend, and then it is gone. 


Okay, next up is our Santa Baby soap and wax melt set. Oh my gosh. So we get all our soaps and some of our wax melts from a goat milk farm. Sorry, my bangs are driving me crazy today. We get them from a goat milk farm here in Florida where I'm at. And I know, you can't smell it but I want you to be able to see. I've learned my lesson by putting up something to the camera for you to smell. So you can see the texture. So that's Santa Baby. And it just has this really cool refreshing scent to it. Sweet, almost like -- it has like a mix of -- you know how champagne smells kind of sweet, it's kind of like that, just like this refreshing scent that makes you happy. It's all I can describe it as. So we have the coordinating wax melts. So we have that little set there, it's called Santa Baby.


And on this weekend special, we do have other Santa things, if you're interested. And we do have bigger sets that aren't part of our Black Friday Specia, but are in our giftset section of the website, if you're interested in those too. So there's that. Let me see what else I've got for you. 


Oh, okay. So now I wanted to show you, so we have some cards in addition to that shimmer collection I showed you, our new -- Oh, I forgot to print the cat picture. Oh, we do have some of our new card designs for this year. So we thought those would be fun to put on Black Friday special. So we have Buffalo Plaid White. We also have Buffalo Plaid Red which is not part of this sale, it's the white one because these four designs I'm showing you are brand new for 2021. So never seen before by us. So there's the Buffalo Plaid. It has a black border. This paper is smooth, but it has the designs on it to give it interest. So there's that; and all our cards work vertical or horizontally. I should say, I really appreciate everyone here watching. Thank you so much and it's just so nice to know that you're there. 


Let's see, Rustic Holiday. Ooh, this one's been selling like crazy. This is Rustic Holidays. And I may have to stop, the mail carrier will be here at some point and I'm hoping -- she usually doesn't come till 1. But I'm thinking today's going to be like -- she'll get here early because I'm doing live. So Rustic Holidays is this one. I love this design. It's so funny, I don't know how you all think this -- We're small, we're a very small company. And I usually come up with the designs. I don't actually draw them, I'm not trying to say that at all. But I just come up with a vision of something I want and then I go and find the artwork, etc. We buy it and this one, it was the day before we sent everything to the printer I came up with this idea. I'm like, Oh, I would love this card. So here we are. So sometimes things take a long time to come up with and then sometimes it's just, you know, yeah, I'm out for a walk and boom, I want it and it happens. So that's the beauty of being a small business though is that I don't don't have to go through all this red tape and get approvals. If I want to do something, I can do it. But I'll hold it up a little bit closer. So you can see, hopefully it's not blurry. The design on that. So we call this Rustic Holiday. This is like a gray colored, old rustic wood, like a barn; that's what it reminds me of. But it's gray, we do have a brown based barn wood. We call it barn wood. So if you're interested in a brown based one, it doesn't have the same design on it and it's not part of the Black Friday, but just wanted to let you know in case that's something that you're interested in, if that one doesn't work for your cards. A lot of people buy them for barns and stuff. 


Okay, let me show you our card. Sorry to go off camera again. So I forgot to get this whole set ready. So what I will do is just wing it as usual, my life. So our vintage greeting cards are made from reproduced postcards from the early 1900s. Here's an example of one. This All Occasion Set is one for -- there's I think 20 cards in it, and it will cover you for a year for all occasions, you know, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Christmas, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween. I'm trying to think of what else I forgot, you know, Happy Birthdays. And I just wanted to show you one real quick. This is our Christmas one. This is our most popular Christmas card that people buy from us. They're $3.49 each just to give you a guide on what they cost and -- I don't why I'm holding this, I'm so used to holding our cards. Oh here is some more of our Thanksgiving ones that I have. I know, Thanksgiving was yesterday but I just want to give you an example of what could be in it. All the cards that are in that picture is what you'll see. The cards all have textures to them, or they have that printed design on them. So you can see. And they're fabulous. I love the cards because they're just so different than the ones that you can just buy at the store. And they're not -- I like our cards. Obviously I like our cards. I like them because you can personalize the message inside, the cards are blank. Therefore you can write. I don't know sometimes, before I got involved with Plymouth Cards years ago, I used to buy the cards at the store and the message never fit what I wanted. The sentiment inside just never 100% fit what I wanted to say to that person. So I was really excited when this line got introduced. And so all the cards are blank inside. And they just let you say what you want to say, which is so great. So we do, I'm going to see if I can -- I don't know how I'm going to do this -- I'm going to turn right there. Okay, see. And then I'm going to just spin the rack, I know, you can't really see all the designs, but just to give you an idea that we do have them for every holiday. And that will all be in your pack, the Jumbo pack. It also has Father's Day, Mother's Day, that's why I was going to over there to look, Thank you, Congratulation, so it's really cool. But everything you see in that picture of that product, if you click on the link, will be in that set. And you know what's really great is I think it's a really cool gift. If you're not the person that sends cards but your mom does, you could do the whole setup and give them to your mom and let her send them off to her family. Obviously you're her family but other people other family members, your friends, her friends, etc. Or your dad, I'm not judging either way. But yeah, so I think this is a really cool gift set. And like I said they're usually $3.49 each, so I think they're at least 20% off, maybe they're 25% off. I'm sorry, I don't remember. But if you have questions about anything at all; the cards are made from recycled paper, they're all made here in the US. Some of the paper, we have a few colors that are made in Europe the paper because we couldn't find the colors made here in the US. Unfortunately a lot of the paper mills here in the US have either shut down or they've reduced their color palette because of COVID etc. So sometimes if I really want a special color I have to go to Europe. But hopefully you're okay with that. But I do tell you on the website that the paper is imported. We're not being tricky, not trying to fool you or anything. So, just so you can see. But this one's really small, we've made it more evident, but it says assembled in the US instead of made in the US. I'm sorry, yeah, it should be bigger than that and that's this burnt orange color, for example is one of the colors but... So there's that story. 


Hopefully you like those cards there. I picked all our most popular ones for that. Okay, next up the pin, Clarence pin, he's BOGO right now you buy one, you get one free. You buy me probably can't see it on my apron. So here's Clarence, here's a little pin. You can wear it all winter or all year-round, put it on your purse, put it on your shirt, your sweater. If you have a heavy thick winter coat. It's not going to work, I'm so sorry, it won't. Unless you have like a little pocket. I'll show you the thickness, maybe you can see it right there. So that's good for if you have a cotton sweater, it will definitely work on that but it will not work, I apologize, on your winter coat. But we had to make a decision either it was going to work on most things that you wear or just the winter coat. Because if we made the pin longer then it would just spin around on your shirts, etc. or on your purse or wherever you're going to put it. I always have one on my laptop bag. So here they are. So we have the masked Clarence still and we just got a new batch of all different colored masked Clarences. And then we have this year's version with five different scarf colors; but the BOGO, it tells you every color that's available for the BOGO so hopefully you're excited about that. So you get two for the price one, how fun is that? And Allen makes these too these are part of my pewter. So anything pewter, my brother-in-law Allen makes them up in Massachusetts for me. So there's that and wall decor kit.


So now we're going to move the camera in another direction so you can see the wall decor kit. Okay, there we go. I'll go over here and tell you about the wall decor kit. So the wall decor kit comes hopefully -- Yeah, I think you can see it okay. Okay, so first up, I just want to mention, this is an old shutter. I like rustic, unique things. So what we did, I don't know if you can see, I think you can. So this is an old shutter that we found at a big flea market, antique kind of show. And then I also found the old time faucet covers for your outdoor or for in your basement to turn your water on and off. And so I had Vinny cut some metal peg / metal washers, and it jets out about an inch, so now we use these as coat racks at our house. So just sidebar, we're not selling those I'm sorry but I kind of just tell you how to make it if you're interested in that. Let me go higher a little bit so you can see probably better, there you go. I think that's probably a better angle for you. But that's what this is. It's just a shutter, but what a unique... I love repurposing things. So that was like I said, you know, walking one day and like oh, let's make a shutter coat rack. 


So back to our wall decor kits. Our wall decor kits are either hemp or jute, or a cotton twine, whatever we can find. It will vary slightly, and it's five feet long of that. Then we include six cards, you get to pick the two different colors you want. And then it comes with six white mini clothespins. Let me hold it up so you can see. It comes with our mini clothes pins, and then six cards. The cards will be blank inside. I just had these pictures of my kids that we've been using for a bunch of different other photoshoots. Yes, they like being silly but I think this is such a great gift for any pre-teen and up. They're just going to love it. The preteen will take pictures of their family and friends just like I guess everyone does. And I envision this on high school girls wall, you could give it to someone that's going off to college or is in college, they can use it to dress up their dorm room. So that's our wall decor kit. So it's six cards, two different colors, six white clothes pins, and then five feet of twine. We don't give you anything to pop it in your wall, because I don't know how everyone's going to end up using it. So I thought it would be better to keep the price down instead of adding things that may or may not be used. So right now it's on sale for $12.74 and on Monday, it will go back to regular price. 


Make sure that if you're going to buy anything during our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale, that you go through the links on this page, because there's a secret section of the website. This is still on regular price in other sections, but only for our people that are a part of our email, text and that watch us on Facebook -- or watch me because it's only me, I shouldn't say that watch me on Facebook and I will post the secret link as well but just so you can all see that. And I do still see more things popping up. So if you are saying anything, I apologize, I can't see your comments. All I ever see is the bottom of something. So if you are asking me anything, I'm sorry, I will respond when we're done -- when I'm done. I keep talking about myself as if I'm more than one person. Sorry. And I will answer any questions that at the end, or I can pop over.


Okay, now we're on to Fa-La-La-La-La, which of course I don't have handy. I'm not sure if I should run out back. Yeah, I will. I'm going to run. Just give me a second. Sorry! This is how it goes here I always forget something. Always, always. You would think I would learn. I just always forget something. Yeah, I'm running. Oh alright. I got to move the camera back. Hopefully you like that wall decor kit. Just sliding back to where I was standing so I can reach everything else better. Thanks for being here and putting up with me forgetting things over and over again. 


Here is the Fa-La-La-La-La card. It says Happy Holiday Season's Greetings Fa-La-La-La-La, Merry and Bright. I can't remember what else it says. I think that's everything. So it's fun. It's not the traditional red and white, it has a little bit of different colors, which is nice too because not everyone uses red and green for Christmas. Sorry, I can't believe I'm like slightly out of breath from running 10 feet back. What a mess I am. Too much food yesterday, that's what I'm going to blame it on today. So there's that. 


Okay, so that's the Fa-La-La-La-La card. So usually the cards are sold singly, in 10 packs or 30 packs. They're all 30 packs that are part of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday, please don't always think that the high price is the price. Depending on what envelope you pick, they're $39.99 for the standard white envelope and then if you choose our white felt, natural felt or craft brown, there's is a charge on those envelope options as those cost more money. Okay, that is Fa-La-La-La-La, now we've got Merry and Bright. 


I actually have that one ready for you. Merry and bright, look at those little Christmas lights. I've wanted a Christmas light card for a few years now. And we finally got the right pattern that I liked. So if many of you don't know me, I'm very fussy, very particular about what I want, what I will and won't sell here, what we will and won't buy to sell to you. I really just want everything to be high quality. And it needs to be what I envisioned. The cards do work just like all our other cards. So there's that one, that is Merry and Bright. 


Feline Fun, I don't have a picture but I will show you the card. It is our cat card. It has little mice, balls of yarn, the fish and little paw prints all over it. It's so adorable. Last year we introduced a dog one that's so popular but I do get a fair amount of calls from customers wanting a cat one, why didn't I introduce a cat one? So here we are. I wasn't sure if people would want a cat one so I just did the dog last year. Oh, it also says meow. So this is super, super cute. So my friends and current customers that have cats are very excited for this one, so there's that. Just going to grab a sip of water. I don't usually talk this long for...


Okay, wine bottle ornaments, the stocking one, oh, okay. I think I showed these the other day but we decided to put them in this special also. So usually these are $12.99 and these are $8.99. Aren't they cute. They're glass and we have three different designs. All the designs are $8.99 instead of the $12.99 just until Monday night. And then that's the second one, trying to be careful not to drop them, because if I drop them they will break. And here is the Holly Leaf. So those are the three stocking designs that we have in our current Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. There are limited quantities. Everything is limited, and it's been selling. It should say on the website, when you get to the page, right above where you add it to the cart, the quantity, it should say how many are left. So just so you can keep an eye on that so you don't miss out on something, I'd hate for you to miss out on something that you're interested in. All the wine bottle ornaments are made in West Virginia by this amazing woman, she has a small business and she makes those as well as all our circle ones, which I'm going to show you one of the circle ones in a minute. 


So we got we have a --  Oh here we are. So it's the cardinal with white berries, but it's blue. Check that out. And then what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn the camera, hopefully you're not going to get sea sick. I'm going to turn it so we can be at the door. I'm going to turn it a little bit more because all the packages are at the door, so you can see, can you see that? Oh no, you can't. We're going this way, this window. Alright, there you go. So you can see how it looks in the window. It's such a great suncatcher and I feel like although it does have some holly leaves on it, I feel like you can put it in your window. for minimum the winter. It will look really cool in your window and I know with the light the blue will dance on your floor, etc. I think it will look really cool. So this one, I think there's only seven left. If I remember correctly, right before I hopped on I checked. So these are usually $12.99 and they are $8.99. So I wanted to point that out. I think that's everything. I'm going to just wait, hold on one more minute, I'm going to just check and see if we have anything that needs to be answered live. No. 


Thank you so much for liking and hearting the video. Oh my gosh! The iOS struggles are real. If you hear people small businesses talking about it, our reach used to be so far, but now it's like almost non existent, compared to last year before they made all the changes. So they really like it, they being the Facebook algorithms, like it if people heart our things, our videos, our posts versus liking. I don't know why hearts are better. All the podcasts I listen to, from all the experts tell us that the heart is better. So if you have a second to heart something or even share it, if you could share the video, that would be amazing. You know, if you're watching and there's nothing that interests you or you just don't have the budget right now but you want to support small businesses, like and share their posts or heart their posts and share them. That's like a gift in itself to a small business owner. 


So yeah, so that's what I've got for you today. Those are all the Black Friday / Cyber Monday offers. If we come up with anything else, it will be posted on the website. If you're not part of our email list or our text list, you can join through our website, just hop on our website and it will ask you if you want to join and you'll get a coupon code and you'll be part of our lists when we send out any other offers or announcements or new products, you know it'll all be there. I hope you're having a great Black Friday.I have some things on my list that I have to go buy and there's this other... There's some made USA products I'm going to go buy for some family and friends. Let me know was there anything there that you're like oh, I love this, I'm going to go get it. Oh my gosh. 


One of the other things I just noticed is not on the -- Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. It didn't pop up as a product  but I guess I'll have to post the link is our bowls. These are also -- I am so glad I just looked over, I thought that I pulled those out. So these are our petite wood bowls. They vary in size because they are hand-carved, here's my hand in this one and then I'll show you my hand in the other one, sideways, that way you can see the whole bowl. They're made by a small company in Arkansas and here's another one. So here's my hand in it so as well. They do vary in size. They are all usually $13.99. But they're on in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday for $11.99. As soon as I get off, I will post a direct link that will bring you to the secret page on our website that has all our Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers for the whole weekend or while supplies last. And that's it. 


But if you are watching this, I thank you so much. I appreciate you. If you have any questions, you can Facebook message me, you can get onto our website, there's a chat with us button. It's now fixed so that you'll get an email. Sometimes the emails go to spam, it says New Message from Plymouth Cards. So there's that second option or you can always call 877-830-3405. Although I do want to mention the Black Friday / Cyber Monday offers are only available when you shop online through our website because of inventory control. We don't want to have an order taken while something is selling on the website. So we do have to do everything through the website for that. So yeah, I thank you so much. I will be back over the weekend. Alrigh. I hope you have a great day shopping. Thanks so much for being here. I really appreciate you and let's see... 


It's not going to let me finish. I'm just going to be on here forever, seriously, this is so funny. This is why tech hates me. Does anyone else have this love-hate relationship with tech? It really... I'm getting it... I'm pressing finish and it's not letting me finish. Now if I go sideways, there we go... Nope. This is the Facebook Live that will never end. I don't know what to do. It's just so crazy. Does anyone else have any ideas it's not letting me it's yelling at me but it won't let me turn off, so now you can see this is real life.