Live With Lisa - Week 79

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Live With Lisa - Week 79-Plymouth Cards


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Hi friends. How are you today? I can't believe another Wednesday is here. It's December 1st. How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? I hope you're doing great. I'm actually ahead of where I usually am, so I feel like a winner right now. And yeah, that's it. I'm Lisa, in case you're new here. Feel free to say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I am here in Plant City, Florida and I will be showing you a few little things today. A customer asked me a few questions if I would show something up. So I was going to show that to you. So I guess we'll just get into it. You know, feel free to ask questions along the way. If you have any questions, as always feel free to ask them. And yeah, so oh my gosh!


So we have some Clarence's, he is our signature ornament. And some of them have imperfections. I know that Clarence -- all our pewter ornaments do have fluctuations in the -- they are hand cast by my brother-in-law Allen. So there can be fluctuations in them but sometimes they exceed our quality standard -- not high-quality standards, but just what we feel is acceptable. So we've just put some into clearance. So there's a tongue twister for you, can you say clearance Clarence five times quick? I definitely can't. So anyway, I just wanted to show you a few of the imperfections or things that we just feel are above and beyond normal casting. 


So here is the pink, can you just see how his hat is just off. It's just a little bit too much. So that's an example. So these are marked down just a little bit. And then right here, I don't know if you can see there's a little pocket. Sorry, I have something in my eye. A little pocket in the paint. So there's that one. So just a few of the things so you can see what we mean. So they're marked down from $11.99 to $10.49 just so you can see. And sometimes the paint goes a little or the enamel goes a little awry. So there's that one, but this was the only one we have like that. So please know that if you got a Clarence that -- if it's this significant, I will put that as its own little item with it's picture. So all of those -- right now I think I have crimson, pink -- Sorry, I have something in my eye -- blue, I think we're sold out of green right now, of the green Clarence. But if you click that link on this page right now, it will bring you to that page of all the ones that are discounted right now. Yeah, so you know, we don't have too many of them, but we will be adding to it. So if there's a particular color that you want, check back and see so. So there's that. 


What else was I going to talk about today? I hope you're all doing well. Let me know where you're watching from above to know, I'd love to know. I wanted to -- where are they? We have -- I'm just going to have to go grab them. Hold on a second, I'm sorry. Let's see what we got here. Okay, I think I'm doing ... Alright. Okay, sorry, sorry, sorry, there was something. So we have gift tags and you can get them in any of our colors. And there's 12 and a pack and they come with twine. So here's one to show you. Here's our stocking. They're blank on both sides, so you can you know, write little messages. It comes with a twine, but how it comes as it comes in one of our little bags. And then sorry, I hate crinkly noises and there's here for example, we have our snowman tag, it has a hole in it and then it will come with a twine for you to attach. Because we found that some people want to do it so it goes through the hole like this. But other people want to tie it on one end and then tight on the other end. So it's just to accommodate everybody, we just give you the twine and the tag and let you decide how you want it to be done. 


So we have oh my gosh, at least 100 different -- Not even exaggerating, which is kind of funny, tags. So you know, we have, obviously, we have a bunch of Christmas ones, we have a Christmas tree, which I should have brought with me since we're getting into Christmas. But we have the stocking, we have the snowman, we have just off the top of my head, we have a peace dove, we have Star of David, we have all 50 states if that's your thing, and we can do it in your color. So last year, a customer Terry, her family's from Tennessee and they're a big University of Tennessee fan. So she got orange, Tennessee, for all of them. So that was fun. So we can make the colors match what you need, or what your school or town or favorite color is. So that's really cool. And if it doesn't give you the option when you're purchasing them, just let me know, because we can definitely get that fixed. We're working on that. So all the gift tags are $4.99. And it comes with 12 tags, 12 twines and yeah, there's that. 


So we also have, on the whole theme of clearance, I just wanted to -- hold on just trying to get this going properly. Okay, there we go. Now I'm all set. Sorry. On the theme of clearance, we have some clearance cards. And I just wanted to show you the clearance cards, there's absolutely nothing wrong with them. It's just the back of the card is something we're no longer -- we're getting away from. So this is the back of the card. This is our latte card and it's amazing. It has this really great texture. It's made from recycled jute and sisal coffee bean bags. So that's really cool. It just has, I don't know if you can see the flecks in there. But this is a really great price. And honestly, the only thing that's -- not wrong, but the only reason why it's in clearance is because of the back of the card. Just so you can see, this is what the back now looks like with our logo in the corner, so this is why they're in clearance. And so I have this in the latte, we have it in dark roast, which is amazing. Any word that has that sounds like coffee as part of that whole coffee collection, so there's that. Let's see, mocha. We also have it. If you're still needing some Christmas cards, we have Santa sleigh with the back and our festive fun dots with this back. This has been really popular this year. It just, you know, has all these fun little dots on it. So I like that. And there's our Santa's sleigh. So there's those. Oh, there's the snowman. Of course, I showed that a minute ago, but that's the snowman gift tag. Yeah. I don't know. Oh, okay. So this is what Kathy...


Our customer Kathy reached out. And she said she might not be able to catch the live but she wanted me to show the flower sack towels so that she could see them up close and personal. And instead of her having to go through other lives where I showed them she just asked that I show them up. So here is the Santa flour sack towel and the cool thing about this one is the entire towel, look at that. I'm going to open the whole thing up. The entire -- is it upside down? It is. The entire towel is the pattern, which is unusual. Usually the other ones I'm going to show you, it's just in the corner. I mean in that 1/8 panel, and this one has the hook here. So if you want to put it on your hook in your kitchen, then there's that. So that's the Santa one that she wanted to see and that's great. And if there's anything you want to see while I'm here, please don't be shy. Feel free to ask. 


Here is the cat's with the Santa -- Oh, it bet that's not going to be what's up, of course. So dogs is what's next. 


Here is the dogs and this is just on this front panel, the rest of it is plain. So I love it because it just has that one little Santa hat. It's just so cute and perfect for the dog lover.

And we do have it for cats as well. So there's that. Kathy, hopefully that answers all your questions about the flower sack towels that you were interested in. I hope that answers everything for you. Let me know if you have any other questions. 


So you, we have a bunch of these wooden sign holders. They're cute, they're 4x6, so just to give you -- there's a 4x6 picture. So that's how big they are just so you get a visual. I know I'm more of a visual person, so it's 4x6. And the cool thing is, is it has this little holder up there, I'm going to hold it up close so you can see it. And they will hold your card or your picture. So it holds our card. Watch, I'm struggling. I don't know why my hands are not working this afternoon. There we go. So granted, that's not the best card to show you. But you get the gist of it. So there's that [inaudible 10:59] picture over here. It holds a picture just like that, so we have them. Let me see; we have right now we have left a true love story never ends, You Are My Sunshine, Love the little things, Best dog ever, Lake life, Verse of the Week and Happy Together. So that's what we have. So we have them all in stock, and ready to get them shipped out. Which is really important because some things we actually are out of stock of. We are 100% out of stock of our Holly card, either pre-printed or no message inside. Gone. Yeah, yeah, so that was pretty amazing. So we got all that. So we have all those in stock? Can you see them all right there on the shelf? So there's that.


Let's see what else believe. Why was I kind of show you -- Oh, I know what I was going to show you. In case you missed it, I wanted to show you our new candle pack or our updated candle packs. We were putting them just in the box by themselves. But we've jazzed it up so that now it's perfect for gift-giving. It even comes with a little tag on top, so you don't even have to do anything unless you want to put it in a gift bag or something. But it is ready to go with the wrap right on it. So I just want to make sure that -- oh, can I buy individual cards or are they in a pack? Oh, thank you, Krishna. Sorry. My phone is not showing messages. So that's why I'm walking over to my kindle. Yes, you can buy the cards individually. You can buy them in 10 packs, you can buy them 30 packs. I'm not sure Krista, which cards you're interested in? Are you interested in the holiday blank ones or are you looking into our greeting cards. So the greeting cards we sell individually. And then we make little sets as well. And then with our holiday cards and our color, you know all our solid colors. So we sell them for $1.59 each 10 packs are $14.99 and a 30 pack is $43.99. But yeah, I hope that answers your question. I'm going to go over -- I'm sorry, I need to put my laptop closer so I don't have to keep going off-screen. 


Oh, hi Cindy. Yes. Hi Cindy. Thank you for being here and thank you for the question, Krista. I hope that answers everything. Yeah, I don't know why, like, I can't see your comments again today. I just -- Yeah, I think I need to hire someone to be tech support for me. So every time I do a live, they can make it all set up and do everything for me so that it works perfectly every time. I don't understand. I think it just -- oh, I guess I just have to -- it makes me roll with the punches here. The clearance one with the holiday border. Okay, thanks. Yeah, the clearance ones, with this Krista, we sell them singly, since they're in clearance. So you can buy one or you can buy whatever we have left. So if you want to check out the website, or if you want to give me a call, I'm happy to help you. The number is 877-830-3405 and I'd be happy to help you. And of course, since you live in the neighborhood I can deliver to you. And so anyone that lives in Florida, you can select pick up and then -- well my neighbors I deliver to them because it would be silly to make them drive out to where I am and then everyone else just comes and picks up their orders. So that way they don't have to pay for the shipping. So if you live in the area, I'm happy to do that. So alright, now I'm going to keep going back. Okay.


Alright. So sorry. So okay, so I finished with the candle, so that you can just see the packaging. We do this not just for the Believe, we do this for every candle. I just didn't want to put all 14 versions up there, so you wouldn't have to scroll through and see them all. 


Oh, okay, cool. Magnets where did I put them? Okay. Well, I had them and then now I don't. You would think like, I would know what I'm doing after all these, you know, after week 79. But I don't know. I had them and now they're missing. So anyway, we have this this one magnet, we got a whole new shipment in of the magnets. So that's awesome. People are loving them. They're perfect. They're really cute. They're wooden. I'll show you the thickness, they're nice and thick, they're sturdy, they have a magnet on the back and it's a good proportion, a magnet proportion to the size of the item. So sometimes the magnet is too big or too small. So it's direct, it's perfectly proportionate. There we go. So there's one and I show the traveling one up there. Oh, that's the busy woman. You are a busy woman. Let the smoke alarm tell you when your dinner is done. And we have a lot of like silly ones. I'm sure if you follow me on Facebook, you know I like a good pun or silly things like that. We post every day a little joke, a chuckle just to make you smile. I feel like we all need to smile more so you do that. So a bunch of our magnets are like that. They're just fun and silly. So let's see what else. Oh my God. 


Oh, the camper. So we have five different campers. This is one of them. They are adorable. She hand paints them, they're wooden. This is the same woman who makes all of our state ornaments - all the wooden state ornaments that we have. So we have all the states in stock. Okay, yes, we have all 50 states in stock plus Washington DC. And they're all red, and they come with the twine on them. Let me just show you Florida, which I have handy. So those are the wooden state ornaments and they are made by the same woman that's making these little camper magnets. So there's five different ones that are available. So if you have a camera in your life, I think those are so cute. Oh, let's see what else I've got to show you today. Ooh. So we don't have all the states in a magnet, we only have four right now. That's all I was able to get. But Ohio was one of them. So we Ohio, California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Those are the four states that I have as magnets. And I will be adding -- I know we're doing the city map cards, which have been really, really popular, which is so cool. 


Oh, if you're new and you don't know what I'm talking about, we do city map cards so for an additional $5 when you buy your state ornament, you can tell us what city you would like and then we print that out and attach it to the card for you. So there's that. Yeah, and we're going to be able to do that for the magnets as well. So if that's something you're interested in, just hang tight while I get that added onto the website or just send me a message and tell me if you're ready to order and it's not on there yet. So...


Oh, another gift idea is patents. I just think it's such a unique gift idea. And the great thing about our cards is that they're ready to frame. So yeah, they're really ready to frame. Let me just pull out some of them to show you. I don't know where the oh, here's the [inaudible 19:14] one. So the cards, they're blank inside so you could send it to someone and like what a great unique card to send someone especially, you know, based on their interest. So we have Beer, Wine, Pool, Pool Table, not pool, not the pool that you swim in. But I probably could find something like that. Photography, nursing, all the medical. I'm going to just spin my rack so I can see some more. Gardening, bathroom, laundry room. Let's see what else I got. Baby, oh my gosh baby and then games. We have so many games like you know the game of life, monopoly, slinky, chess, checkers, Legos. It goes on and on. So if there's something you're interested in as far as a patent or some, you know, let me know and I'm sure we can find it for you. So we have beer, we sell some of them in six-packs so that you could make a wall collage; gardening, here. We can do them in other colors and black, I will show you a few other colors, but I think it looks classic in black, or in our vintage flair. I just think this card really adds to it. And like I said, they're blank inside. So you could use this as -- I think this would be really fun if you're going to a bridal shower and you know, it's just unique. Not the usual cad that you're just by at the store at CVS when you go to CVS or Walgreens wherever you shop. For cards. 


Oh beehive. Isn't that so cool? I don't know, the patents are endless. They have them -- So anything we have, so if you have someone that's a car lover or anything. We have a whole bunch of Disney ones. Yeah, we have Disney. Trying to remember what else we have. Some of the ones I'm going to show you are plastic and I know I'm kind of anti-plastic. But these are ones that we keep on the shelf in our little showroom. So we do put them in the plastic sleeves so that they don't get dirty. And so there's that. So that's the only reason why and I didn't want to pull them in and pull them out, I just felt like you would understand. 


Here's a camera. Look, check that out. This is great. That's the thing I love about these, these are so old. This is from 1888. That is a camera patent, 1888. You know, like, it's just so fascinating. I love it. So here's one from 1894. It's a pool ball. And then oh my gosh, this one's from 1891. And I know there's a huge debate about which way the toilet paper roll would go should go. I think this answers that question. What do you think? So there you go. That's the proper way, if the patent is showing you, that's the way the toilet paper should go. I think that's how it should go. So that's from 1891. Let's see what else. I'm just going to keep pushing that a little bit. But you know, we have a baby carriage. So that would be so cool as a new baby Congratulations card. Or if you're going to a baby shower. The cards are $3.49 each, some of them say $2.99. So get those while you can. The price is going up to $2.99 was the price we started in 2005, so there you go. So we're finally raising the price of them. So I hope you understand that. Let's see what this is. Oh, this is a flower sifter. I was just trying to see the year, 1893. So we can -- I just wanted to show you some of the other cards. You know, we can do it in any color. So if you have a certain decor in your home, we can do that. Chess pieces, this one's been really popular for nurses, the nurses pin. This is from 1912. So if you have a nurse in your life. The measurer --this is from 1963. Let's see this is a wine press from 1903. So I'm just trying to make it so there isn't a glare. So we just we have so many different patents available. And you know, pick your card color, and we'll make it happen. So that's what I've got today. What else did I... I'm trying to think if there's any other question I have -- oh, here's the traveling one that I wanted to show you but couldn't find it was just under an envelope. So there's that. 


So we just put the graduation cap ornaments from 2021 on clearance or reduced the price to $8.99. We have them available in about 10 different colors. So perfect little extra gift.

And we're getting a new batch of dog bones any day but we still have, you know, a fair amount of those and we have Clarence. We're almost out of crimson Clarence, so if that's the color of your choice, I would buy that sooner than later. And I think that's all I got for you today. I am working on a fun little project that I will be bringing to you live either Friday or Saturday or Sunday, we'll see. One of the days this week, or, you know, in the next few days, I'll get that, oh, it's just someone fun. So I'll be showing you that. And if you have any other questions in the interim, post it here in the comments, you can Facebook message me, or you can get on our website, and there's that chat with us button that works really great. So I can respond to you there. Email is fine, but I'll be honest, that sometimes takes me longer to get to because it gets so many emails, it's hard to ... I wish there was a filter, maybe there is a filter that would say, okay, these are customers, and this is spam. And this is whatever. And, just so you know, like this is just a sidebar on spam. A spam email is one of those, you know, send me money or you should do this, you know, weight loss program, whatever. But if it's a pro, if it's a website like ours, or any other business that you've actually signed up for, just unsubscribe, don't hit spam. They get dinged, it hurts them. So I thought I just did that. I don't know why it made me think of that but anyway, I will chat soon. Thank you. Thank you for being here. I so appreciate you and hope you have a great rest of your day.