Cards & Candles - Live with Lisa Week 103

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Cards & Candles - Live with Lisa Week 103-Plymouth Cards


Hey everyone. How are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards and I know I said I was going to be on at noon, but in order needed to get out. So I had to wait and I think I'm going to change starting next week. I'm going to go back to 3:00 PM on Eastern time. I know it sounds silly, but a lot of times, you know, Amy, those few extra hours just to get the last orders out before the post office and ups picks up.

So how have you been? I am here in plant city, Florida, and I wear my earbuds today. Cause I have the phone a little bit further away than usual, and I want to make sure you hear me and I don't want to have to yell. So I thought that was. A good idea for today. So what I wanted to do was remind you to make sure that you're on our email list.

Plymouth A new email goes out tomorrow morning and there's going to be a special offer in that. Just a little hint, hint, but Yeah. So I just want to show you some of our candles and then I was going to show you how I make a collection just in case you're interested. And yeah. And if you have any idea, Suggestions comments.

You want me to show you anything? Let me know. And as you pop on, say hi, let me know where you're watching from. It's always fun to see that. And it's always nice. Yeah. Just to see that. So early today I went a few minutes ago I went live on Instagram and excuse me. So that was a first, in a very long time.

So here I am. Yeah, talking about candles. It's a wonderful line. This one looks like that because I've been burning it, it smells so good. It smells like cement. If that's something you're into, I just wanted to talk about our Kindles real quick. Cause I feel like I neglect them at times. So I just wanted to make sure you knew that we actually have candles there.

Positive candles in recycled bottles -

In a it's a hundred percent soy wax, they use environmentally friendly. Essential oils. No bad, none of those bad chemicals that I cannot pronounce. So it comes with a saw no, no, it's like hemp wick. And my favorite part of the entire candle is the vessel. This is a recycled wine bottle and it's a recycled wine bottle.

This is one that I haven't burned yet to see. You can see. And it's really cool. Well, it's amazing the quality, but in addition to that excuse me, all the candles have a positive word on them. Believe smells like Christmas at nothing. I know. I keep holding it up. Like you can smell it. I keep doing that, but I'll show you it's it smells just like Christmas.

It's amazing. So I just love these candles so much, but amen. Just to show you the candles all come in boxes, just like this wrapped with twine, a little belly band around them and yeah, they're ready for gift giving, which I love too. The wine and the tag will vary depending on. What I haven't stalk and, you know, try to coordinate it if I can, to the the product.

So there's, Thankful not the product the name, because I don't know what I would do for, I guess I'm thankful it, Chris, at Christmas, Adam, Thanksgiving time, I would put like a little Turkey on it, but yeah, so those are like the boxes inside will. Include how to burn and care for your candle. So there's that.

So while you pop on just, you know, say, hi, don't be shy. I don't bite. Yeah. And so, so those are the candles. Let me see what else. Okay. Oh, thanks. We'll see. I'm going to, I forgot to press that. And but like I said, if you're not on our email list, joined Plymouth in, then it should pop up. If it doesn't pop up for you to join, scroll to the very bottom and it will it will, there'll be, it'll be down there.

So the other cool thing about our candles is they have not all of them yet. So, I guess you can you'll know the what's happening, but I add words every year into our positivity line. So we have peace and I love our ornaments so much. My brother-in-law makes them a Massachusetts. It's solid.

They're all solid pewter. Can you see how thick they are? They really don't, you know, they're very sturdy. We have multiple colors of ribbon that you can choose from. So, you know, you can coordinate, I know some people have what do you call it? You know, themed Christmas trees or a theme to room, and you want the colors to coordinate.

Pewter word ornaments -

So I do my best to offer a lot of rubbing colors. If you don't see the rubbing color you like ask, I may have, and it might just not be on our website. Our website is. Quirky in the sense that it only lets me give so many options for people, for products. So sometimes yeah, that's why you won't see as many options.

Hope is awesome. Because you can give this to someone year round it doesn't, it's not. And just like any of our ornaments, they're not really Christmas ornaments. They're just they're order like hope we have a lot, a lot of customers buying it with the pink ribbon for breast cancer, which I think is a really, really nice idea.

I mean, if you have any other ideas, I'd love to know y'all are always so amazing giving me ideas use. It's funny how. Someone will just say one thing. And that triggers like 20 other ideas and thoughts for me of things to do and things to make. And yeah. So I don't know if I should pull the camera back further so you can see the table or I don't know.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions instead of grabbing my water?

Just worried. If you say something I'm not going to be able to see, but maybe I'll just, can you see the table here? I think you can see the table from there. Oh, before I stopped before I hi, before I go back behind the table, I'm going to show you those are all the card colors. See them all back there on that wall.

That is our entire, I did a video recently and learned, cause I didn't actually know it. How many carpenters have, and we have 91 and that doesn't count the colors that are being retired so crazy. Right. So what I thought I would do is just show you why. So if you're interested how I make a collection.

Insert note cards -

It is not rocket science. I know, but there is a method to it. So I'm going to work in the nature collection, which is, oh, hell I can't reach seashell and keep walking back and forth seashell and then Misty blue. So. What would I do is, or a lot of times Vinny comes on the weekend and helps me with this too.

As the nature collection has 24 cards. So it's four colors and it's six of each color a tip for when you. Counting doing a lot of counting, which is something I do a lot of you don't count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You count in three. So I do three six and that's how I pull the cards and I'm going to hold up the seashell so you can see the first color.

This is seashell. Yeah. Seashell is a. In the ivory family and it has little flex in it, and it's a smooth texture if that's helpful. So that's the first color in the nature collection. So I'm just going make six today. And then the next color is Misty blue. We're gosh, this is a newer color. And just check this color out.

It's amazing. It is this really pale blue. And it's, it's just perfect. It looks amazing with oceans. And let's just again, say sky, you know, clod the sky, if you get that in there. So the nature collection is the first collection that I need all of my own. Let me just sign.

Nature collection -

This was just a sales call. So the nature collection is the first collection that I needed on my own. Yeah. So there's that, and again, I'm just counting out in hopefully can you, I don't know. I think you can see the table, so there's that. But if you have any questions, as you're helping on, please feel free to ask.

Don't be shy. But if you are shy, then you're welcome to always, you know, write a comment. You can send me a private message through Facebook. You can also get onto the website and type in shack. W excuse me, in the chat with us. You can type your question there. Yeah. And then I get notifications and that's that?

So then the envelopes. Oh, so what I do is I do two cards. I do have the collection. I shouldn't say two card colors. Cause we do have different quantities in the Sam. Well, my goodness, excuse me. The sampler is 30 cards, 30 different calls. But right now the nature collection is. The four colors. So I did two colors and now I put, I count up the envelopes and put the envelopes on and I just do the same thing, counting in threes, and I'm putting them in the pot on top of the cards.

I always have the envelopes, I say, all these come with the standard white envelope. You can get. The white felt the natural felt or the craft of brown as an additional option and for that's additional money as well though. So just so you know that. Yeah. So I'm just counting four and then four. So I don't lose track because I don't want to have everything.

I count, count so many times because I'm always losing track of where I am and what I'm doing, but that's, this is what, you know, I just thought it might be fun for you to see you know, me live making. I don't know, maybe it's boring. Maybe it's very boring for you, but I just thought it would be interesting for you to see how I'm just like counted out stuff and.

Yeah. So the next color that I'm going to put down is our meadow meadow. I think that's a good Patel. Let's see what God met her with it. Did it meadow. This is a really light green and it's it. Although it doesn't have flex in it, it just has this. It looks like a texture. It's not texture, but it kind of looks like a texture.

I guess that's the best way for me to describe it. And yeah, so I'm just making six collections right now. I do have Contra of the shelf, but what we do as we you know, I try to keep everything full so that when I get an order, I'm not scrambling. I hate scrambling so much. I'd rather, you know, I just like having things on the shelf.

To purchase and, you know, get it shipped it, I guess I just like getting orders out quickly. You know, we are, we're always competing with Amazon and so I just try to get orders out as quickly as possible. So there's that. And let me show you the next. It's Moonlight. Moonlight is in the white family. It does.

Now. I don't know about you, but whites lean different ways. They can leave. You know, gray, blue, yellow, you know, they, they lean different ways, which is so fascinating. Something I didn't know until I got involved with all this paper and stuff. So this is Moonlight and Moonlight does have flex in it and it leans, it has like a blue undertone if that's helpful.

And that's the fourth color for this collection. So chips, I'm just going to count out again, though. The six cards, but just do it in three. So it's just one, two or so. Yeah. And then sometimes you see that on the back and that's going into the, no, thank you. Pile. We do yeah, inspect the car is I call it QC.

And I did a video on that recently, and I shared that I'll have to share it on my on the Acela page. So you can see, I did, it was a TikTok video that I made up you're on TikTok. So there's that. And then next is the slips. Oh, let me show you the slip. So these slips show you the proper way to.


Whatever image you're putting into the cards. It shows you how to do it. The steps, the steps are important. And a lot of people don't use the rubber fingertips or the latex gloves like we suggest. And then they end up having trouble getting their image into the. You really need that. The, the rubber, the grip, you know, it just grips the picture or the art, or, you know, your quilting, your, you know, it's just so important to have something that will help grip it and slide it into the card.

So these are our little instructions, my daughter, Beni, she made a video when she was in college that we still use. Cause it's perfect. And I should have been out of college for a few years now, but. Excuse me. So if you prefer, you could scan that and watch the video on how to do it, but we do like to include the instructions in every collection.

Cause I don't ever want someone to struggle and yeah. I just want you to have a good experience. If you are a customer and you have received the instructions, if there's anything that can be improved on the instructions, I would love to know. Oh, so now I'm taking the carbo reps. I just did the two folds.

Oh, I should show you these. So if you, if you haven't seen the cardboard wrap yet, so how it's made is it's designed. I like to be as eco-friendly as possible. And I like to have the least amount of. Inventory options, I guess, extras. So the cardboard wrap was designed and see how it has these besides better.

Can you see these creases is scorelines. So how it's designed is it's designed that I can use this exact drop for one to 40 cards. Now, when it's. I have to trim it down, but up, you know, 20 and up, I don't have to do any Tremaine and I'll show you, I just, since this collection has 24 cards, I just do it on the, the closest, smallest, and then I get the cards.

I tap them. Make sure they're nice then the other good thing about this, the instructions, obviously not all. Having the instructions, but it helps just protect the back of the card. I'm a little paranoid and very I'm told a lot, very bossy. So there's that, and then the last step would be to get the twine and the tagline.

Now, the twine and the tags. Very, they're not always orange and white with a meadow butterfly. It can be a seashell, it could be blue and white. You know, we just it's whatever we have in. And a lot of times it's seasonal. So, you know, when I'm working on the sampler, for example, we should have the sampler, you know, in the winter time we might put a brown tree with green rabbit or a mitten.

And in the fall we might put a Turkey, you know, just to add some fun to it. I like making them. It's not always doing the same, same, you know, so there's that, but that's that's so that's how I make collections. And you know, a lot of times this whole, I have, you know, it's a six foot long table. A lot of times we'll make them in big batches.

And that way we won't have to continue. Be stopping to make a few IX. And like I said, it helps get the orders out quicker. Cause you, you all want your orders quickly. I know that. And so, you know, one person show us the time. Okay. It's hard. So by by making these edit, this one feels like I put too many put twice as many meadow in as I should have that phone's a little busy this afternoon.

Yeah. So there's that. And, and that's another thing that you went on. You know what I know what it feels like when it's a certain quantity. So, so that's always helpful. Another way to know if I made a mistake or not. I can tell it.

Yeah. So that's that. So if you have any questions about, you know, the cards, the collection is pretty much anything I'm here and I love answering your questions. You can also call 8 7 7 8 3 0 3 4 0 5. This poll number and. Like to six Eastern time is pretty much my hours Monday through Friday. I'm trying, you know, the weekends, you can try calling and if I'm at the warehouse, I'll answer.

But if I'm not, I am going to try to not answer the phone. It's hard. So that's it. I thank you so much for being here with me and hanging out. And if you ever want me to demonstrate something. Yeah, let me know. I hope you enjoyed watching me make collections. I didn't feel like you needed to see me tie them, but yeah.

And if, like I said anything you want to know or see stay tuned. And if you're not part of the email list, I think you should go join tomorrow's emails. Great. All right. Thank you so much for being here and I hope you have a great mystery.