Live with Lisa - Week 102

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Live with Lisa - Week 102-Plymouth Cards


Hey there. How are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards and I thought I do something slightly different today. And instead of just talking about the special or special product product, I thought it would be fun to show you all the creative ways that you can use our cards. I know a lot of times people think that our cards are only for photographs and I have.

We'll get all those ideas. So let me start by you know, I'll share them and yeah, so of course the first idea is a photograph. You know, everyone can use them with a photograph. Oh, it probably should show you that our cards can be used with horizontal or vertical cards. Photographs I'm using the wrong word.

And yeah, so that's, you know, the, the company was founded to be a photo insert note card company, but man, we have some really creative customers. As well as me who I'm just kidding, but I have come up with some other really fun and creative ways that you can use the card. So I thought this would help spur some thought on you.

And if you have another idea that I don't show today, please, please put it in the messages, comments, let me know because I have a bunch more that aren't even part of today. Live, I just haven't put them together. So I want to show you all that, but. Yeah. So while I get this going, I'd love to, for you to say hi, let me know where you're watching from I'm here.

And I'm Lisa in case, I don't think I said that yet. In case you don't know me. I'm Lisa. Hi, I am the owner here at Plymouth car. And I'm in plant city, Florida. So that's where I am. So yeah. Feel free to say hi, let me know where you're watching from. If you want to throw your ideas out while I'm showing ideas, or if you have other suggestions, we'd make things better.

Let me know. I love getting your feedback. Yeah, so. What I'm doing is I'm going to show you different ways that you can use the cards that aren't a photograph. You might even have some of these things in your house right now. And you'll be like, oh my gosh, that's amazing. So one of the things is paper twiddling, quilling paper calling my daughter has taken up this hobby and she sent me this card.

So that's a way that you can use the cars. And do you have a collection of those VHS tapes that you know, you're going to probably dispose of, eventually the tapes are not going to be, you know, they're going to deteriorate over time. So if you're getting rid of them, you're not reselling them. I'm not saying that, you know, you could cut up couple of.

And frame those, these would be fabulous in a, a child's playroom. You could also use these as a greeting card. So if you have a little one in your life, who's obsessed with the little mermaid, this would be the best birthday card that you could send them. Right. Look at that. And that is just. This is just the artwork from that dust jacket.

That was the VHS tape artwork. So how smart is not smart? How, I mean, only the smart, because you know, of course I found him him, but I just think it's such a cool use instead of just throwing it away is what I was kind of thinking. So there's that you could do that with a VHS tape. And are you across state?

Let's check out that you can put it in cross stitching and oh, I don't have it here anymore, but anyway, it's gone. You can, all our cards I'll show you in a minute. They all fit frames. So most, I should say they fit most five by seven frames. There's every once in a while, that one that they don't work with.

But yeah, that's, that's that story. Okay. So this is a postcard. But look at it. It's actually an interactive postcard where they can cut out the little candles and make their own cake. So you could use paper dolls anything that's four by six. So you have a big sheet of paper doll. You can actually take that, scan it in shrink.

It's a four by six and then they could play with it, you know, put it in a car. How fun is this for the. The preteen. I think they would love something like this. Cause then they can cut it up and make their own little birthday cake and put the candle on it. Let's see. Another way to use the cards is artwork.

This is some artwork that some of my customers have sent me. I love, like I said before, I love our customers. They're just so kind and generous to me and I so appreciated. So this is Kathleen. She does want a color. Isn't that gorgeous? So she sent me this one and then Mrs. Hamlin, who will forever be Mrs.

Hamlin because I've known her when I was young enough to be calling her Mrs. Handler. So she's forever, you know, I will never call her by her first name. I just feel like, you know, there's those people in your life that as a child or a young adult, you, you give them. Respect too, because you feel like, yeah.

And so she will free up her forever being as Hanlon. And I love her. And so this is some of her artwork that she puts in the cards and, and what she does is Kathleen now sends original art. To her. I think she had pains them, but Mrs. Hanlan, she, she does it once. And then she has it reprinted on some gorgeous cardstock and makes, has it printed size four by six.

So that then she can, you know, she doesn't have to repaint this barn 20 times for the holidays. She can, she just does a really, really nice printing process. She works with a great printer that does that for her. So that's another way that you can use the. Oh, my gosh, I haven't even put a small dent in this pile.

I thought this was going to be a quick live, but look at this sheet music. Do you have some sheet music that you love? You can scan it and then shrink it down to four by six and put it in a card. You know, the music lover would love this. If you have a music room in your house, how cool would this be?

As if, if you scan and shrink down all their favorite means. You know, we have so many different colors, so that would be an amazing way to use the guards. And please, like, if you're just joining now please feel free to comment your ideas because I'm sure you have better. Some really great ideas too.

So I'd love to do so this is meaningful. Looking at that. So instead of throwing away all those little scraps of paper, you can make, I'm not scraps of paper, scraps of fabric. You can put them all together and make a little mini quilts and then use that as a card and frame. And I love all our cards are blank sides so that you can use it however you want.

So this was Oh, my gosh, I'm drawing a blank on her first name because all I know her by is her tick-tock handle quilting, Nana, so quilting them and did this. So I can't believe, I can't remember her first name, but that, that happens now. You know, I'm human. So quilts, I love this next idea. You can take.

So I found these vintage seed packs from the 1920s, look at the amazing condition isn't, but I didn't want to destroy this. So what I did is I scanned it in and I actually blew it up because of a little bit smaller than four by six. Do you see that? And what I did is I printed it out and now I can make a set of these and I just love how it came from.

This will be great for an entryway in your home, or if you have a a gardening area that you want to decorate, you know, I just love him. Great. He, these could just be greeting cards for that gardener in your life. How fun would that be? Cause they are, like I said, blank and so. So that's another idea. Oh my gosh.

Okay. So do you have a bunch of cassette tapes at your house? And you're not like, kind of like the VHS tapes that I showed a few minutes ago. If you have those cassette tapes and you know, the who even has, I don't know, maybe I have a cassette player at home. I think we have one of those all-in-one machines, but you don't know what to do with the artwork.

Look, get this, you can take it out of the cassette, you know, to get out of that plastic. I mounted it on a pay piece of M cardstock, but you could leave the background gray. I just thought it looked a little bit nicer by putting the in different colors so that the card looks more like a frame. And then that way you can yeah.

Frame it sent it as a cards. And so if you have someone that is you know, someone who liked Divo back in the day, you could send something like that to them. I think that's so. Just, and then they can frame it and have that on their wall. You know, it's so fun. It's just like things that you just. You know, I think when I was first looking at these cars, that's when we were moving here to Florida, I'm like, I'm never going to listen to these cassettes again.

I just know it. So, but then I thought, oh, I could probably do something with these, with the artwork. So I kept all the artwork disposed of. Cassette tapes. And now I'm making art out of them in cards so that I can send them to people to let's see more ideas on how to use the cards. If you're just joining now, that's what I'm chatting about.

You know, everyone thinks that the cards are just for photographs and they aren't there. They're like there's a plethora of ideas ways to use the cards. So another way would be does. Covers a paperback box. If you have something that you love or interest, you know, I would have loved to have found a, gone with the wind.

That was my, one of my favorite movies growing up as a kid. And if I shouldn't watch it, I haven't watched it a while. But you know, if there's a book that someone loves, you could find a at a used bookstore, you could find a copy, take the cover off the book and then frame it, make a card. Like how special would that be for that?

And then you just write your own personal message inside, but yeah. And see, they, I love that the cards, you know, they just slip in and out. Obviously it's better to use rubber fingertips and be on a flat surface instead of doing it in the air. But, but that's another way to use the cards. All right.

Moving on. I have an obsession with maps. I love them. I just think they're so interesting. I love all the colors and the, yeah. So you could take a portion of a map from, you know, the city you're from or a city. You have a fond memory of, or if you have someone that you're sending a card to, you could take the city that they're from imprint it and make So there's that.

But again, I'd love to know if you have any other ideas as the spring, any, you know, thoughts that you, you know, have you come up with another idea? I'd love to know. This one I've already put in a frame and it's an old newspaper ad. So I found this in a life magazine from 1938 and it fits perfectly into a card.

I thought it looked really cool with the vintage glare card with the fo photo corners. So how cool is that? All right. I'm still going to just over halfway done. I think it's amazing how many ideas I've come up with on ways to use the car. So anything that's four inches by six inches will fit into this.

Looking at this a lottery ticket. So instead of shoving a lottery ticket inside the car, you can put it on the front. The Cal fund is that, and then you can just write them a message inside. They can scratch it and, you know, yeah. I thought that was another fun idea. A fun way to give a card a lottery ticket.

All right, this is done by Pam bliss. She's also a tick-tock friend and these are many postcards that she makes and look at how adorable these little fabric fabric stamps are, but that's it like she's putting them in our cards and sending them to people and reselling them to. So if you are looking to start a business or something like this is I create idea all like so many of these ideas you could Use to generate your own income.

Excuse me, you know, start it start a shop on Etsy or start your own website or, yeah, I think that's great. So this is a fabric. I love this idea. So I took sewing patterns like looking at adorable. That is. This will be great for a nursery. So what I did is I scanned this end. I have a high, you know, a scanner, a really nice scanner, and then I printed it, shrunk it down.

I made a card and I just think that these would look adore. I have three, two others, I believe. But I think this would look so cute in a nursery on a wall. Especially if the person who's having the baby is a sower quilter, you know, does, or, you know, you could use this as the congratulations on your, you know, the birth of the baby or shower.

You know, I just think it's adorable. Postcards, did you know that most postcards are poor by six and they can just fit right into the car and may just slide right out. So you could actually send a postcard to somebody. And if they don't want to frame the card afterwards, they could slide the postcard out and then send it to somebody.

So that's another fun way. Hopefully you're enjoying this as much as I am. I love all these ideas. I've come up with on ways to use the cards. This was a little I'm playing deck of cards with the alphabet. And again, I scan this one in and this one I actually had to enlarge instead of. But this would also be great for a playroom.

You don't get the whole alphabet, put them all, all along the wall and be so far or a nursery school. Preschool could do that too. You know? So there's that and patents, I love that. And this is so cool. Okay. You're in good. You can put a pattern right on the card or print it out and really cool thing about our past.

As we print it with a postcard on the back. Just a little fun little thing. But you don't have to use it as a postcard, but I just love patents. So if the person in your family or a friend network is a pat, you know, loves vintage things you could send them a patent. You know, we, I couldn't even believe it.

There's a patent for the graduation. The border board, there's a patent. So I made that and we actually sell those people, buy those for graduation cards and there's the nurses pen and there's totally the paper you name it. There's a patent for it. And we can get the patent and make you the card. But I just wanted to show you ways that you can use the cards if you so choose.

Okay, this one's really fun. If you have a wordsmith in your life. You could take a page from one of those pocket dictionaries, the person that gave me this paper actually died at a color, but you know, you could just take a page with some of, from a dictionary and make a card and again, write your own message inside.

How fun is that? I think that's so cool. Oh, this is new. My customer ileus, I'm sorry. And what she does, this is phenomenal, but I'm telling you I have the most creative, brilliant customers ever. And what she does is she takes pop. She takes a dog dog's paw prints and. Stamps at puts a little paint on and she said, it's very safe.

She's tested at, you know, and puts the paw prints on the paper. So this is three of the same dog's paw print, and then she makes them into flowers and whose, I don't know. It's just so amazing. Like, look at that. Cause another one that she's sent me. And sometimes people do this. She says they call her to come do this when the dog.

You know, at the end of its life and what, you know, instead of having one of those plaster, you know, footprint things, you know, people like this because then they can hang it and frame it on the wall. But I just thought this was such a cool, another cool idea of how to use the cards. And yes. So she, she can sell these and.

It's so great. There's just so many ways to use the cards and I just love it. So this is my newest idea that I've got together. Not do you have those all paper books? I don't know. I remember my mom and dad, like glee. Paint wallpaper store is called factory paint. It's still there and they had all these wallpaper books and you get to look through them and I get old.

So you can take some wallpaper scrap. You know, if you have a vintage wallpaper that you love, that has such a great memory, you could make it into a car. Right. Then you can have a little piece of it in your home, or look at that, you know, I've also, can you see that? Hopefully the glare is into that, but this is also a piece of wallpaper and how cool.

I keep saying, how cool is that? But it's so cool. But I think that this is another really fabulously to use the cards. And I just think, you know, I love using the cars, photographs don't get me wrong, but I know some people aren't secure in their photography. So I just thought it would really, you know, great to show people other ways to use the card.

So I think today I just showed you another dozen. Ooh. And here's one more way that I didn't even show you that is. You can take a gift card. And although it's a little bit small, what I have is these glue dots they're made in the U S don't you worry. And what I do is I take one of the glue dots around this like little piece of paper, you know, those, and they're like the ones that you, when you get a new credit card in the mail there.

Those little dots, you know, you peel it off and that's, that's what these are. They're just in a a doc form. And then I just put one right here. I don't know if you can see it, then I line it up on the card and. And I think that's a really fun way to wrap a gift card then you don't have to think about what's put in the front, you put the gift card and then inside you could write the special message.

So let me know what you think of all these ideas. I can recap real quick. I'll go through them, but if you do, I would love to, if you have anything else, let me know, like the dog park. Amazing. And if you use our cards, let me know what you're using them for. It makes me so happy to know what our customers are using them for.

So dictionary that it's just, and that's what I have for today. You know, like I said, I just wanted to show you all these fun ways to use the cards that doesn't involve a photograph. You know, just for photos and you've got them just in case you're late. Just joining now. I'll just recap them all real quick.

It's just so fun. And I enjoy coming up with ideas of new and fun ways to use the Collins. I don't know, always seeing things. My husband came up with an idea last night where we were on a walk. I'm like, oh my gosh, I can't wait to make that happen. But yeah. So. It's a cool, I keep saying that it's a really unique way to repurpose things, too.

So if you have those old maps at your house or magazines or the VHS tape covers anything like that, just don't don't think, oh, that's trash. You can make art into all that stuff. So, so that's what I enjoy about the cards. And I hope you do too. And if you have any questions ever, you can You can send me a message here through Facebook.

You can comment on this poll, any of the posts or videos. I do check Facebook, you know, at least once a day. And then you can always call 8 7 7 8 3 0 3 4 0 5. You know, I'll answer the phone. If I can't answer the phone, just leave a message. We do only have that one phone line to save a cost.

And so we've got that. And what else can you do? You can always email too, but chat with us on our website is the quickest way to get in touch with. So, anyway, I so appreciate you watching and being here with me today. And yeah, if you ever have any ideas, please send them my way. Thanks so much. Bye.