Live with Lisa - Week 101

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Live with Lisa - Week 101-Plymouth Cards


Positivity tree -

Positive Tree notepad and journal -

Clarence 2021 and 2020 -

Hi, how are you today? Welcome. Welcome. I am Lisa here at Plymouth cards and I am just here to talk about, oh my gosh, I need your help. So much on our new Clarence 20, 22 argument, I've so many ideas. So I'm going to show you some pictures about that. You know, I definitely want to get your feedback on that and yeah, I hope everything's going well, you know, it's Wednesday the middle of the week.

Everything's going wonderful here. And yeah. So in addition to Clarence 20, 22, I wanted to make sure that you've seen our brand new positivity ornament. And I'm losing my train of thought, which is the usual that's that maybe you saw my, my silly tic talk video that I posted on. Page on our Facebook page.

But if you here watching live, say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I always, you know, loved to see that I am Lisa and I am here in plant city, Florida. That's where the business now is. And believe it or not, we're celebrating our 60th anniversary this month of the business. So if you are. On our email list.

Good for you. Cause you're going to get a special email tomorrow morning. If you aren't on our email list, I suggest you run over to our website right now and get on it. So you can get that special email too. It's only for email subscribers, so there's that. But I can't believe it, you know, 16 years is a long time.

I've been the owner for just over seven. Before that I was the book. Which is kind of our fun little story, you know, bookkeeper buys a company, our family does. So there's that. And yeah, if you have ever have any questions about the story of the company, the history, like feel free to ask. I'm pretty much an open book.

Yeah. So Clarence 20, 22. Oh, my gosh, I had so many ideas and thoughts about it. And so we've come up with our theme because we feel like the year 20, 22, we're finally starting to be able to travel again. So we thought Clarence is going to go on a trip. So that's kind of where I'm going with this. So I'm going to show you three different designs.

They're not in any particular order. And if you. I would comment or, you know, comment live if you want, if you're watching this not live comment to any, you know, comment as well, I'd love to know which version you like best. So I'm just gonna show them to you. And again, like I said, they're in no particular order, so, oh, all right.

So here's number one. He has an old time suitcase, 2022 on his scarf. And he's holding his cell phone because. Everyone seems to be holding their soul. So there's that. And oh, I should add that we can mix and match. So if you like, you know, the scarf on this one and the suitcase on a different one, or you don't want a phone, you want something else.

Throw those ideas out. This is the time we have to make a decision by the end of this month of what we're going to do. So it is a process. So that's why, you know, you're probably thinking Christmas is so many months away. It is, but it isn't in the world of product. So, so there's option number one, let me know what you think.

And again, we can make some match parts. So this is option two. So if you like the camera or the Rollie, this is a Rollie bag instead of the sort of the traditional suitcase, the old style. So roller bag, he's got his peace symbol because he's all about happiness and positivity. So there's that one. And okay.

Let me know then option number three. Wait, did I guess I just was going to show you option two again, option three. Here's a backpack on 2022 on his scarf and this time he's holding his passport. So what do y'all think? Do you have a favorite? Do you have a favorite part? Something I should be working on?

I've already gotten some great feedback on Tik TOK NOLA. So that's been really great and I've gotten a few emails from people and so. There's that. So I am really excited with how this is shaping up. It takes a while to come up. You know, we talk about this as soon as the years over, like, okay, what's the next year's Clarence going to be?

You know? So we got that, you know, working, working Matt. And so I'll show you real quick, the designs again, in case you're just jumping on now. That's option one, option two. And option three and feel free to mix and match parts, however you think. But do you have another idea of something else that he should be holding or carrying for the year of travel?

Please? Don't hesitate to tell me just don't be mean. That's all I ask. So the positivity ornament is amazing. We're getting them in and another couple of weeks. And just in case you didn't see the live I did the other day, I thought I would just share it with you real. There's one difference. The back will say positivity tree up here.

The sample does not have that. That idea came later. Thank you, Karen. See, we do listen to our customers and friends. So well all our customers become friends, so that's, that's really fun too. So that's the positivity tree ornament. If you have any questions, you want me to hold it in a different way, do something.

Let me know. I'm happy to do that. We do have a notepad that coordinates with that, so that's really cool for her. Okay. It's 50 sheets and the different pages, alternate with little branches that have the different positivity words that are on the tree branches. They're all nestled in there. And if you can see them all on.

Quite honestly, I can't read any of the words at this moment. I could probably can put on my glasses and tell you I'm here. Like family says thankful family blessed, faith peace. So they're all the believe. Read this over here. Joy is up here. So they're all throughout the brand. And so that's really cool.

I love that. And yeah, so we got that going and just so you can see all the words in the tree as well and see them all in, through the branches. It is seriously. And I'm not just saying this because, you know, I came up with this design, but this is my favorite ornament so far that we've. I'll have to say so far, because I can't see in the future.

And I have no idea. What I do is I'll look at my hair what ideas I'll come up with in the future. But, but as of right now, if you asked me what my favorite ornament is, this. It's just perfect. So I wanted to show you that again, in case you missed the live on Friday, when I showed it live and we also have the notebook journal, which is similar to the notepad, but it has lines and it does the branches rotate every three pages with one of the positivity words and some are up at the top top left and others are on the bottom.

Right. So there's that. So there's

Thinking thinking I was going to say something out loud. I'm not thinking a lot. I'm thinking in my head, it's 70 sheets, so it's 140 pages. That's how they do it in the notebook world. Each side counts as a page, so, or sheet. So Blake on the back. Perfect for the lefty in your life, because the binding is at the top and not on the side.

And it's a really, really fabulous 70 pound paperweight. And it matches perfectly this paper. If you were going to get some of our cards, this is the same paper as our seashell card. Oh, let me go grab one so you can see what what I'm going to ask it's right here. Perfect. It's because this is a thicker card stock.

It might be a little bit different, but you know, this is the seashell card and we picked the seashell paper to go with it. I really like it. It has little flux in it. It is recycled paper. So there's the notebook journal and, you know, Please, please, please let me know what you think about Clarence 20, 22.

Do you have any other ideas for ornaments for 2022? I'm all ears. Oh, and then I wanted to mention that we are also working. It never ends. We're always working on the next thing here. The class of 2020. Three people have actually been asking me for it. So I want to get some feedback on that. If you have a minute to throw that answer in the comments too.

So here's the class of 2021. It has the mask wifi signal and hand sanitizer. As the zero and the one and then 2022 has the wifi signal for incentive the zero. And it says a part of history. So we're thinking of doing the same one for 20, 23 and just obviously making it a three instead of a two keeping the wifi signal a part of history.

But just didn't know if he thought that was a good idea or bad idea. So, you know, your feedback. Is always so appreciated. I just, you know, yeah. Everyone's just been so good to us and you're always, so kind about giving me great feedback about what you want and, you know, I want to make you all happy.

So just let me know. So that's 20, 22. So I'm just wondering, should I keep the three and just swap out the, make it a three and then keep everything else the same? Or should we do something slightly? I personally really liked this ornament. I love the style of it. I think it's really classy and I love that we have so many different colors of ribbon, but I'm just not sure when everyone else thinks, so, oh, well, it's not.

Let me show you the 20 22 1 but 2021 is on sale right now. 2022 is the huts. So that's that. That's what I have today. I didn't want to keep you too, too long. I, you know, like I've been saying, I appreciate you being here watching, supporting me all this time. It's been so fun. I can't believe that this is the hundred and first episode of week of me going live.

I go live every week. I think I've, might've been. One week, but you know yeah, that's that. And next month we do have our annual family vacation coming up. So I will be announcing those dates. So you can make sure to get your orders in before if you really need something. And if you don't, then that's fine.

It'll just ship when we get back. So I'll announce those dates soon. I just want to make sure everything's a hundred percent set with that. Yeah. So I hope you have a great rest of your day. I appreciate you being here with me. If you ever need to reach me, you can go to the Facebook messages and send me a message there.

You can comment on any posts. I see them. I do get notifications for most of the posts. And you could also, where else can you find me? Oh, you can call me at eight seven seven eight three zero. 3 4 0 5, if you want constant entertainment and you want to get a giggle, you can see me over on Tik talk.

It's at Plymouth and we're also mine, I guess, even Instagram too. I don't post that very often. It's more Facebook and tick-tock where I have been posting a lot. So there's that. All right. I hope you have a great day. Thanks so much.