Class of 2023 ornaments - Live with Lisa Week 120

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Class of 2023 ornaments - Live with Lisa Week 120-Plymouth Cards

 Hey there. How are you today? I am Lisa here at Plymouth Cards. In case you don't know, you haven't met me before. Here I am. And, , yeah, I've got some great things to show you today, and I just wanted to, for anyone that, , Messaged me, wrote me, called me, , chatted with me any of the above and more, about the hurricane last week.

I just thank you so much for all your, you know, love, care, support. It just means. so much to me, I can't even put it into words, so thank you. We are fine. You know, we lost power for a few days, almost three days, at the house, which is, it's fine, you know? , I look at it like, yeah, sure. We had to get, we don't have a generator.

We felt like it wasn't worth it. And , so yeah, we had to throw away everything in the fridge, but honestly, , the fridge needed, needed to get cleaned anyway, and some of the things in there were, you know, suspect to begin with. So it was a good thing. Like I opened my fridge and I'm like, Oh, it's so clean and organized and I love it.

So I'm just trying to look at the, you know, in the whole scheme of life, like, we still have our house, we are all okay. So, , I'm fine with having. Remove things from our fridge. So yeah, so let me know where you are watching from. Say hi, if you're here, live with me and if you're not here, live with me.

Still say hi, cuz you know, I check this every day. , at least once a day I check and say hi to everyone and respond to messages. So, , yeah, so I love you being here. So thank you. Thank you. So today I wanted to show you. , Alan just finished our Class of 2023 grad cap ornaments, and I know you're like, Oh my gosh, it's only October.

Hi. Oh my gosh. Wait, I do Garcia. Hopefully I said that right. Do Garcia. I think that, I'm not sure, please, if I said it wrong, I apologize. , hi. We, I'm, I'm in, I should tell people where I am. I am in Plant City, Florida, which is just about halfway between Tampa and Orlando. Let me know where you're watching from.

What's it like there today? It's, , mid eighties and hot , which is okay. I, I don't. That I prefer that to cold any day of the week, so I'm happy with that. But I, I know everyone up north where we're from. It's, it's getting chilly. It's in the fifties, so sorry. , you know, we're the company in case you're new here, the company, , started in Plymouth, Massachusetts, hence the name.

But, , a few years ago we decided we were sick of winter and, , we moved here to. Sunny Florida . So that's that. , let's see, what else was I gonna say? Oh, I, I was gonna start showing you about the class of 2023. Oh, I, that's what I was saying. I know it's only October, but honestly, Oh, you're in Indiana and it's cool there.

Well, sorry. Hopefully you, you like fall . , . Yeah. I am just not a fan. Like I, I think fall is lovely in spring, but winter in the snow, I just cannot, cannot. I just, you know, just didn't like it. And my husband traveled, so one winter we got a storm. He left, , every week on Sunday afternoon for this job that he was.

he's a consultant and every Sunday afternoon he left in every Monday for I think six weeks in a row. We got a, a blizzard, a like a crazy storm. We ended up with over nine feet of snow that winter and I was like, I can't do this. I hate it. So , So here we are. Once everyone finished high school, we moved. So.

I don't know if that's, if you wanted to know my story, but there it is. So the class of 2023 ornaments are here. I know it's October, but I honestly, I get a lot of requests starting in the summer when everyone realizes their, who's graduating, either their grandchildren or their children. I start getting a lot of requests.

One is the, the new ornament coming. So the class of 2023 is here. It says on the website that it's a pre-order and it's shipping next week. But actually , anyone that orders it, Any, all the pre-orders will be shipped on Friday. I just need time to ribbon them all. So we have over, , 10 colors of ribbon so that you can make your school combination.

So if you are blue and gold, this was my high school colors, but if you are blue and white, you get the choice. You can make it a white ribbon. And, , this is the colors where my, my kids went to school. Their school was green and white at their high school. So, , they are, over and ounce, , of pu solid pewter.

What else was I gonna tell you? Yes. So look, there's literally no way, like, maybe if you're the strongest man in the world, you can bend that, but I'm not having any luck and I'm applying a lot of pressure. I, if you can see, my thumbs are turning red and there's nothing happening. Just so you can see, the waterman and it's about an eighth of an inch thick.

So, Over now, it won't make your branches sag, but it's sturdy. It will last forever. Your graduate will have this for the rest of their life, assuming they don't lose it, which I know sometimes they do. But, , and let's see, here's black. and I love just all the different ribbon options so that we can do that.

You know, , I know some schools are teal. I have teal ribbon, I've searched tie and low and I should mention that all the ornaments are made by my brother-in-law up in Massachusetts. And, , all my pewter ornaments, I should say. And what else looks, the ribbon I search for and I find made in the US a ribbon.

So I try to make everything made here. So that's black. Let's see, here's purple. And so I've just, I've made all the popular colors that we've had. If you have, oh, this is another question I get. If you have a graduate from 2022 or 2021 and you didn't ever get them one, cuz you're just finding me, that's great.

I still have 2022 and 2021 ornaments available as well. So it says, Oh, the the zero is a wifi. I feel like this is the last year that you know, that these kids were in high school when Covid, the whole thing happened. So I feel like they're, you know, still a part of the history. And so the wifi symbol and then hashtag a part of history.

So there's that. And what other color? Oh, Crimson. I should show you that one. So, So those are the six colors for this year. And then cards, cuz you know, I know we're more than just a card, but I wanna show you some cool cards that would go well with that ornament. If you search a, I love this one. It is a patent of a grad cap.

Like how cool is that? Did you even know that that was a patented item cuz I sure didn't. And so you can pick your card color. . And so you could pick their school colors in that too. Like this one. Hounds teeth. My son went to the University of Alabama, so we have hounds teeth for that rule tied. , You can also get a Citi map, which is you tell me the city and state that they're graduating from, and I find it on our maps.

I have maps from the 1950s to current, and I find the city on the map and then I scan it, print it out for you, and then you get this great custom card. So there's that. If you ever have any questions while I'm talking, feel free to put it in the comments. And even if I'm not live, I will respond to your. I promise.

I promise. , okay, so there's that. And what I wanted to show you one more thing, and I'm gonna go grab it. So sorry, let me just hold on one moment.

Sorry. Sorry.

It's my weekly. I forgot to bring this with me . So thank you for, for bearing with me. I wanted to show you too, the cards fit into frame into a five by seven frame. So therefore, if, if you get like one of these fit cards, like the city map, then they can put it in a frame and keep it too. ., just so you get an idea, I love this feature about the cards is that, that they fit into the frames, you know, cuz a lot of cards, people get, you know, I'm, I keep cards , but, but a lot of people get a card and then they just, and after a little bit they throw it away.

But this way they'll keep it cuz they're gonna put it in a picture frame and there's that. So Halloween. Is coming. And so I wanted to show you the Halloween cards that I have. They are the ones I'm gonna show you are all in plastic, because here in the showroom, I keep them, , in the plastic sleeves that do have recycled content in them.

We do sell them here. That's the only plastic I have on the whole place. But, , what happens is woods, when people touch them, they get dirty and then I have to throw them away. So I put them in the plastic. So here's, , here's some Halloween cards and. . People love getting cards, so you could buy them for your, your kit.

You know what, I think I'm gonna have to take 'em out of the plastic so that there isn't a glare. So I don't know what's gonna be worse hearing me take it out, but we'll, we'll, we'll work with it. So this one, this is my best selling Halloween card and all the cards come with envelopes, I should say that.

So there's that one. Just, I don't know. I don't know if it's better or worse. If you're here live, let me know if it's better for me to just show it with the glare or if that's annoying hearing me take it off. Here's an, so they're all, , they're blank inside for you to write your own custom messages.

Maybe I'll just do this and fight with the glare so you don't have to. I feel like it's more distracting hearing me take it out of the, the plastic than for you to. So, um if you're on our email list or if you're not on the email list, you should join. I send out a weekly email letting people know about special products, new products.

There's offers sometimes not every week, but , yeah, and then also you could get on our mail mailing list and once or twice a year I send out something. , but these are all our cards. All our cards are made from with recycled paper. And, , I don't know, what do you think of all these Halloween cards? I love them.

I just, I love the vintage of it or the Yeah, these are not actual, these are reproduced, , they're vintage postcards that I've found through the years and, , they're able to be reproduced. So I do that. Oh, do you know what I should show you? is if you pull out the, I forgot to show this. If you pull it out, say they decide they don't wanna keep the card, but they like the picture, check it out.

They could send it to someone else. It's a postcard right on the back. Isn't that fun? It's like a little hidden secret. You know, like when you go to Disney, there's those hidden Mickeys that's, that's our hidden Mickey , that's our equivalent of a hidden Mickey. So here's another one. But what I will do is once I get off live, because you can't do the shopping thing that you used to be able to do, I will put a link to these items, in the, in the comments.

I'll put it down there so that you can see what I, I am showing. Okay. And again, if you have any questions, feel free. Ask or put it in the comment, you know, we'll put it in the comments. Oh, the other way to get in touch with me is go to the website. There's a chat with us feature. It'll pop up on the bottom right hand side somewhere.

It'll pop up. Chat with us and you can, you know, ask me questions and I will answer. You can always call me too if you ever have a question. 8 7 7 8 3 0 3 4 0 5. I do answer the. If I don't answer it just means I'm on the phone or helping, you know, doing something that I can't answer the phone. We, we do only have the one phone line, so yeah, just leave a message and I always get back to people unless you yell at me, then I'm not gonna make

I'm just kidding. yeah, so there's that, but that's what I, you know, I, I have, Oh, so just a, here's the 2023 ornament in case you're just joining, and I do still have. The 2021 as well as 2022, and then, oh, you can pick the ribbon, you know? Oh, I know I mentioned earlier the teal. Here's the teal ribbon, so you can see that one, but that's the 2021.

So I do have all years available. So you know, if you just found me now and you feel bad that you're one of your other graduates, didn't get one of the ornaments, I have them. You can get them. So that's great. And that's what I have this week. I am just working on getting things ready for quarter four.

This is, this is it, you know, getting everyone's cards organized. I am shocked that at how many Christmas card orders I've already received. It's ama it's overwhelming. There's been, not in a, not in a bad way, in a good way, but just like, sh I guess overwhelming isn't the right word, actually. It's surprising.

That's the better word is. Yeah. It's just really surprising how many orders we've received for Christmas cards. , usually they, I don't get the orders until, you know, mid end of October. So to have so many orders in September was. Sh surprising in a good way. It's been great. If you have any questions, , yeah, let me know.

Otherwise, , watch your mail. You'll be getting something in a couple weeks from me and that's what I've got. So I so appreciate you being here. And yeah, reach out whenever you have a question. I am here to help. Thank you.