Holiday Samplers and Paper Packs - Live with Lisa, Week 123

October 26, 2022 0 Comments

Holiday Samplers and Paper Packs - Live with Lisa, Week 123-Plymouth Cards


Hey everyone. How are you today? I'm Lisa here at Plymouth Cards and. Happy Wednesday. , I wanted to just pop in and talk about a few quick things to show you some the Holiday Baker's dozen set and also some paper packs that people have been asking me for. So I thought I would share that with you.

Hope everything's going well where you are. It's, I know it's starting to be colder up north. I'm sorry about that. . I'm here in Plant City, Florida. Say hi when you're watching and let me know where you're from where you're watching from today or in the future. So yeah, things have been going really great here.

I finally got my act together with the Holiday Card Baker's Dozen, and it was in the email the other day that I sent out, but I thought I would just show you up, close all the different cards so that you could see what was in the Baker's Dozen holiday sampler set. I just think it's a fun way to get to try all the different cards if you are not sure which one you want, or if you like to send different cards to different people, you know, based on your art photography crafts.

You know, I think it's a fun way to use them as well. Not you don't have to use the same card for every person, and I know I get into that. I usually use the same card. I don't know about you. Let me know what you do. Do you use the same card for all your Christmas holiday cards, or do you use D. I can admit that I've been using pretty much, I use the same one every year.

Not, not, it's not the same design every year, but it's the same for that year. Gets a card. So, yeah. So the holiday sampler set is, is like I said, just a way that you can get to try. Different cards and C, so it's a baker's dozen, which means there's 13 cards. I was talking to my son earlier and he didn't know what a baker's dozen was.

So , that was funny how like you, you different things. People don't know if they've never been exposed to it, so I. Here is the holiday sampler set. So there's 10 cards that are in every set, and then there's three cards that you get to pick. So I'll show you all that as we get, make it probably make more sense.

But here's Rustic Holiday is in it and let me show that up close. Hopefully you can, I'm gonna show it just all the cards just are blank. And they have something on the inside flap, but you could write on that too if you so chose. So that's what all the cards are like. So that is the rustic holiday, follow, blah, blah, blah.

And it has all kinds of fun little sayings throughout the card. and just something so that if you don't want the traditional red and green, it's just a fun colors that you can use instead. So there's that one. And so these are all in the holiday. Sampler Baker's doesn't set Mary and bright. And if you have any questions while I'm showing it or if you're not watching live, if you have any questions, just pop 'em in the comments and I promise I will answer.

Peace, hope, joy. And you know, if you have a favorite one, I'd love to know. Here's Candy Cane. We also call it red and white stripe because a lot of people use this for 4th of July. So it was just easier to write red and white stripe too. As a search on our website. Gingerbread Men is back in stock.

So adorable. This one sold it out last year. Let's see, This is a brand new design jingle, Bell carolers, and it, it's some verse of Jingle bells is on there, some of the little sheet music. So just like that, just Nordic sweater is another new design this year. . So we had feedback that we didn't have enough red in white cards, so we wanted to you know, I added a few of those.

Here's it's a wonderful life. Not, not, it's a wonderful life. It's the most wonderful time of the year with a red truck . So there's that one. And then, Santa Sleigh. Now all the cards, every single one of our cards are designed to hold either a vertical or a horizontal photo. The pattern works in either orientation.

They're designed that way so you don't have to decide in advance, and they are all. Except we're noted, they're blank inside. There's just a few and none of the ones that I've showed you have any writing inside. Those are all blank now. So there's it. So you get those 10 are definite in every pack, but then you get to pick so of the next option.

So choice number one, I'll call it card number one. You get to pick either buffalo plaid, white buffalo plaid. For Christmas dots. So that's choice number one. You pick one of those three cards and choice number two is, let's see, Snowflakes snowman. Fun. This is Claire Clarence is in here with all his friends.

And then you can, okay, there's the cat, cat fund or dog bone fund, feline fund, or dog bone fund. So that's choice number two. You get to pick one of those for your baker's dozen. And if you choose to buy more than one holiday sampler, you don't have to make it the same. You just have to go through the cart system again, if that makes sense.

And then there. This is choice number three. We have Merry Christmas. W we realized at the beginning of this year that we didn't have a single card that said Merry Christmas. So we've added that. We've rectified that. So that says Merry Christmas. So you could choose that. You could choose, oh, Holy Night, or you could choose Tropical Christmas.

I love this one. So I'm gonna just place in order for this one last night. And they live in Hawaii, so that was really fun. So we've got that. So those are the. So, yeah, so anyway, so you get these 10 in every set and then you get to pick one from each of these three sets. Hopefully that's not too confusing.

I think when you get to the page it's, I think it's easy to understand it at that point cuz there's little pull down menus and you get to pick which ones you like. So there's that. So those, that's the holiday sampler. I just thought it would be fun to show. Up close what they look like. Now, the other thing that people have been asking me for is, you know, they love our card stock, they love our colors.

They can't find them anywhere. So I've been asked more than once a fair amount about the the paper. Could they buy it? So, you know, small sets. I have come up, put on the website and I've made sure all our colors are there. It's called paper packs, and these are the window punch outs of the cards. So that's what size they are.

So they're about, Not about, they're, they're three in nine sixteens by seven in nine sixteens. See how it, it's this right here, so you wouldn't be able to print on this and then put it in the card. But these are paper packs, so you get, you'll be able to get 24, set of 24 of whatever color you choose for $2 and 49 cents.

That's the price right now. I wanted to do like a nice introductory price. And so you can use these for so many things and I will show you some of the things, but before I do that, I, I did wanna be some of them, because of the way they get cut, they can be a little bit curled and you know, I like to, I like to let you know everything up front.

I don't like there to be surprises and then you be mad at me for, for something. So I just wanna show you, Let me see if I can find, so, Oh, I found something. I just wanna show you on something sturdy so that you can see. I'll grab one of our journals, which is super sturdy, see how there's a little bit of a bow to it?

So I just want you to see that. But they're all first quality. And I'm gonna show you some of the uses that you can do for it. But they're, I just wanted to show you how, how they can bow, but it's not anything that, Makes 'em bad, I guess, per se. It's just, there's just little bit sometimes see how they're, It's just the way when they get cut out of the cards, they get a little bowed, some of 'em, and, and I can't figure it out.

Not that you probably care , but it's just, it's interesting because. It's all the, a lot of it's all the same paper and some of it is, and some of it doesn't bo so I don't get it. But anyway, I just wanted you to see that. But what can you do with these? So one thing you can do is make gift tags. So that's, this is what we use.

We use this plus all our scrap paper to make all our gift tags. Hope that's the same design, but you could just make, you know, or that's the same. I keep showing you the same one. And if you're just joining, feel free to say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. If you wanna see anything special, I'd be happy to show you.

Yeah. So here. All the different designs. So you could do gift tags. Another really cool thing you could do is you could just use them as little cards, and I wanna show you their, whatever color it is. It's like that on both sides. With the exception of the printed cards, the printed is white on the other side.

So what you can do is you can fold these in half. And then I just use my fingernail for my fingers and it makes like a little card nail. So you could do that. And if you wanna be really, really fancy we do sell twine for five yards, I think for $2. But you could punch a hole in it, just like so, and then you could cut a piece of twine.

I've already gotta cut here, and then you can just feed it right through the little hole. Get it through the hole and then you have this really cute card that you could use as a gift tag or for your, for any type of gift that you wanted. So that's something you could do. So like I said, right now the price is 2 49 for two dozen and the twine is extra.

Cause I'm not sure who would want it and who doesn't. So You can all, I think there's almost 80 options because we have so many, you know, we have, we have them in all the different ones. Like, look at this one, it's a, you know, it's just a really. , very custom cards that you could be making for people. And then again, if you wanted to use it, you could make your own gift tags, make your own cards.

There's so many uses for this. You could use it as index cards even, or something like that. Recipe cards is what I meant to say. But, so they, like I said, they're all on the. all the colors. If you wanna see something up close, you know always feel free to put a comment in. I am happy to jump on and, and make a video.

If you had asked me two years ago to make a video, I'd say absolutely not. I do not feel comfortable, but now I will get on anytime and show you anything you wanna see. So there, so, so the colors are the color, just like the cards. You know how the cards, when you get a card, they're the same color? On the inside.

So with the printed cards, the printed cards, just like the printed cards are white on one side. That's what the printed card designs are. They're white on the other side, so, So let me know what you think. You know, like I, I did say, I keep saying, like I said, you probably didn't even notice, and I've just said it like five times.

I just heard it in my hand. I'm like, I keep saying that. Now I've throw myself up, but people were asking for the paper. They like the paper, they love my colors, my design. So, and if they do have a curl to it, you can just, you know, do a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and that will make 'em nice and.

But that's, that's what I've got. You know, we have, most ornaments are in stock. A couple have been sold out and I, I'm trying to get some more, but I don't know if I'm gonna get any more, which is so crazy to think. So yeah, that's what I, that's what I've got. And so we've just been getting orders, We're still shipping.

I think two, business, two to three. If, if it's a huge order, you're probably looking at three business days. Huge order meaning, you know, I four or 500 cards. Cuz that takes, if they're all different colors, that takes a lot of time to pull them all and make sure everything's good. But everything else seems to be going out in about two business days.

So but that could change the closer we get to the holidays. I hope you have a great rest of your day. I prob I won't see you until after Halloween, so I hope you have a happy Halloween and yeah. Will talk to you soon. Reach me. Okay. If you need to reach me on the website, bottom right hand corner, there's a chat with us button.

You can do that anytime if I'm available. I will answer right away. If I'm not, I'll answer as soon as I get on. You can always email and that. What else can you do? You can call me (877) 830-3405. But don't try to send me anything . I will not accept . So I've been getting a lot of those robo calls this week.

So that's why I say that. Oh yeah. So chat with us button on the website is the quickest way to get in touch with me if it's something you need right away. I try to. You know, dings on the computer right away. So I can see that. But thank you for being here. I appreciate you so much watching. And if you wanna see my other stuff in shenanigans and behind the scenes and all that kind of stuff, you can always follow me over on TikTok, which is plymouth

That's the name. I'm over there and. I appreciate you. Like I said, like I said, . All right. Have a good rest of your day.