Enter the January Plymouth Cards Photo Challenge #PCPC

January 15, 2018

Enter the January Plymouth Cards Photo Challenge #PCPC

We are excited to have our first photo challenge and you get the prize! 

This month, show us your best photos and WIN with our Photo Challenge! Use hashtag #PCPC ("Plymouth Cards Daily Photo Challenge" made easy) on Facebook or Instagram when you post a picture matching the day's theme, and you could win a $25 Plymouth Cards gift card! You'll be automatically entered into our drawing every time you post a photo using #PCPC. 

Winner will be randomly selected & announced on  2/1/2018. Watch Facebook & Instagram for the winner!

January daily photo challenge list, there is still plenty of days left to enter. 

  1. Your New Year’s Resolution
  2. 2017 in a picture
  3. Your favorite holiday memory
  4. Your favorite winter drink
  5. Nature
  6. Your weekend view
  7. Favorite Color
  8. Sunset
  9. Bridge
  10. On your plate
  11. Favorite winter activity
  12. What you’re watching
  13. Your pets!
  14. Your happy place
  15. ‘I have a dream that…’
  16. Favorite Holiday
  17. Wildlife
  18. Around town
  19. Out your window
  20. Words to live by
  21. Self-portrait
  22. Black and white
  23. What you can’t live without
  24. Water
  25. Guilty Pleasure
  26. People you love
  27. Something you’re proud of
  28. ‘C’ is for…
  29. Snow
  30. 3o. Your inspiration
  31. Photographer’s Choice!

Use hashtag #PCPC (Plymouth Cards Daily Photo Challenge made easy!) when posting your daily picture! Your name will be entered into the drawing every day you post a photo challenge photo using #PCPC. Bonus points if you post your photo in a Plymouth Card.

Prize—a $25 Plymouth Cards gift card!

Drawing winner randomly chosen and announced on 2/1/2018. Winner will be posted on Facebook and Instagram. 

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