How to Create the Perfect Custom Invitation to Suit Your Needs

February 01, 2018 0 Comments

How to Create the Perfect Custom Invitation to Suit Your Needs-Plymouth Cards

The first step to planning any event is creating the perfect invitation. While it may seem trivial this is how you will get the word out about your event plus give all potential attendees an idea of what to expect. You want your invitation to have a touch of your personality, stand out and still give guests the information they will need! Below I have outlined the steps to take when it comes to creating the invitation that will complement your event perfectly.

1. Find Inspiration: We love going onPinterest to find some inspiration. Look for examples of invitations that you like, this will come in handy when sitting down with a company to make them if you can show them what vision you have for the invitations. This invitation idea was Pinterest inspired and I absolutely love how it came out!

2. Pick a color scheme: If this is for your wedding you probably already have a color scheme in mind. If you need graduation invitations, consider your school's colors, the graduates favorite colors, etc. for a color scheme! Plymouth Cards come in over 40 colors and patterns. This will help personalize the invitations. This summer wedding's colors were navy and orange which they tied together perfectly in this nautical themed invitation. 

3. Choose your wording: You want the invitations connect with your event, so if the event is a black tie event you will want to have more formal wording, whereas if the event is a casual backyard BBQ then you’ll want to be sure to use a more casual tone in the invitations. This save the date below keeps it short, sweet, and simple to make it easy for guests to follow!

 4. Add design elements: Now the fun, making your invitation perfect by adding all the little details and embellishments! Add an image, details such as flowers and designs to tie together your invitation with your theme. This step will really bring your invitation or announcement to the next level and impress your guests! For example below this graduation invitation features a crest to keep it classy yet far from being too plain. 

5. Review the proof: Wait for the company to get you a proof of your finished invitation! Once you get it you can take the time to make any changes or edits or approve it. Once you approve the proof just sit back and relax until your invitations arrive in the mail!

If you use these tips to create the perfect customized invitation for your event,  your guests will be raving about your unique, custom high-quality invitations.


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