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How to Make A Game Table: A DIY!

One of our favorite pieces of furniture in our home is our game table! It's a huge talking piece that everyone always raves about and asks us just how we made it and now I'm gonna share the secret so you can have one too!

1. Cut poster board to the size of your table:

Once you have your table picked out purchase some poster board and cut it to size. This will be your first layer on the table so that you aren't glueing anything directly on the table itself. This will allow you to repurpose the table later on and helps with adhesion!

2. Go through your old board games:

Now you are going to want to find any old board games that you have and take any playing cards, fake money etc. from them. This will be the fun background behind the board games.

3. Mod Pogue!

Now take all those cards and play dollar bills and use Mod Pogue to adhere them to the poster board! This is supposed to be fun and creative looking so try not to leave any space where you can see the poster board and don't worry if you make a mistake! The process is very forgiving and the less 'neat and tidy' it looks the better!

4. Place Board Games Down

Once you're happy with the collage of game items on the table and it has dried now take out any flat boards you want to be on the table. Try to find games that are played a lot in your family! Once you have this decided and you like the placement on the table glue them down with your glue of preference!

5. Add a layer of plastic or glass to top off the table:

Just to ensure nothing gets ruined we put a thick layer of plexi glass on top of the table and secured it with corner brackets. 

6. Enjoy!

Now you're table is ready to be enjoyed for family game nights to come! It will also be a great conversation starter at your next house party! 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you try it out be sure to tag us (@PlymouthCards) on social media!


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