How to Use Portrait Mode for iPhones to get Professional Photos

April 02, 2018 0 Comments

How to Use Portrait Mode for iPhones to get Professional Photos-Plymouth Cards

If you have an iPhone 7 plus, 8 plus or X you may have noticed the portrait mode setting on it. This setting allows you to take professional quality photos on your phone by using the depth-of-field effect. Using portrait mode is no more difficult than using your phone camera normally!

The first step to using portrait mode is to open your camera app on your iPhone and slide over until your camera is on portrait mode. Within portrait mode you can select the lighting type that you are in for best effects. There are 5 different light options to pick from, natural, studio, contour, stage and stage light mono. Natural light will make the photo look as natural and bright as possible, studio light will even the lighting to make the photo appear as if it was taken in a well lit studio, contour lighting will bring out the facial features on your subject. Stage light and stage light mono (may be called dramatic on some iPhone variations) will give your subject a black and white filter with a black background. These are great for a dramatic effect.

While using portrait mode it will zoom your camera in much closer than usual so be prepared to take a step back or so from your subject. Once you like what you see in your camera start clicking away! The camera will give you tips and let you know if you are too close or too far away while shooting so you can try adjusting your angle and distance.

And it really is that quick and easy to use. And look at how amazing the photos turn out! Your friends will be thinking you’re a professional photographer after your first Instagram post!



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