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How to Dress For a Group Photo Shoot Without Breaking the Bank

When planning a group photo, we have typically had the family all wear the same 'uniform'. White shirts and jeans was always a popular choice since everyone owns these two closet essentials. As we were planning our family photo shoot when my oldest son was getting ready to graduate from high school, I wanted to do something different with a pop of color. But I didn't quite know how to go about that without making us look like a bag of Skittles! In the end our photos turned out beautifully and the colors were coordinated perfectly (I may be slightly biased though), if you want to find out how we coordinated everything while only buying two (TWO!) articles of clothing between all five of us then keep reading!

First we went through my closet to find our 'inspiration piece'. I had a shirt with shades of melons, grays, pinks and yellows. This gave us a lot of options to work with when trying to find coordinating items. From there we went through everyone else's clothes. Beni had recently found a peach and melon toned ombré shirt that coordinated with mine perfectly and went well with her jeans at Kohl's! As for the two boys Luke only wears plain shorts but Jared only wears plaid shorts... not necessarily a picture perfect combination, but we were determined to make everyone happy with their outfit and have it be something they could wear again. Plus, the better you feel in your clothes the better the photos will come out!

Beni and I then went through Luke's and Jared's closets, armed with our shirts to find anything that would work. Luke had a pair of ember shorts that matched the bottom tones of Beni's ombré shirt and a white and gray striped shirt to match, score! Next, Jared had a solid white shirt but no shorts that would work. After another quick trip to Kohl's, we found gray shorts to help tie in Luke's shirt with a *subtle* pattern on them that would make Jared happy. Lastly, for Vinny we found he had a light peach button down shirt that would match the lighter color Beni and I had in our shirts and a pair of black shorts, perfection!

I can't tell you how happy I am with the finished results. And the photos came out amazing!! It's been almost five years and I still love them!

-Lisa @ Plymouth Cards.Com

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