Holiday Gift Guide: All Made in the USA!

November 11, 2020 0 Comments

Holiday Gift Guide: All Made in the USA!-Plymouth Cards

If you're looking to shop a little closer to home this holiday season, we have a gift guide for you! Five top gift ideas all made in the USA from us here at Plymouth Cards.

1. Clarence the Snowman Ornament 

Perfect for gifts in 2020 are these adorable snowman ornaments wearing masks. In a variety of colors and ribbon options, you can pick out a unique one for each person on your list. Pair it with a bottle of wine made locally and you have the perfect made in the USA gift!

Clarence the snowman ornament on bottle of wine

2. Bedside Smartphone Vases

Perfect for any plant lover friends! It's practical, useful, and fashionable! 

bedside night table phone


3. The Very Best Cookie in the Whole Wide World

Whoa! These cookies were *huge* and tasted great! How could you go wrong giving these as a gift? 

very best cookie in the whole wide world

4. American Story Candle

A veteran owned made in the USA business that specializes in making candles! The perfect gift for any candle lovers, they have tons of scents to choose from. 

american made candles


5. Lion Hawaiian Kona Coffee

If you know anyone who loves trying new coffees, this one is made in the USA! Pair with a mug and it's the perfect gift for any coffee lover in your life. 

kona hawaiian coffee

What other Made in the USA companies do you love? Comment them below!