Holiday Gift Guide for a Photographer

November 10, 2020 0 Comments

Holiday Gift Guide for a Photographer-Plymouth Cards

If you have a photographer in your life and struggling on what to get them for this upcoming holiday season, fret no more! We came up with a list of our 5 top ideas of gifts for your favorite photographer. Whether an amateur or a pro any photographer is bound to love these gifts! 

1. Sampler Pack of 30 Cards from Plymouth Cards

These cards make selling your photos easy! They let you slide your photos in and out to prevent any damage to the photos themselves, and are framable too! The sampler makes the perfect gift for a photographer because they can play around with a wide variety of color options!

sampler card pack plymouth cards

2. A Camera Strap from MegssDesigns

Every photographer needs a camera strap but getting them a more personalized one will be something they treasure! This Etsy shop has tons of different designs where you will be certain to find something that fits the tastes of the photographer in your life. 

camera strap from megssdesigns


3. Photography Lens Travel Mugs

For a photographer who's always on the go! What a perfect gift for someone who loves photography and a hot drink all at once? 

photography lens mug

4. Phone Camera Lens

For an amateur photographer or for someone who is always taking photos on the go, a phone camera lens set would be the perfect gift. 

phone camera lenses

5. Glass Coasters Set

For any photographer who loves polaroids this gift is perfect. The glass coasters allow you to slide your own polaroid photos into them and keep them displayed on their coffee table! 

glass coasters for polaroids

What other gifts would you buy for a photography lover? Or, if you are a photographer what gifts would you love to receive? Let us know in the comments below.