Live with Lisa Week 24: Camouflage Clarences!?

November 04, 2020 0 Comments

Live with Lisa Week 24: Camouflage Clarences!?-Plymouth Cards

Hello, Happy Wednesday. I'm Lisa DiVasta, owner here at Plymouth Cards. And I just wanted to pop in on our usual Wednesday and say hello, see how everyone's doing and just talk about a few things. I have one exciting new product and I just wanted to go over a few questions that people have been asking.

So lots of questions about the ornaments and our shipping time. So I wanted to let you know that our shipping time is anywhere...we're shipping out products, 2 - 5 business days after your order has been received. Weekends don't count, they're not business days. So it's 2 - 5 business days for shipping. So that's a very popular question we've been asked. I wanted to just answer a lot of these most frequently asked questions that I've been getting. 

A lot of people want to know how that ornament comes when they receive it. We're working on putting pictures on the website but I'd rather pack your orders and get them out than get that on there. So I'm trying to juggle that but all ornaments come in these gingham bags, and Clarence...all the snowmen come in green gingham. And then we also have -- the other ornaments come in other colors. So we have burgundy gingham, we have a newsprint and then we have a plain. The dog bone comes in obviously a doggy bag. So we have that. So I just wanted to answer that question. So a lot of people that have been asking about how they come wrapped. And I will get that on the website soon. I've just been trying to get everyone's orders out. So I thought that was more important. And let's see. 

So exciting news. Allen, who's my brother-in-law who makes all the ornaments for us in Massachusetts, sent me some prototypes. And these will be on our website as soon as I get off this live, because as usual, I forgot to make them live before, anyway. So there's only going to be 50 available for each design that he sent me. But these are brand new. And they are...Oh, thank you so much June. Thanks for watching too. 

Okay, so here is Camouflage. So Allen just sent me these, I just -- okay, as usual, I can't use this mirror thingThere we go. So we have a Pink Camouflage. And then we have a Regular Camouflage. And that little white spot on the mask is going to be a brown. We're changing the colors a little bit on the sample, he just sent me a prototype, but we've updated it and it will be on the website like I said. Within five minutes of me ending this live, they will be live on the website. And we're only going to get 50 of each design. They will be $12.50 because they take him a lot longer to make. So I just wanted to show you. You're the first people to know. So thank you for watching and being here with me. 

Shop Green Camouflage Snowman Ornament and Pink Camouflage Snowman Ornament


Let's see. What other questions have people been asking? Oh, a lot of people want to know what the difference is between Original Clarence and Medium Blue. So I thought I would put them up here, side by side, so you can see. Original, has kind of a turquoise undertone to it, kind of like the medical masks. And then the Medium Blue is like the University of North Carolina. So that's that. So I wanted to show that.

Shop Clarence the Snowman Ornaments here. 

And then the other thing I wanted to talk about was our gift tags, because a lot of people are like well, how do I dress up this bag? So we've been selling for years now, gift tags. So I wanted to just show you some examples of our gift tags. We have a very extensive variety of options. So I have a handful here that I was just going to show you. Okay, let me see. 

Shop Our Gift Tags here. 


So I'm going to start with Wisconsin. So look at this. If you are a Green Bay Packers fan, you can have your Wisconsin. If you're a University of Wisconsin, look at that. Then we also have if you prefer the green for the Green Bay Packers, you could pick that one. We have white, we have blue, pretty much any color in our card catalog, you can get in a gift tag. We custom make them. They're $3.99 cents for a dozen. They come with twine already attached for you. And let's see. So there's that. I wanted to show you Alabama.  My son's an Alabama grad so Roll Tide we have to have that in the Crimson but then we also have, to go with the competition, War Eagle, Auburn. But we do have all the colors. So there's that. We have the state of California, but we have all 50 states available. So I think that's a fun way to dress up your gifts because not everyone is going to have state-specific tags. So we have every state available. I haven't put twine on all of them. But look at Massachusetts. Here's one in purple that I did. And cranberry for Cranberry capital of the country. Melon, green, white. So like I said, you can get any color you want as long as we have it in stock, and we custom make them for you. 


We have 17 options for twine. So you can pick any of those twines. So it's really fun that you can customize and buy your school, buy your favorite colors. Let's see, I have Texas, so I made that, everything's bigger in Texas, had to have that one. But then on top of that, let's see what else. You're a dog lover, look at that. We have a little dog bone. It goes perfectly with our dog bone cards, but we do sell them. So it's a dozen for $12.99. Are you a Mickey fan? We have Mickey and so we have that. The red truck, I love the red truck. So we have that. The red truck looks really nice with the Christmas ribbon. Not ribbon twine, as well as green and white twine. Are you a gingerbread lover, because we have that? We have fall leaves that are just in time for Thanksgiving. And I'm just showing you examples of colors that we have but the palette is endless. And I thought this was really fun. We cut it in the candy cane paper, the candy cane out. So I thought that looked really cute.


And see Christmas tree, a mitten. So these are all ideas on how to dress up your...make a hostess gift. Oh, and Clarence would be a really great...We posted it a few days ago. A customer sent us, Cindy, sent us in a picture of her using Clarence to adorn a wine bottle, but she went to a party. So I thought that was a really great idea, a way to dress up a bottle of wine and give them a gift that will last. We have craft paper tags and a heart, the luck of the Irish. Let's see we have this. I'm just going through. Here we go again, Roll Tide, and the stocking. And I just wanted to show you too look at that. I wrote on that with our gold gel pen, our metallic pen. So it comes out really nicely on the paper. And I wrote on the rough side of the paper. So we just wanted to show you what that looks like with the gold pen, I think they look really nice.


And then we also have some religious ones if that's what you'd prefer. See that, a cross, we also have the Star of David. So like I said, our options are endless. If you have this design that you're like, oh, I would really love to have this as a tag and you don't see it on our website, please feel free to reach out to me. I love new projects. It's always fun to make a new design. So I'd love to work with you on that. We have breast cancer, we have actually ribbons, so we can make any color. So whatever cancer you're supporting. This one's in honor of my mom who is a breast cancer survivor. So that's what I want...Let me just show you where did I put...just wanted to give you another up-close look of the camouflage that we are only getting 50 of. So I'm really excited about them. Allen is a genius. And I think that's all I was going to...


I'm trying to think of what other questions people had. So I talked about our shipping time being 2-5 days. We ship your order from when it's received, as long as it's in-stock product. If it's out of stock, pre-order then it wouldn't ship until we received it. We are doing our -- I'm doing my best to as soon as the color goes out of stock per se, I'm putting a banner on there so you can still order it. And that way, you'll know a better timeframe of when to expect it. If it's a pre-order color, and you're ordering other products and you want the other products to ship first, then I would ask you to put at least two separate orders, or I'll have to email you an invoice for the extra shipping fee because we're holding everything all at once. Just to save you on that $5 shipping fee which is a flat rate, no matter how much you order, it's $5. So that's that. 


I hope everything's going well where you are. And keep spreading joy and kindness. That's what I'm trying to do here and do a random act of kindness. My goal was to do one every day. But, I've been doing like three or four a week. So I feel pretty proud of myself. And I feel like, just random acts of kindness totally change someone's day. It's just so fun. So I encourage you to do the same. And if you do have any questions or concerns, feel free to -- you can private message me on Facebook, you can email orders at, you can call our number is 877-830-3405. If you have a catalog and you're looking on the bottom of the catalog for our phone number, I assure you it is wrong because I missed that as an oversight in proofreading. I know, these things happen. You think you catch everything and you don't. So the phone number on the bottom of the catalog is incorrect. But the phone number on the back where your name and address go on the catalog is correct. So it's 877-830-3405 and the website If you're having any issues with that, you know ordering...I just had a customer earlier today she was just, I don't know what was going on. But what I ended up doing is, she emailed me what she wanted, and then I emailed her an invoice for payment. So it's pretty simple. We're flexible, we can do whatever works for you. 


I hope you have a great rest of your day. And as soon as I finish this live, like I said, I'm going to go make those two Camo's live. I'll put the links in the comments of this Facebook Live. And if you do have any questions, if you're not watching this video live, feel free to write them in the comments and I will answer them. I'm pretty responsive. I get on Facebook three, four times today to answer everyone's questions, in between packing all our orders. So I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and I will see you next Wednesday. Thanks so much for watching. Bye.