How to Address Envelopes plus - Week 80

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How to Address Envelopes plus - Week 80-Plymouth Cards


Hi friends, how are you today? I hope you're doing well. I hope you're getting a lot of shopping done and you're in a good position and not feeling stressed. I'm doing pretty good with my whole situation here shopping. So yeah, I hope you're doing great. So I've got some things to share with you. 


So today I wanted to show you a new addition to the state ornaments and I also wanted to talk about how to address envelopes, because that is one of the biggest questions I get when we're doing custom printing on people's envelopes for them. So I thought, oh, I should probably just share all that information, and let you know about how to address an envelope. So if you have questions -- I actually have props today to show you. So I got all prepared, so yeah... So as you're joining, feel free to say hi, let me know where you're watching from. What are you doing today? I am Lisa, I am here at Plymouth Cards. Central, I'm in the back warehouse today, I was folding some things. And then what else was I going to say? Yeah, I'm in Plant City, Florida. And it is it is warm today? I'm not trying to -- Oh, hi, Sandy. How are you today? Oh, I'm so glad that you're here. I am talking about, for anyone that's just joining, I'm going to talk about how to address envelopes. I'm going to show you a few little new things or additions. So I thought I'd hop to it. 


Oh, so let me start with the ornaments because I see one is already up on the screen. So we have our state wooden ornaments, where are they? Let me put up one to show you. So here's Ohio. And they're really cute. But over the weekend, I came up with this exciting idea. So if you've already bought a state ornament, don't be upset, just pop me a message. And I will send you one, no worries at all. So I don't want you to feel like I've excluded you you've missed out on something. But I have these little cards. They're about the size of a 3*5 card, I have it in all different patterns. But you don't get to pick. But what I'm doing is telling you a little bit about the state. So this is going to be included now with every wooden state ornament that you purchase. But like I said, if you've already purchased wooden state ornaments and you didn't get one of these, just pop me a message here through Facebook Messenger, you can hop on the website, and do chat with us, and I will take care of you. So I don't want you to feel like you're missing out on anything. That's not the plan. I was just so excited. I don't know, I just thought it would be fun to add like a few little facts about the different states. So there's Ohio, I'm just printing out some for a customer that I'm working on right now, Arizona. And it tells you did you know? And it tells you when the state became a state and then it tells you the motto the flower, the bird and the song. Did you guys know that states actually have songs? So I don't think I've ever heard our state song, either Massachusetts or Florida, legally two places I've lived. 


So okay. So their pattern on one side and then on the back, there is the state. So I just popped up some of the different states, but just to give you an idea of what they look like. New York, but this side, the design side is subject to change. It's just based on what we have in the box. I think I'm showing you a lot of New York, oh here, here is Nevada. So we have these really cute little, they're about 3*5 cards, so you can get those. So if like I said, if you've already ordered your state ornaments and you didn't get these cards, just pop me a message, and I will gladly put these in the mail to you. No worries at all. So I'll be happy to do that. Yeah, so that's the cute little --as I don't have enough to think about these things just pop into my head. I'm like, oh, wouldn't that be cute. We put a little story for Clarence, we put stories in for George, Mary, Benny and Louise, our other snowman. Why don't I put a story in for the state ornaments. So there you have it. So that's how that all came to be. It wasn't any -- that is actually the beauty of being a small business owner. I know I've said this probably a hundred times, but I can come up with an idea in the morning on my drive to Plymouth Cards and make it happen by the end of the day. So I don't have to go through all the hoops of approvals. I approve it, so approved! So that's how that all works. 


So flour sack towels. I was just working -- I'm sorry, I'm really parched today. I've been folding those. Today, I have the last of them, right here on the table. Can you see? This is the last of the snowman flour sack towels for this season. So yeah. So there's that. 


So now we want to get into how to address an envelope. This is such a big question. So many people are wondering about this. So I've put together and I will be putting this on the website and emailing it out, a little guide. It has one or two tweaks that need to happen, but okay, so I took -- when I was doing the guide you know, it's so boring, just you know, Jim Jones, Pam Smith, so I thought what should I do? What name should I use? I want to be creative. I came up with this idea and work with me on this, what I did is I ended up finding the list of who was on the Mayflower because that's actually where I'm from, that's how the company got named first from Plymouth, Massachusetts. And I've lived on the south shore of Massachusetts my entire life until we moved to Florida a few years ago. So the town that Vinny and I raised the kids and has the cemetery where you know, Bradford and a lot of the people from the Mayflower are buried there in this little cemetery in our little town that has one traffic light. So yeah.


 Alright, so without further ado, I'm going to start. If you have people with the same last name, that is easy. I'm going to show you, look at this. I did this all up Mr. and Mrs. If it's two men, it's Messrs and if it's two women, Mesdames. Oh gosh, I had it all -- Well, -you get it. So that's for that. If the woman prefers Miss, that's how you would do it. So that is our first thing, if they're with the same last name. So that's how you would do it. I am going to be posting the whole schedule, but I just thought it'd be fun to talk through it. And these are all people from the Mayflower. All these names are from the Mayflower. So if they have different last names, you would do you know Mr. Stephen Hopkins and Miss Elizabeth Fisher. Or you could do Ms. Remember Allerton and Ms. Elizabeth Tilly. If they have different last names, hopefully you can see that okay. 


Now, if it's a hyphenated last name, you should do Mr. William White, and Ms. Susanna Jackson white. So they each get their own name on the envelope. So there's that hopefully this is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm putting it on a clipboard because my printer did double sided when I didn't want it to. So now it's bleeding through. So same last name. I've talked about if it's Ms. and then I've talked about different last names. 


If the person is single, there's so many rules to addressing an envelope, you wouldn't even believe it. So I've kind of broken it down as simple as it could be. So I have if it's a widow, if it's a female 18 and up, a female under 18, male under 13, male 13 and up, and I just realized I did it -- but look at this. This is the way that it should be addressed for these people. So this is great for your Christmas card envelopes, your holiday card envelopes, if that's what you're doing. If you have a wedding or bridal shower or anything like that coming up in your near future, this is the proper way to address an envelope for these people. Yeah, alright. And I'm going to take some more water, I have no idea why I'm so thirsty. 


Now this is where it gets tricky. So a family. My last name is DiVasta. So it would be the DiVasta's you just plop an S at the end. Or you could just do that DiVasta Family, either one of those. Where it gets tricky is when your last name ends with an 'es' for example, like Jones. If it's Jones, this is what so many people, do they plop an apostrophe and then put another s, no, that's not the proper way to do it. It's Jones and then add, es. So that is one thing. The same with like, the Gonzales. Now these people are not on the Mayflower, I just want to be clear; some of the names I couldn't find some names, so I took some other ones. So Gonzaleses or Joneses you just add s, you never use an apostrophe, because that apostrophe means ownership. 


Okay, now the only other trick is here with the CH. If it sounds like French, like that just ch sound, you add the es. If it's a hard like Bach, then you would just add an s. So hopefully this is helpful for you. And I will be posting a whole guide just like this in a PDF format to make it easy if you ever want to download it. But I thought that you know, this would be helpful. 


Now, the last things I have -- now back to the people from the Mayflower passengers. And let's see, if you have an elected official, it'd be the Honorable and Mrs. William Bradford. If it's a doctor then you just do Dr. Samuel Fuller; Clergy, the Reverend and Mrs. John Robinson. If it's a military official, you do Captain and Mrs. Myles Standish. Okay, this is really interesting, too. So there's an informal and a formal way to do a senior or a junior. So either you can spell it out for formal, or if it's informal, you just abbreviate it. So those were some ways that -- these are the proper ways to address an envelope for people. So, you know, like I said, a lot of people get hung up on the family where they're adding apostrophes, don't do that. That's incorrect. So I will be posting this guide to addressing envelopes this afternoon in the comments, and then I'll probably be emailing it to everybody, as well, just as a helpful guide. So if you have any questions about that, or any additions, let me know. Pop a comment in there. Let me know you're watching. 


So did you find that helpful? I found it helpful for myself to put it all together. Because of the fact that -- Ooh, let me see. Hey Carol, I write both husband and wife are doctors. Yes, exactly. So if both are doctors then you should do -- okay. Oh, it says what if? Okay, so if both of them are doctors Carol, what you would do is do, I'm just going to use okay, let me pull my names. It would be Dr. Edward Winslow and Dr. Pat whatever her last name is if it's Winslow. If it's the same then you do -- but you do doctor and then their name and then and, and then the next doctor because they should both have their titles. So hopefully that's helpful. Thanks for the question. I so appreciate that. I'm excited to know you're here Carol. Thank you. 


Okay, any other questions? Just pop them in and I'll be happy to answer them. I have figured out my tech issues. I can see your comments now which is exciting. I know I struggled for a few weeks with that but I'm back. 


Okay, shipping. Oh, you're welcome Carol. Thank you. I really appreciate you asking. 


Okay, I've talked about envelopes I do keep a little list so that I don't forget because when I first started doing these lives, I would forget everything if I didn't write it down. Or I would think I could remember but I didn't. So alright, can you believe this is my 80th week of doing these lives? Crazy. I just couldn't believe that when I was typing in the information week 80, I would never have guessed that I would be doing this for 80 weeks. But here we are and I love it! It's so fun connecting with everyone.


Shipping! I know I posted about it earlier today about our shipping deadlines, but I just wanted to verbalise it in case you missed that post, I know that algorithms do funny things. So what you would do is, let me see, if you're getting custom printing on your cards or your envelopes, we need to have that order in by Friday. So that way we have time to get you approved and get it printed and shipped. Regular orders that are going to go standard mail should be placed by this upcoming Monday, December 13 and that's for standard shipping. That gives us time to get it all packed and shipped to you and out. Let's see priority mail. If you're choosing pair Priority Mail, you can have until Tuesday, December 14, to get your order placed. And this is just our suggested timeline to get your order before Christmas. I must put in the caveat that it is not guaranteed unless you choose guaranteed shipping. But these are suggested timelines to get it. Obviously you can place an order any time after and it theoretically could get there, because I just saw another Carol posted a little -- she sent me an email she posted a little bit ago that she placed her order on Saturday. So she placed her order on Saturday, we shipped it on Monday and she got it today. So there is that, but we're just trying to be on the cautious side. So we're asking people to have your order in by Monday. We're not going to stop shipping. We're going to ship every day. Don't think that okay, if your order isn't in, it's done. It's not like that at all. We're just trying to give you some suggested timeframes to plan for yourself so that you're not disappointed. Because I really hate it. I hate disappointing people so much. Yes, that's something I -- Yeah. So Friday for custom printing, Monday for standard shipping, Tuesday for priority shipping. And then the following Monday, December -- what does that make it? The 20th, December 20 would be for if you're going to pay overnight Express. So those are the suggested timeframes. But again, like I just said, we are shipping every day as fast as we can, we're packing. I've got a whole table here filled with orders that are going to be going out tomorrow. She picks up every day for us. And we have the post office and UPS coming every day picking up our packages. And then when it gets really close, the post office at the Tampa airport is open seven days a week. So we try to do at least one delivery up there on the weekend just to get everyone's orders moving. Once it gets in the system, the chance is, it just keeps moving. So that's what we do. 


What else did I want to tell you about? So I told you about the state cards. The little inserts, they're not actual cards, they're little 3*5 inserts. I love them so much. We're doing those for -- like I said, we do them for all the snowman. So now we're doing it for the state cards. And what else do I got? 


Oh well, since we're talking about cards, I did want to mention we have -- I haven't even been moving this, Kentucky; the pens, we have pens. So there's a whole assortment. This is just a handful of them. Red, blue, black, purple, gold, silver, white. So I have this is only some of them, we do have a handful more, so they will be perfect. I love the way they write on the paper. So those are why I test -- I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I'm hoping, you know if you haven't heard this before, I test everything before we sell it because I think I'm probably a little crazy. But yeah, I just want to make sure it's a good quality product before we commit to selling it because there's nothing worse than having someone upset with me. Because it's not as we said it was. Yeah. 


What else did I want to talk about? I think we're running low on some cards. Sorry, I am so thirsty today and I don't know why. So hopefully you're okay with me continuing to engage. I'll do a cup with a straw, that would probably be better.


Okay, gingerbread men. We're almost out of those. Pine cone seasons greetings. Oh my gosh, I was just going to get something and I just found I just found 120 of them that were packed. So that was very exciting. So we have a few more of those than we thought. So if pine cone season greetings is the one you want, wait about half an hour because I didn't have time to update the quantity yet. So that's where that stands. We have pine cone season greetings, oh maybe I should show you what it looks like instead of just -- well, it's on the screen, I think, well, let me just hold them up so you can see. Yeah, it wouldn't be a Facebook Live if I didn't just go and get something, I feel like it's my thing now. Hopefully, you can still hear me as I go over here to the big shelf where all the cards are. 


Alright, so here we go. So the gingerbread man is the one I just showed you a second ago, this one is almost sold out. We have just over 30 of them left. So they are so stinking cute. So if you have a small list, those would be perfect for you. Pine cone season's greetings, we have just about 150 left with the message inside. So this is what it looks like. The pine cones seasons greeting, you just slide your picture right in the card. I will go get a picture, I will demonstrate. Let me grab my rubber fingertips. And I'm just going to slide the picture, it just takes a second, slide it in and out just like that. So the cards work with your vertical or horizontal photo. This is one of the designs that we're almost out of stock on. This one has the message inside. And the cool thing about our message is that they're always designed to work with either a horizontal or vertical photo. You don't have to know in advance, which I really love, that's why we design it that way. So that's what that says inside. You see how it works either way, I'm holding it. There we go, or this way. So it works either way which is really cool. I really like that about our cards. And every single one of our cards is designed to work with a horizontal or vertical photo. That way you never have to know what picture you're using. You can just buy the design that you like. So those two we're running low on. 


Okay, and then I just want to talk about wow! Buffalo plaid has been -- aside from Holly, which we are 100% sold out of which is so crazy. That's never happened. We've never sold out of -- I always buy because I'm always worried about running out of stock that I always buy like these obscene numbers of inventory. Obscene for me, probably not for a huge conglomerate. But for us, it's a big number and so we were very pleasantly surprised we are out of Holly. Next year, I promise I will buy more for next year so that no one will be left out. I feel bad. I feel bad as people are calling to place their orders. Because they can't find it, and it's not there, it's sold out, sorry. But buffalo plaid has been another huge seller. And I'll show you that one up close. I have it right here. So this one is really resonating this year with people. And I love it. Let's just see, do I have a picture? Yes, I have one with the picture still in it. So you can see how it looks -- Well, that's how it looks. But again, it works either way. And the rustic holidays has been another one. This was our most popular new design of 2021. So I don't think it's letting me add it to the screen because they say it's not approved yet and I don't -- Oh there it is! Now it is, okay. So I'll hold it up so you can see the design on it. I love it. It's just simple. They're blank inside, this has our design on it but again, it works with either orientation. All our cards have our logo on the back, it's about the size of a quarter and it is on an angle so that it will work with either orientation photo. So there's that.


Okay, does anyone have any other questions? I know I spoke about it, while I've been chatting have you thought about if you have any other questions about addressing envelopes? I'm happy to talk about those. And then over the weekend I did a how to wrap a gift in a pinch because I don't know about you, but sometimes you run out of gift bags or wrapping paper. So I did a little live about that and demonstrated some ways to wrap present in that kind of a pinch. So let me know if you have any questions about that, I will definitely be emailing. If you're not on our email list, go to our website and join, you get 10% off your very first order. And you'll get to stay up to date on everything that's happening, all our new products. I know I talk about them here but sometimes it's fun to get the email because then it shows you everything. With all the links, you don't have to think, you just click and go. Let's see what else I've got going on.


I talked about the new state cards. If you are just joining, and you bought one of the state ornaments, we have all 50 states plus Washington DC. If you bought one of them before we came up with these cute little cards, just pop me a message. They have varying designs, and look at all these different designs. So you won't get to pick, it will just be what we have available. But we do do them for all 50 states, a little ditty about the state. Ohio is the 17th state. Which is really -- I don't know if you find that interesting. I think it's fun and interesting, so we are going to include one of these little cards that we're making up here and include it with each state ornament. If you already bought an ornament, I know I probably sound like a broken record. But if you already bought an ornament and you didn't get a card because I just came up with this idea, then thank you for the order. Then pop me a message, you can private message me here on Facebook, you can do the chat with us on the website. That's what I got today.


We are still shipping every day. Up until December 22 we will be shipping orders every day. So you know, feel free to place your order. If you live in the Plant City, Florida area, you are welcome to choose pick up and once your order is ready to be picked up, we will message you and you can come get it, right here in our little showroom. We have a little showroom and I'm in the warehouse right now in the back. But yeah, we're happy to. Thank you Cindy. Oh, you got the state cards. I actually love the state cards. I love them. And I think I've probably already told everyone -- Oh, I do have one. Let me pull it out. So what Cindy is talking about is our state map cards and I know I have one because I did some by mistake. Can you still see me? They are so amazing. So of course. I know I have one. Ah, here we go because I did a couple extra by mistake. Okay, so what she's talking about is -- Oh, I hope they like them Cindy, you'll have to let me know. Yeah, I would love to know what they think about them. So if you get the ornament by itself then you will get one of these little cards. But we also have this option where for an additional $5 you can pick the city that corresponds to the state that you want, any city and the state and we will find it. We've been 100% successful knock on wood so far. I'm sure someone's going to come up with some crazy city and I'm going to struggle but so far I have been able to find every city that people have asked for. And it's $5 It is all set and ready to go. And the cool thing is, is we use the glue like on credit cards and the ornament just peels right off. It does not damage this card at all. So then the card can be put into a picture frame, a 5*7 picture frame which is amazing, and then the ornament can be used to hang on your tree. So that's one of the options. So you can buy it by itself, the ornament look at it, it just sticks right back on. It's just like that glue from the credit cards. It's amazing. So you can buy it with the card, without the card. That's all about the ornaments. But Cindy, I'm so glad you said that. I'm so glad you got those out and I can't wait to hear what they think about them. I love them. I'm doing one for my son. He went to the University of Alabama and I was able to find Tuscaloosa. And it even says University of Alabama on my map. It's a map from 1983. That's another thing I should say. When I am using the Maps, I have all maps from the 1950s to early 2000s. So those are the maps that I'm using. I'm not using a map from Google, you know, from yesterday, so it's really fun. That's what I was -- I was so excited when I found the map for the University of Alabama, and it says it right there on the map. So I'm really excited to see his reaction to that on Christmas with this Alabama ornament. 


Does anyone have any other questions or comments, before I go back to packing orders for the afternoon? I'm here to answer anything you may have. If you think of something after I get off, please put it in the comments or do a chat with us or you chat on the website, chat on Facebook, I'm here. So I am going to go back to packing all these gift sets that people are buying and cards, and oh my gosh, look at this order I just finished pulling it all off the shelves. I want to be this person getting this Christmas gift. Look at that! Look at those colours! Aren't they amazing? So, yeah. That's what I've got. And like I showed you earlier, this is all I have left of our snowmen fun flour sack towel. I think there’s just about 15-20 in that pile. So buy now.  And okay. I will be back soon. I appreciate you for being here. Thank you so much for watching Plymouth Cards and my name is Lisa and I appreciate you. Thank you!