Lots of In-Stock Gift items - Week 80a

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Lots of In-Stock Gift items - Week 80a-Plymouth Cards


Hey friends, how are you today? I am Lisa here with Plymouth Cards and I wanted to hop on for a little bit and talk about some of our products that we have in stock. One of the big questions I've been receiving is are your products in stock? Yes, most of them are. I think I'm doing a decent job with our inventory. So we have a lot of things still in stock, not like hundreds of them but if you need one or two, we've got you covered. So I wanted to talk about that and show you some of the things that we do have. And what else okay? 


So everyone's been asking me about shipping. The phone has been ringing. I think getting chats and emails, shipping, shipping, when will you ship? Right now, I'm excited to say that at noon, Vinny dropped off the last of our orders that we had at that moment in time. So everything that has been received up until noon today, Eastern Time, because I'm in Eastern Time, has shipped. So exciting, right? And we just found out, well, usually we go to the airport during this time of year on the weekends, because they have a big post office there and they're open till 8pm, but it's a little bit of a drive. I'm excited, because when I was just looking, the post office around the corner from our house is open tomorrow. So I'm so excited! So any orders that we've received after 12 o'clock today, which is Saturday until tomorrow about 3pm will ship tomorrow? Well, I guess your order has to be in by 2pm because we have to drive it over to the post office. They're only open for a few hours, but still, I'm so excited to be able to get your orders out every day. So that's exciting. I hope you're as excited as I am. I know, the little geeky things that make me happy but not having to drive the 30 minutes to the airport is huge. Just a huge time saver. So we have more time to just pack the orders and get them out. So everyone's orders, they've been shipped. If you placed your order before noon today, Saturday, what's today? December 11. So it's December 11. Who knows? When you're working seven days a week, I'm sorry, you lose track of the days. So it is Saturday, December 11, in case you're wondering too. So we have so many cool things in stock to show you so that you know you can just do your shopping right from your chair and you don't have to go out and fight the crowds. I will happily get your orders out. 


So we have the wine bottle platters. I'm going to be moving back and forth. I didn't want to pull everything and have it be -- I didn't want anything to break basically. So I have it around me. So I may go jump off and on camera a little bit, but that's just because I don't want everything to be -- what do you call it? Yeah, it's just easier that way. 


So okay, wine bottle platters. I wanted to show you those. We have two different styles. And four different colors. Now this is the box. Look at them. Aren't they awesome? I just love these. They're not too big. They're not too small. It's a wine bottle and she makes them into [inaudible 03:27], you can use them for little mini charcuterie boards when you just have just you and the family at home. And you don't need to make a charcuterie board for 20, perfect size. And I'll show you the pattern. This is the back. So this is one of the patterns that we have, it's square. The woman that makes these for me is in West Virginia. She does an amazing job. They come with a little knife, cheese knife, I guess for lack of a better word. So we have that one. And in the square pattern, I also have two other colors. We are sold out of the green in one of the other pattern. I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. Okay. 


So hopefully you can see the distinction. Oh, I should move it to the next one. Hopefully that's -- nope, we're on to it. Oh well. Okay. So we have it in a clear and a hint of blue. So this is a hint of blue. I took pictures and put them on the website so that you can see it. I think when I'm holding it, maybe you can see that this one has a hint of blue and this one is clear. But just in case you can't I've taken some pictures and they are on the website. So there's these.


And I guess right now it wants me to go on to notepads. It has a mind of its own, this little program. It's definitely not user error. Joking! It's totally me. I try my best and hopefully you're okay with that. And if you're new here, my name is Lisa. I'm the owner here at Plymouth Cards. We started in Plymouth, Massachusetts and we decided a few years ago that we didn't like winter anymore. So now we are in sunny Florida. We're in Plant City, Florida. And that's the story. Our products are all made in the US. If it can be eco-friendly it is. And that's our story I work with, well, things that we make and then also I work with all kinds of other small businesses across the US and source their products. Like those wine bottle platters I just showed you, they're in West Virginia, that's where she is. 


Alright on to the notepads. Our notepads are made from 100% recycled paper. And we have a three different designs. So this one -- oh I should show you. Future is the one that's on the screen. Future has ten Different Eleanor Roosevelt's inspirational quotes, I'll read a few. 

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 

You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with the best you have to give. 

You must do the thing you think you could not do. 


Those are just a few of the examples. So the really neat thing about our notepads, well aside from them being made from 100% recycled paper, is most notepads when you buy them, every single page is exactly the same. What you see on the front is what you see inside. Ours are awesomely unique, because we have a rotating pattern. So like I said, there's ten different quotes. So you will see throughout it will alternate. See the flower, the flower is at the top -- not the flower, the design. But it's really cool, that you get the ten different options instead of looking at the same quote every time. So every page, after ten pages, then it recycles, the same ones start again, but it's just different. They are $5.99, they have a chipboard back that's 100% recycled as well. So there's 50 pages, I guess I should say that; 50 pages and the size. They are 1/4 of a sheet of paper, you know the 8.5*11 traditional, copy size paper. So that means they are 4.25*5.5. Okay, so there's that. So that's one of the designs. And here's our snowman design. The snowman, this fun page is only the cover. And then inside you have these really subtle snowflakes, and then the snowman alternate top, bottom. So there it's at the top, and they just alternate through and again it every page -- The first I think eight pages are one of the eight we have eight snowman and then it starts over again. So there's that. Then we have week call it our positivity tree. And it has all different just words. Breathe, Joy, Believe, Peace, Blessed, Thankful. And then those words alternate, just like all our other ones, they alternate between the pages with a little tree branch in the word on each different page. So they're 50 pages of the notepads, $5.99. So we have those in stock shipping. 


Oh my gosh, I'm so excited that the post office is open tomorrow. I know, it's like the craziest thing. But I'm thrilled. So order today and then through about 2pm should be by cut off and then we'll be able to get your orders packed and shipped out that day. So that's what my plan is, every day to ship. We are if you placed your order by noon today, which is Saturday, your order is already on your way. So that's very exciting. So since noon we've gotten in some orders and I'm sorry yours didn't get out. The post office here where the business is, closed at noon. 


Okay, note pads. So we have these other notepads. These ones are a little bit different in the sense that every page is the same. And these are the -- oh my gosh, I'm losing my  words. They're the tall kind. Oh my gosh, why am I not? Okay. So they're 8.5 by about 3 inches. So they have a magnet on the back to put on your refrigerator. They have lines, all the pages are the same. We get these from another company, they are recycled and they match all the other dog and cat items that we have. We have these little dogs and cats on potholders and coasters and oven mitts. What else do we have them on? Oh flour sack towels. So we have them all in stock, small quantities, but we do have enough. So if you place an order in the next few days, you should be good. But those are our little -- These ones are $8.99. Made in the US just like other things. 


And then our notebook journals. Okay, our notebook journals are amazing. I love them so much. This was a labor of love. I'm surprised the manufacturer didn't fire me because I'm so particular about what I wanted. And it was a lot of back and forth, just getting the right product. So here is our journal, one of our journals. They are super thick, cover and back is the same, the back is blank. But it's this chipboard. It's 100% recycled, it's super thick. I don't know if you can see, like I'm moving -- Maybe that's a better way. So you can see that it's really a thick, thick journal. It's really interesting in the paper world, how they talk about the number of pages, because I did a lot of research on journals before we ventured into this product line, I guess, is the right word to say. And there was a lot of interesting information. And I didn't realize, you know, so many of them said, oh, we have 140 pages and like 140 pages of paper, oh my gosh. But actually, what it means is, there's 70 pages of paper. And that's what this is. This is 70 pages of paper, but it's 140 pages, because you can write on the back. So that's what that means. So yeah. So what do you think about that? Do you think these are -- How we've designed it is the top page has one of our snowman, then the next two pages are blank, because I didn't think you would want you -- you got a journal to write in it not to have cute little designs on every page taking up the whole thing. So it's a snowman, two pages are blank and then the next page is another snowman. So what do you think about that? I think they're adorable. 


Let me know where you're watching from say hi. I'd love to say hi to you. I have it fixed. I know last time I went live I was very excited that I have it fixed now, so I can see comments. I wasn't able to see comments for a bit and that was very stressful. I feel bad for anyone that watched that live while I was freaking out. But yeah, say hi. Don't be shy. Let me know where you're watching from. Like I said, I'm in Plant City, Florida. The Strawberry Fields they're growing and in the next month or so it'll smell like strawberry heaven when you go through. If you like strawberries. I like the smell of strawberries, I do not like the taste of strawberries. I know strange. What do you guys think about that?


But the other notebook journals we have, we have the positive tree that matches the notepad that I showed a minute ago. And here, if you need to make a little set for somebody on your list that likes to write, likes to take notes. I have notebooks everywhere. What about you? I do, I have one in my car, I have one in my bag, I have one in my nightstand, I have them everywhere. You just never know when we're going to have a good idea that I need to keep track of. I even keep notes in my phone but I forget about them because I don't know I'm a -- listen to me, look at me I'm using my hand. I like to write things down, can you tell. So we have the future one. This one is all lined inside with no designs. It's just all plain. And I should talk about this paper. Oh my gosh! This paper is amazing. It's slightly, it's not bright white. It is a recycled paper and it's the same color as our seashell card. So if you get our seashell photo insert note cards, it's that same exact paper. I don't know if you can see the flecks but it's not bright white. And it's a thick paper so when you write on it you should not be able to see through unless I guess you use a heavy duty Sharpie. But it's a nice thickness. It's not flimsy at all. It's 80 pound stock which is a nice thickness. So there's that, we put the spiral at the top because we wanted it to be lefty approved. Our daughter Beni is a lefty and so the spirals on the side were very frustrating for her, so we try to make things when we do things like this to make them lefty approved. So this works perfectly for her having the spiral at the top. And we also have a Disney one, these are all patents. I love old patents. If you're new here, and you've just met me hi. But I love vintage things. Oh, I just like all that old nostalgia. So I'm able to find some Disney patents. So the cover, just like our snowman one that I showed you, there's the patent in one corner, then it's two blank pages, and then another patent. And it goes through, there's ten different patents, that's all we were able to find at that moment when we were making this. And on the cover, it says, All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. It's a Walt Disney quote, so that's on the cover. But those are our journals. We do have those in stock, ready to ship. And we will be shipping, if you place an order to a through tomorrow at 2pm. Your order will ship that day, because, if you're just joining, the post office is open tomorrow where we live, so I'm very excited. Otherwise, I think that should be our cutoff. And then we're shipping every day. All orders have been shipped that were placed today before noon, and yesterday and the day before. So they're all gone and on their way. So that's very, very exciting. And I know some people -- oh, there's the snowman one, I didn't know that was there.


Let's see. So I'm trying to figure out why it's not changing. Let me hit it again. There we go. Oh, Clarence. Oh my gosh, so the Clarence sale is still going on. The Clarence 2021, which is the Clarence that's holding his snow-vid card and he has a little bandage on his right stick. There's a sale going on right now. Use the code FLASH, FLASH F for face and B for Book, very creative I know. So FLASHFB and if you buy two, you get the third one free. You have to put all three in your cart and then use that code FLASHFB and then that will take them off. So that is that story. We have run out of crimson. We're sold out of crimson, and we are sold out of Maroon. So but the other colors we have in stock. So buy two get one free using the code FLASH FB. And let's see, I'm trying to think of what else I was going to say about this. They all come with a cute little card that tells you the story of Clarence. It's adorable. And they all come in little gift bags so that you don't have to wrap them if you want. I should have had one with me, maybe I'll go grab one. I'll go grab a bag. I told you at the beginning I was going to be probably going back and forth and this is one of the times that I'm doing that. Hopefully you can still hear me. So they come in this -- We have four different bags so you can't pick your bag. But here's an example of one of them. And they're cute, they're festive and that's where everything goes. 


I see a lot of names joining say hi, let me know where you're watching from. What's the weather like there? It's unseasonably warm here in Florida. It's over 80 degrees and it feels kind of humid and it's very unusual. Like I opened the door and I was surprised to see that. So that's our story on Clarence the sale ends Sunday, which is tomorrow December 12 at midnight, Eastern Time. So get your order in before then and take advantage of that great sale; buy two get the third one free. You need to put them all in your cart, even the free one that you want and then use that code FLASH F as in face B as an book. So FLASHFB and then it will take off one and it's not limited. So if you want to buy six -- well if you buy four then you'll get two free if you buy six, you'll get three free etc etc. There's no limit. It's not one of those you can only buy two and get one free. No, we decided to have fun with it and let you get as many as you need. So there's that. They're great for just about anyone on your list. And you know if you have a healthcare worker in your life, that would be great for them, first responders. They fit perfectly on a wine bottle or anything like that. So I think they're adorable. We have them and think 10 or 12 different colors we have left, so there they are. Just so you can see. 


We do still have some of Clarence with the mask available. So those are a bunch of lower stock. Let me see if I have one on the tree to show you, yes. So here, you can see Clarence with the mask and he has a toilet paper scarf. It's not real toilet paper. I did get asked that last year. It's faux toilet paper. [Inaudible 20:11] painted on there. But instead of these metal divider lines, those are actually little dashes, kind of like perforations. So there's that. So we've got those; those are not part of the sale only the Clarence 2021 is part of that special flash sale FLASHFB. So there's that. If you have any questions while I'm talking, don't be shy, feel free to ask them. That's what I'm here for. I love it when people ask me questions, so I can answer them. I don't know what I forget to say, unless you ask. I try my best to remember everything as I'm chatting here. But yeah, sometimes I know I go off on tangents and forget to circle back to where I was. So there's that. Okay.


Oh, the red truck. I love this ornament. It's just so rustic feeling to me. So again, all our pewter ornaments are made in Massachusetts by my brother in law, Allen, he does a phenomenal job with them. He has a pewter company. So I know I said earlier, I do work with all small businesses, and family is one of them. So this is what it looks like. There's plenty of room for you to use one of the ornament sharpies that we sell to write a message on the back. I prefer handwritten messages on the back than what's it called? Engraved. Because then you have someone's handwriting forever on the back. And that just that's much more special to me than having it done at a store. So that's my preference. That's one of the reasons why we don't do engraving is because I'm trying to convert you all to do it my way. Get our ornament Sharpie and you could write on the back. We sell them for $2.49. They're made to withstand up to 500 degrees on metal. So that way, if you store your ornaments in your attic, and it gets hot up there over the summer, it'll be fine. So that is the ornament, the red truck. And just see how thick it is. They're just a little bit thicker than a quarter if that helps you. I know it's hard to tell sizes, etc. I'll put my hand so you can see. But we do we have the red truck, we have the gingerbread man in stock. We have George and Mary and Benny and Louise all our other snowmen. I don't know if you want to see them. But maybe I'll just grab some real quick. Like I said, I was going to keep going often on the camera. It's just easier to have things in reach, but not all on my space. Otherwise it gets too much. 


Here's Georgia and Mary. Yes, their named from It's A Wonderful Life just like Clarence. It's one of our favorite movies. So we have Georgia Mary. And then we have Benny and Louise. These are two more snowmen. We have more snowman coming out next year, so you can have your whole collection. Here's our gingerbread man who looks just like a cookie. So you can see that. So those are a bunch of our ornaments that we have in stock. Let's see what we're going to show you next.


Soap rest, oh. So we have we have our soap rest. They unfortunately put some of them in plastic, which drives me crazy because I hate plastic. But we have a red truck one. So you can see that; we have Clarence. So these soap rests are BPA free. They're really cool. They're about this thickness. But the cool thing about them is, well aside from them being made here in the US, when you put your soap on it, I hate it when my soap gets mushy for lack of you know, that very technical term. Gingerbread man is adorable! Oh, thank you Cindy. Thank you, thank you. Oh, I'm so glad you're here. Thanks for saying hi. I love the gingerbread man. She's so you know, I think he's super, super cute. And I love him only -- It's funny. I tried him with other colored ribbon. See I'm getting off on my tangent, but I think he looks best with a red ribbon. Just my personal opinion. There's something about him with a red ribbon. I tried all the other colors and I did not like him as much with any other color but red. So that's my opinion on that. Our soap rests they don't make your soap mushy. They dry it out and they're super easy to clean. All you have to do is -- I'm going to take the wrapper off -- take it you hold it up to the showerhead or put it under your faucet, think with a little bit of warm water and do this. I know I'm very technical today. So you just do this under the water and it cleans it out. I hate it when things get oh my gosh, I apologize if you've heard me say this before but I don't like it when you get the wooden ones and then they get moldy. They I hate the smells. I have very strong sense of smell so I'm very -- I can't handle it when something smells bad. It's just bad, it got worse. I don't know about you. Does anyone else have a strong sense of smell? I had a strong sense of smell. But once I had kids, man, it went crazy. Soap rests are awesome, I got the seashell. Oh, that's awesome. I'm so glad you like itI do love the soap rests. I've been slowly putting them in different rooms in the house. I love them too. My mom is the one that discovered these or they came to visit me in May. Not just me. They came to visit Vinny and Jared also. But they came to visit and we were just doing a little bit of shopping and we went into a store and my mom's like, these are the soap rests, you need to have these. And she's 100% right man. So yes, I do admit when my mom is right. So these are awesome. But that's that. Those are the soap press. I'm so glad you like the seashell one. I think it's adorable. 


And oh cards. So I just wanted to throw one of our holiday cards up and not to go to -- Did it switch or not. I'm so confused right now. I thought I hit it and maybe it did, maybe it didn't. I'm not sure if it switched. But holiday cards we have everything in stock with the exception of our Holly Card completely sold out. And we are dangerously low on our gingerbread man. Gingerbread man, I think we have 13 left. And the pine cone seasons greetings, we have under 100 left. We have Santa's sleigh, we have Christmas dogs, snowflakes, I'm trying to think of them all, the rustic holiday, candy cane. So if you want to see them, they're all on our website. And I will show you them. I can put a link also, a direct link to all the holiday cards that we have. I just didn't want to take up so much of your time and make you scroll through all you know 17 designs and then you'd be like -- that would not be very exciting. 


So just wanted to mention we do have -- oh the buffalo plaid, the black. We have Black and Red Buffalo plaid and black and white buffalo plaid. We have snowflakes. Snowflakes so you can see it live in action. We have some shapes too that are adorable. Like Cindy said she has the seashell. We have a dog bone, I was able to get some sea turtles. Originally they only had one color but then they had others, so I added them in. The dog bone I have in the beige and also white now and I'm trying to think what else we have. So we have a really good assortment of them. 


Soaps, so we have -- I'm going to see if I can move you over a little bit more and you can see all the wall of soaps. Santa baby is amazing. It's just a really refreshing smelling. It has a hint of fruit, she says it's champagne in there. So Santa baby. We have a coordinating wax melt. Man the wax melts are amazing. I never used a wax melt before until probably a few months ago when we started getting into them. And man I love them. The UPS driver, seriously everyday he comes in he's like Lisa, it smells so good in here. So I switched it up. For the last the last two weeks I was using cinnamon bones and today I put in believe. Believe is our Christmas like Frasier first scent. It's amazing. Like it's so funny. I can't wait for him to come here on Monday to pick up packages and be like smells like Christmas, because it really does smell like Christmas. So I digress. We have Santa baby. We have honey, oatmeal and milk. This is Vinny's favorite because it has little pieces of oatmeal so he feels like he's the soap isn't going to slip out of his hands. We have the grind. This is another one with little flecks in it. So there's that. What else do we have? We have Pumpkin Chai, oh my gosh, that one smells so good. We have lavender dreams, cherry blossom, endless weekend, midnight, winter gardenia, lilac, lemon verbena, and something that I don't know how to pronounce. So here, I'm going to hold this one up because I know I'm going to -- Frankincense and Myrrh. So, there's that one. I think I said that right. Sometimes I get in my head on pronunciations, and then it goes all downhill from there. 


So, let's see what else is I'm going to show you. Okay.


So everything I'm showing you today, we do have in stock ready to ship which is awesome, and it will ship if you place your order through Sunday at 2pm Eastern Time, everything is eastern time when I mentioned time, it will ship that day because our post office is open tomorrow until 4pm. So that will give us a good amount of time to get your orders packed and off to the post office.


The wooden spoons are awesome. I love them. We have a few different designs, I will show you the different ones again, in case you don't remember them all. We put together some little tips too that we include, just some little care tips. Like please don't put in the dishwasher. These spoons are hand wash. I will tell you we put ours in the dishwasher and I'm not happy. It's best not to do it. So I learned from my mistakes. Holiday baking star, we have happiness is homemade. This is just fun little stocking stuffers or when you just need a little something. Life is short, lick the spoon. Do you have a favorite one? Let me know. Stirring burns calories. I so wish that was true. Where's the food? So those are our wooden spoons. A woman in Texas does those for us. So I picked those to show you, and you know we have some we don't have a million. So get yours while you can. 


Bottle spoon rest. Okay, that is out back, let me just go grab that. We have two left in stock. We have one blue and one green. And these were bottles, you know a beer bottle, that kind of thing. And she made them into spoon rest. Aren't they awesome? So like I said, there's two left, one of each color. She sends them to me in bubble wrap. And this one we opened for photography purposes but the last one is still bubble wrap. And I don't want to open that up. But they're all on our website for you to check out. And let's see what else. 


Oh, more spoons. And we already talked about all the spoons. So if you have any questions, feel free. I'm going to just take a quick peek and see if there's anything that I missed because sometimes it just goes by so fast. Oh, I see my mom's name. Hi Mom. Let's see who else is watching. Just say hi. Don't be shy. I am seriously -- which I'm sure none of you are going to believe, I am most nervous, shy person in real life. I'm not very outgoing. But these lives have really, I guess changed my life. I can, I'll just chat now. So it's a good thing, a very good thing. I am not complaining about that. So it's been good to -- I can't believe I've been doing these for 80 weeks. That's amazing, right? That's a year and a half of me every week, once or twice a week, sometimes more, getting on here, which is so crazy. So yeah. Say hi. 


Alright, so we have some gift sets left. We have cat lovers, we have dog lovers, we have one for the photographer in your life, trying to think of what else we have. And within each gift set I should say, the price that's showing is probably for a larger set. We have a small, medium and large for all of your budgets, because you know you have different budgets for different people on your list. So we were mindful of that when we were putting together the gift sets. Oh, I see the photography one just popped up. Hopefully that's what you're seeing now. So we have cat, we have photographer, we have a positive vibe one, we have ones with our positivity line. So we have peace, hope, believe and blessed because we have to candles with those, we have the key chains and ornaments and pins. And I'm trying to think what else we have with those words, we have cards. So there's a whole great set. We do have a limited quantity of those left, they've been selling way better than I thought they would. So that's exciting. So glad everyone likes them. But we do have some, a few more left of each set. So if that's something that you're interested in, get it now before they're gone. And you should get it. Oh my gosh, I know last year was a struggle at times with the post office. And any of the shipping companies last year was unusual for sure. But this year, you know, I had a customer placed an order last Saturday. We shipped it last Monday, and she got it on Wednesday. So it shipped on Monday, this week, the Monday we just had, and she got it on Wednesday. She's in Rhode Island and I'm in Florida. So just to show you, not that I'm saying they're amazing, they are, they're good. I really love the post office. I shouldn't say that, I do I love them. They're so good to me and, of course, sometimes something gets lost, something gets damaged. That's to be expected. But overall, I'm a fan. And they've been you know, killing it for me this year. Now watch now, this week there's going to be something bad happen, but I really am not superstitious, but just Murphy's Law, right. Let's see.


We have the snowman giftset too. So we have the snowman, the flour sack towel, the notepads, the ornaments, and the soap rests. So there's all different snowmen things that are in that set. Let me see if I can -- I think in the dog lover, or the cat lover, we have some of our wine bottle ornaments. This is made by the same woman who makes the platters that I showed you, and the spoon rests. So we have a whole -- I think we have 15 different of her designs. She has, oh my gosh, I don't know. I love looking at catalogs. And she has so many different designs, it was really hard to choose, but that's exciting. So that means next year, we can offer some new designs. But there's that. So we do have a limited quantity of our gift sets, but we do still have some available. So if that's something you need, it'll ship right away, we're shipping next day. So we don't ship overnight, meaning we'll pack and ship your order within the next day. So we're doing pretty good. It's hard to compete with Amazon because everyone expects something to be at their door in two days. And when you buy from a small business, that's just not what's happening. But you're going to get amazing service. So that's where I think we -- [inaudible 38:02] get something for someone who you know, we care. We do, we pack your gifts and your packages with care. So that's what sets us apart. But we are shipping quickly. 


So heart bowls, I wanted to show you those. These are hand carved by the group in Arkansas. So each one is different. So what you see, just so you can get a visual. They're all slightly different, but they're adorable. I love them. You can put it on your bathroom sink for your rings or your jewelry. Fantastic. Oh, thank you Cindy. That makes me so happy. That's seriously the number one thing. That's the most important thing to me with this business, is to give exceptional customer service that's like, yeah, that's so important to me. And as we grow, I hope we continue. We grow enough that I can hire a staff of people. And that will be the number one thing, that we do when I say we it's myself and Vinny, Vinny who is my husband, who works here after his real job. And so that's that. So we have like a little secret. But we keep track of like, oh my gosh, like who makes the mistake on the order and we make like a little tally, keep track, just for our own entertainment we tease each other. We don't get mad. It's not anything like that. We try to be perfect, we're just not, but we will make it right if we do something wrong. That's for sure. So thank you so much Cindy. That makes me so happy that you feel that way. Yeah, that means more to me than anything. 


Love the little things. Okay, so we have our little stands, we have a few left of each of our designs. I don't know if you can see them up on top of the shelf right there. Maybe you can, maybe you can't, but they're all on our website. Love the little things is one of them. They all hold our cards. And they can hold your own card, but they hold our cards too. So this is spoiler alert. This is what I'm using for my family card this year. Hopefully my mom isn't watching anymore. So I've been working on them in my spare time. When I have a few minutes, I work on them. I am old school with holiday cards. I know a lot of people and I'm not saying that it's bad, it's just personal preference. Just so you know that right out the front, I'm not insulting or saying that I don't -- but I like handwriting inside the card. I like signing my own name. I like hand addressing the envelopes. I like thinking of the person or the family when I'm addressing their envelope, I just think about like our memories that I have. If there's something funny or silly or something, I like to write a little note if I can think of something that applies but I really do enjoy handwriting in my cards or the envelopes. I will use a return address label with my name because that's okay but I do, I hand-do everything so that's my -- and I have all the kids sign their names and Vinny signs his name so it's a family effort, which they may or may not enjoy but I like doing it. So when it's done I'm going to I'll post it so you can see our final picture and everything in case you're wondering what I had them do. Last year's card was -- oh here, I think I just saw it. I can show you what last year's card looked like. I just saw it, oh here it is. This one doesn't have our message inside. But last year obviously we all had a year and the five of us were not able to get together because of COVID, so this was our picture last year we did a zoom call. It makes me laugh and we just wrote you know hope you have a great Christmas as we zoom into the new year something like that. This one doesn't have the message inside, this one was just blank, but that was our picture from last year. So this year isn't as funny. I got so many calls and texts and messages about how people liked card last year. So it's a slow process for me because I do handwrite them at nights and weekends trying to get them all done every year. I say why don't I address the envelopes over the summer. I actually have customers, a lot of them by cards over the summer because so like we don't have anything going on right now. So this is when we like to do it and it's so smart. But love the little things, there. Getting back to this as I go off on my tangents. They're 4*6, they're about two inches thick. They sit right on a table or a nightstand or your mantel. And we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 different designs left. One is sold out until next year but we do still have 7 and we have a few of each of our designs. A True Love Story Never Ends, You Are My Sunshine, Best Dog Ever, Lake Life, Verse of the Week and Happy Together. So we do have a few of each of those left if that's your thing, and we will get those shipped out to you right away. 


So what else? Oh, wooden bowl, oh, I didn't show you these. We also have the wooden bowls, they're rustic, and they're different shapes. I showed you the heart a few minutes ago, and now we have just like a more oval, rectangle shape. Hopefully you appreciate my so sophisticated words. But that's what they look like. They're really nice. They're very sturdy. You shouldn't put water in them, they're not for cooking. They're not for putting anything wet inside, they're more just to -- you could put some pretty -- this time of year you could make them as if you have a smaller table, table for four, these would be great to put some greenery and some bulbs as a centrepiece. That will look really cute, the white one too. So they're all, hand carved and there's that. 


Okay, oh, picture frames. We do have a nice amount of picture frames left. So I love -- where did I put them? I know I pulled them out. Oh here they are. These are our picture frames. They're made by a gentleman in Maine. And they're thick as well and they will sit on your mantel. So there's that. So they are rustic looking. This one has Julie's photo in it. I love her picture. Upside down, there we go. So you can see it. Here we go, here's how the picture goes. And there's a glare, I apologize, so we have these rustic picture prints. We have a nice number of those. So perfect gift for someone who loves photography, loves the rustic life. We've got those. And I'm just showing you a little bit of everything that we have in stock that will ship right away. So you'll have it before Christmas. Not guaranteed but you should, based on how things have been moving quickly through the post office and UPS if you place your order soon. We had said originally Monday was the cut-off for standard shipping, but honestly, things are moving so quickly in the post office. I would think if you placed your order by Wednesday, you should have it; but again, if there's something you love, just get it now. And we'll get that moving for you. 


Oh, I talked about the believe wax melts. Man, it smells like Christmas in here. I love that smell. So I have a fake tree here. You see there's a little fake tree. And I have a whole ton of ornaments on it. So you can see my little photo staging booth. And so right behind it, I have a wax melt warmer that I found. Made in the US, I'm testing it out to see if it's worth it to purchase and introduced to all you. But it smells so good. So let's see what else I got. It's a Wonderful Life. 


Oh and the candles, that's what I wanted to show you too. So we have three different kinds of candles. We have the wine bottle candles, they're made from recycled wine bottles. I'll show you one real quick. And then from the wine bottle, they come in these boxes and we're dressing them up. So this one is the love candle and then we put a little tag on it so that it's pretty much wrapped for you don't have to do anything else unless you want to. So we're trying to make it easy for you. So we have 14 different scents. We have all scents in stock, now I can't find where what goes... So all 14 cents of our wine bottle candles are in stock. We have our rustic candles which are behind me. We have Plymouth Sun of a Beach, We have Lime in da Coconut. All our candles are made with soy wax. We have Summer Sangria, Book Worm, Frasier Fir. Farmhouse Streusel and then we have a whole line of these little ones. We have different price points for candles. So these little ones are 8ozs. The ones in the tins are 10 ounces, and then the wine bottle ones are 12 ounces. So just to give you the idea. The ones that come in little pink hands, I found some made in the USA paint can openers, so we include one of those with the little paint can just to make it easy and fun. And we have all kinds of different scents with the paint cans, this is campfire. We have popcorn, we have whiskey, Moscow mule, rum and coke, we thought they'd get some fun ones like that. So my boys love candles but they don't really prefer the flowery scents. So I thought it'd be fun to get some more scents like that. Trying to think what else? I'm drawing a blank I think there was a peanut butter and jelly, maybe or bubble gum or Fruit Loops something like that. There was some other fun ones. But they're all on our website under candles. [Inaudible 49:29] for the home and then candles there's a whole bunch of them there and put that back. But everything else ship right away.


Alaska. Where did I put that? Okay, I've got it. So our state heart ornaments, they come here. We're going to pop this up real quick. Here we go. They're wooden. They have a heart right in the middle. So it's perfect for anyone no matter where you live in the state, and then with the ornament comes a little card that just says, you know, a few little facts about the state. I thought that would be a little fun addition, or for an additional $5, you can get a city map card. Now, I just finished doing this one they wanted Homer, Alaska, and they picked it to be in our grey. So that's what it will look like. And then you can quickly peel this ornament off without damaging the card. And then this card can fit into a 5*7 picture frame. So there's that, which I think is really cool. So those are our ornaments. We have all 50 states plus Washington DC available right now in stock. Some we're getting low on, but there's that. 


So what else I got for you? Oh, and then coasters, we have a bunch of different coasters available. For example, we have our vintage camera coasters. It's a set of four, you get one of each different design. I love those. They're so cute. We also have our positivity or our positive ones. And then there's four different phrases or messages that you can choose from. We also have cats and dogs. I'll just pull over one of each, because all four are the same. But we have cats and dogs. So for those cat and dog lovers, we have those two. And again, everything I'm showing you is in stock as I speak. If you're watching this in a day or two, that might change. But right now, this is everything that's in stock. We have a complete line of gift bags, I'm going to show you some of them on our wall. If you can see them all we have just a plain craft, we have Gingham, bur burgundy and green Gingham, we have Santa, we have paw prints. And I don't know if you can see that. We have paw prints, we have the tree with the little Cardinal on it, sunflower, we have snowman. And then we have up top, up here, we have red and green and pink --Oh I just said t in the wrong order. Red, blue, pink. And then we have some other ones here that are more, you know, maybe not so much for Christmas, but they're good for year round. So those are our gift bags we have in stock the small, and the medium. And each gift bag comes one sheet of tissue paper and a coordinating gift tag for the small is $1.79 and the medium is $1. And it is $2.29. So but it comes with a sheet of tissue paper and a coordinating gift tax that's a really good price for that. 


And what was I going to say about the gift bag? They're made from recycled paper made here in the US just like everything else. We have many different options. Some of them are going to pop up as I talk. But we do have you know them all in stock. If you want to see something up close, feel free to write in the chat in this. Oh my gosh, I'm losing my track of my words. Feel free to write a comment while I'm talking and I'll be happy to show it to you up close. You know if you want to see the dogs, up close, look at that it should be really close. So you can get a much better view. I can show you how thick they are. So there's that but I'm happy to show that's what I'm here for.


You know, I'm just talking about the different things that we have still in stock to ship tomorrow. You order today, we'll get it out tomorrow, etc etc. If you're just joining now, I was very excited to find out that our post office opens seven days a week, the one that's really close to our house versus the one at the airport which is a 30 minute drive. So that makes me very happy. So we have more time to pack your orders and get more shipped out every day. So that's the plan. Cut off we're saying is about 2pm and we should be able to get it out that day. If you want to be certain guaranteed that you're going out that day, we have a skip to the front of the line option. There's a fee for that but how we pack orders is the first order in first order out. Just to be fair, that's how we do it. But we do have an option that you can pay a little extra to get to the front of the line. So you would go right to the top no matter when you placed your order. So there's that option when you're going through the checkout process. 


Oh, we do have some of our bottle opener magnets still available. This one's funny. They're all like a little silly - bad decisions make great stories. Isn't that true? So true. So they're bottle openers, they're really sturdy metal with a magnet on the back so you can put them you know -- I think these are great for do you have a second fridge or you know, we're here in Florida. So we have a fridge in our lanai. So that's where we keep one. So they're perfect for that. Bad decisions make great stories. And we have other ones happy camper, IPA a lot, which is silly. What other ones do we have? Yeah, so this one. So we have probably at least five or six of each left. Just so you can see some of them are here coffee or on the bench alcohol suit up. So we have, six different designs. Of those, we have a bunch of our wooden magnets available too, oh my gosh. So we have campers too how adorable are these? These are little magnets and we also have a coordinating ornament. So you could do that too. But these are made by the same woman who makes our wooden heart state ornaments. So we've got those for you. So we've got that. And we have five different designs of each as the magnet or as the ornaments. So those are available. And let's see? 


What else am I going to show you today? Just trying to [inaudible 57:09]. Sometimes we have just regular magnets that aren't bottle openers, Dream, Travel, repeat, they have a magnet on the back. These are wooden also. And these are made by a family. I think they're in Wisconsin. I want to say Michigan or Wisconsin and I don't know why I'm getting those mixed up. But you know, this one has been a huge seller, the influence of a good teacher can never be erased. So that one has been very, very popular this last few weeks, it's been flying off the shelf. So we have those, just to give you an idea. And oh, the class of 2022 ornament, if you haven't seen it yet, I'll show it to you. We also have the class of 2021 still colors available. So here's the class of 2022 ornament. They're all pewter, enamel all done by my brother-in-law up in Massachusetts. So we have the class of 2022. And the class of 2022. We have in seven colors. Green, blue, black, orange, purple, red, Pink, think that's it is that seven, I'm like crimson, we always have to have crimson. When Luke went to Alabama, Luke's my older son. And so we always have to have crimson. Just the thing in our family. So okay, and here's the class -- See, as I pull up a crimson one, this is the 2021 one. And we got that and we do have those available. These have been these are $8.99, the class of 2022 are $11.99. And we have your colors available. So they're great, put them on a bottle, you can use them as a gift tag. And that's a good sampling of everything I think that we have in stock, you can peruse the website and see what else is there as things you know, get sold out, it will say sold out. You can sign up to get a notification when we're back in stock, but honestly, anything that's out of stock, we won't get back in stock until January. So just keep that in mind. Yeah, trying to think of what else, what other questions have I been asked? 


I guess I'll just talk about shipping again. We are shipping quickly. And we have multiple options for shipping. You can ship standard shipping, which is through the post office. We have priority mail through the post office and then we also have expedited shipping, we have you can skip to the front of the line so your order will go out first. Those are all our options I think. 


If you live in the Plant City, Florida area there's an option for you to pick up your order, which is cool, then you don't have to wait for it to get shipped. And you don't have to pay the shipping, you can just come and pick it up. We notify you via email when it's ready. So that's been a nice option for people that live really close by, you have placed your order through the website. If you want to talk to me, you can call me. My number is 877-830-3405 and I will answer the phone. If I don't answer the phone, that means I'm on the other line or taking a quick break. Those are the two things that are happening. And you can just leave a message and I will call you back. I promise. I do call people back. So that number 877-830-3405. Also, you can chat with us on through the website. And you can also direct message through the face through this Facebook page. And just a little tip when you are messaging or chatting with people, not even me specifically but just any business. Say hi. Say hi. Sometimes people yell in. It just someone to say hi, we're humans. A human on the other end of that chat with us button, it's me. So that would be that's a nice way to get in touch with me. Email, chat with us from the website and the Facebook direct message are the two quickest ways to get in touch with me, or the phone call. So I guess those are the three best ways; email is fine but that does take me longer to get back to you because there are so many emails, that is sometimes takes longer than just read through them all. So if you need something quickly, call me or chat with me. So that's great. You can place an order on the website 24/7. And that Clarence sale that I was telling you about the Clarence 2021 Sale ends tomorrow, which is Sunday, December 12 at midnight, Eastern Time. Just use that code FLASHFB and you can for every two cleanses you buy, you get the third one free. You do have to put all three of them into your cart in order to get the third one free. We don't just automatically send you one if you buy two, we have to know which colors you want, etc. And there's no limit; so you can buy four get two free, buy six get three free, etc, etc. And thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate all your kindness and support. It just makes me so happy. So I really appreciate it. And I hope you have a good rest of your day. I will be back at some point very soon. Thank you so much.