New Gifts & Shipping Deadlines - Week 81

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New Gifts & Shipping Deadlines - Week 81-Plymouth Cards

Hey friends. How are you today? Welcome! My name is Lisa. I am here with Plymouth Cards and I hope you're doing well. We're getting down to the wire here for Christmas. I hope you're getting all your shopping done. And I wanted to let everyone know that we are still shipping every day. So if you place an order today, it'll ship out tomorrow. Things have been going really quickly, and we've actually shipped some orders to customers throughout the country on Saturday. Well they placed the order on Saturday. Our post office was open on Sunday, so I dropped them off on Sunday. And they've already received them. I'm not guaranteeing that it'll be there in time but I do want to... you know, it's it's getting close. So definitely don't hesitate to purchase today and we'll get it out first thing tomorrow. So there you go. While I've been working on our little -- you can see behind me are all our wine bottle ornaments. And I'm going to pull this closer. Oh boy, I hope you're entertained by my shenanigans every time but okay, here we go. I amuse myself. 


Anyway, wine bottle ornaments. Look at them all. I'm so excited. I just finished this wall last night. And this is our wine -- Oh, hey Cindy. How are you? Oh my gosh, that is so exciting. Look at that, didn't we just mail that on Sunday. So you're one of the people. Another person that got their order, super quick. It's been amazing this year, very different than last year. I'm so happy you got it so quickly. Yes, that soap is amazing, right? I love it. 


So I worked on our wine bottle wall. When I was working, I discovered that we have the dragon fly platter in clear. I don't know why I did not remember this, but we have it. So we have these, we still have a few of each. We just don't have the dragon fly in green anymore. We are completely sold out until January when I place another order to get more, but we do have it in clear. And I love them so much. They're just so cute. Super nice. And they're just a really nice quality and look at it, I love too that you can hang it on your wall. I know it's a pegboard wall, but you could hang it on your kitchen wall and it would look amazing. Not only is it a mini [inaudible 03:08] board, but it's also a decoration. 


I see a bunch of names popping on, say hi. I saw Cindy say hi, so anyone else, you know, say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I am here in sunny Florida today, Plant City, Florida. Almost the center of the state, and yeah, that's where I am at and working away in our warehouse. I've never opened up our little area here to customers. They can come and pick up but I've never said just come and shop. But I've got the courage to open up for the weekend. So Friday and Saturday of this week, so two more days, we're going to have the showroom open. It's basically, I sent an email to everyone that lives within a 60 mile radius of us. And I said, think tiny home not Costco; because we are tiny, but we jam pack it in here, everything. So that's why I've been working on getting it people-ready, instead of just Lisa doing a live ready, which is very different. But I don't know, I think this looks great. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, I'm all ears. As long as your suggestion is polite, I'll take it. I'm happy to listen. Yeah. 


So that's all the wine bottles. We still have a bunch of them in stock. It's funny, the ones that ended up being the best sellers I just didn't -- you know, it's just funny. I'm trying to think. The ones that I thought were going to be the best sellers, some of them were for sure but the Cardinals, I think I placed four or five orders with her. We just couldn't keep up. Everyone loves the Cardinals. So I still have some because everyone loved them. Look at how pretty they are. They are adorable, you know, they're really pretty and I love that they can be used as suncatchers too, so that you don't have to just store it away with your Christmas ornaments. You can keep it out all winter, or you could even keep it out all year if you like it. So that's the Cardinals. We also have the cardinal in a deep blue. I don't have the proper lighting right now, but if you put it up to a window, it really looks beautiful. So there's that one. What else? Oh my gosh, a surprise one was the cowboy. I think he was adorable. He makes me smile every time I see it. But everyone loved it just as much as I did. So that was that. But not to say that they didn't all -- every single one of them exceeded my expectations. So that's exciting too. 


I should probably start changing the items. Okay. 


So we're talking about flower sack towels now. The little things in life that excite me, is I came up with this -- I don't know if you can see me. No. I came up with this idea, because I'm like how do I make the towels so that people can see them when they come into this little showroom and not have to open up one and feel bad. So I came up with this idea. Tell me if you think -- Well, I think I'm a genius. But anyway, little binder clips and that holds it all together so that they can see the design. But then the little clip I can hang on to the peg. So there we go. Look at that. Hacks, quick tip. So I did that for all the little towels. And then for the ones that -- I should pull them all off. So we have these other ones -- let's see, you are my sunshine. Oh, I just showed you. Oh, thanks Cindy. It's so funny. Like when you come up with something you think is such a good idea. I just like -- I'm amazed, I'm a genius is... So anyway, maybe you don't think I'm a genius, but I amused myself anyway, there we go. But look, now it's just hanging. So you can see that it's just a sixth of the towel and not the whole thing. But I had to get this one because my daughter Beni, I'm not sure if I told this story before or not. But when she was two years old, we went to the pediatrician for her two year checkup. And I was, you know, thinking I'm like mom of the year, not really. But you know what I mean? And you're just trying to do everything right and the doctor's like, what's your favorite food and you're hoping she's going to say something green, and she says powdered donuts. And we're just like, oh my gosh, I guess we eat powdered donuts. But those are those. And to this day, she still loves powdered donuts and we tease her about it. I have pictures. Oh, I should post them. I'll have to find them and post one. I have these really cute pictures of her eating powdered donuts in her little highchair; but she loved powdered donuts. Yes. I know, I love sugar. I can't help it. So I think I went through -- 


Oh, this is a new one. I don't know if I've shown this one before. But this is great for a new cook. I could have totally used this when I moved out because you just don't remember and instead of having to -- Well back then you had to -- I don't know. What did I have to do? I'd have to call my mom because you just didn't know the conversions. You couldn't just look it up on your phone like [inaudible 09:25] split. But those are all the different towels. So that was my little genius hack that I was very excited about and hope you're... 


So if you are in the Plant City area on Friday or Saturday, I will be here everyday anyway but I'll be here ready for you to come in and check it out. We will not have cash on hand. It is strictly credit card or Venmo because quite honestly, I just don't go to the bank. And it just seems like a lot of work when everyone uses Venmo and credit card. So that's what I've decided to do. And then I don't worry about losing it or bringing it back to the bank, it's just easier. So that's my story. And plus he keeps the books in order, because it has to run through the system. So therefore I don't have to worry about the Florida sales tax it takes care of it all. It makes life so much easier. 


Now we're moving over to the wine bottle ornaments. But I was just bragging on the wall that's basically it. For anyone that just joined, I'm Lisa here with Plymouth Cards and Gifts. Everything's made in the US and we are still shipping every day. Or if you are in the Plant City, Florida area, you are welcome to pick up, or you can come Friday and Saturday, we're here 9:30 to 3:30. The doors will be open on Friday, and then Saturday from 10 - 3. So the doors will be open for you to come and shop and our little showroom. So I'm going to just -- so here's the different ornaments.


I'll just start scrolling through. But I just wanted to show you some more of the showroom and once it's done done, I will do another little tour but we're getting there. It looks nice, I'm really happy with how it's coming out. But my desk which is currently in the front in what's supposed to be the show room is going to be moving back as soon as we're done with this live. Vinny is waiting to get that moved out back for me. So let's see. I'm going around in a circle, hopefully you're not getting dizzy. But what I wanted to show you -- 


Oh, look at this. Can you see this? This is what I love. I love finding old things and then repurposing them. So I found this old newspaper magazine/flyer rack and it was getting thrown away. So I took it and I said oh, this will be awesome. So look what I've done with it. I used it to -- Hopefully you can see what is on there. It's all the rustic picture frames, I'll pull red, because I always show the gray, but look at them. So it's holding all my rustic picture frames that I get made in Maine. I think they're so cool. There are four little clips on the back, it comes with a hanger that I include with it. I don't put the hanger on because I don't know if your photograph is going to be horizontal or vertical. So therefore I include the hanger. It's one of those ones that you tap in with a hammer, and it has the saw teeth on it. I'm trying really hard not to run to the back to get it because I usually remember something and run and get it,but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to control myself. So that's what that is. But we have it in 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 different colors, no 5 different colors. 1-2-3-4-5-6, there we go, I'll get it right one of these days. So there's the red one and here's the green one. And you can click on the little shopping bag, and it will bring you right to the -- I feel so official with this little shopping app that Facebook lets us do now. I feel like QVC or something. So I don't know if it feels like that to you but I don't know, it makes me laugh. Hopefully you enjoy this craziness. So there's the green, they're really nice, I really love them and if you can see from where I am, they're just standing. The four in the back are on just a box. So you can see, I didn't do anything to make them stand on their own, they do just stand on their own. 


Oh, I see more names flying in. So say hi, I'm Lisa. Say hi. I'd love to say hi to you. What else, oh we have our notebooks and or notepads. So I just think that came out really cute. I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to put in the bottom underneath picture frames but it's just really a fun way to repurpose something instead of -- I just don't want to buy anything that's just bad quality. So I like that stand. So now I'm going to move back we can all my bags. I got my bags finally organized and then I'm just going to say though, oh my gosh, the wax melts are amazing! Okay, cinnamon buns, is my favourite. I think I've told this story before but yeah, and there's probably some new people. UPS every day he comes in, he's like, oh my God, it smells so good in here. Yeah, I might give them a little gift with some cinnamon wax melts or a cinnamon candle. And Santa baby has been doing really well. So that one smells like fruity refreshing like champagne. So that would be fun to do this time of year too. But we are shipping every day. If your order is placed by noon Eastern Time, it will ship that day. Otherwise, if it's afternoon Eastern time, it will ship the next day. 


So tomorrow I'm really excited. We are going to a wedding. So my first wedding in Florida. So that will be fun. So we are working late tonight to finish up so that -- I will be here tomorrow, almost all day until it's time to go to the wedding. And I just thought, oh, my hair looks so good today, so you know, I don't know how you feel but my hair is a mess. You know, it does its thing. And you probably don't care, but I'm just thinking, oh, I know it's not going to look as good tomorrow, because you want it to look good. Why is that? Why is it when you don't care so much, it looks awesome. And then the days you want it to look good, it just looks like you rolled out of bed. I don't know. If anyone knows the answer to that question, I would love to know. 


I'm doing everything out of order. It seems like the notepads are -- now they're popping up on the screen when I just talked about them a few minutes ago. Oh thank you whoever likes me. I like you too. 


So I wanted to talk about a gift idea for someone that is really into photography or they're an artist or they do paper crafts or anything like that. This would be a great gift for them. And I think I'm going to just turn around so I don't have to keep going back and forth and I'll just turn turn turn turn turn because they're all right here behind me. We had these collections, and they are -- I'm going to just pull this so that we don't get a glare. There we go. So the collections are -- let me hold one.


This is our rainbow collection. It has 24 cards, four of each color from the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. So the cards are blank, they're blank inside. And you can give them to someone as a gift so that then they can put their photography into it -- I'm going the wrong way. There we go. I'm sorry, I laugh because the things I think in my head that I should just keep in my head come out, so there we are. But the cards are great, they hold any 4*6 photo or piece of artwork that's 4*6. These are some cards I received from customers. So just to show you what you could do with them. And they work with the horizontal or vertical but I love our sets because they're all ready to give and we have all different color combinations. So you can definitely find one for every person in your life. Now I don't know why that says $55.99, that is not how much they are, I apologize for that, that's weird. They are $33.99 for a 24 pack with standard white envelopes. The $55.99 must be the 36 pack with the craft brown envelopes, so that's what that is, but I apologize that it's showing you that crazy price for 24 cards. So this is the tropical which I love. It's peach, ivory and turquoise, and it just feels like a beach. And that picture on the card is my kids when we used to live in a beach town before we moved south. And now we live inland, not on the beach which is so funny. So I think that's the normal price. Now we have the nature collection. I love the nature collection. It's soft, subtle hues. I'm going to pull it out so you can see what it looks like. But aside from the Classic Collection which I'll show you in a minute, this is our number two selling collection. So it is meadow and then blue stone, seashell and moonlight. So this is moonlight, seashell, blue stone and meadow. And so the sets are really great because if someone's just starting to use their pictures in cards, it's great for them to have an assortment to see how it makes your cards pop. I think I'm going to do another live, maybe I'll do it tomorrow or the next day, that will show you how your pictures look so different just by changing the card color. It's amazing! You know what, I think I'll just show you this. It really isn't the best best example but just to show you I have these two they're different pictures but look at it, here's the kids in red. They are now adults, they're not kids and here it is in white and just see the difference how the card color really makes your picture feel different. And that's why I love our collections because you can just take your picture or your artwork or your -- you know we have people that use them for their cross stitching or they make mini quilts. And just to see how your image looks in each color is amazing. I love that about it. So of course we have summer; and we try to coordinate the tag with the name of the collection; we think that's fun. 


So the summer one is white. Our white is in is more like an off white because they don't use bleaching agents in it and there can be flecks in all our papers because our papers are recycled. So those are not imperfections, there are sometimes just little flecks in them. Yeah, so there's that. But we have white, tan, harbor blue and avocado. Let me see if I can pull it for you so you can see them up close and personal. And let me see. So I just wanted to show you real quick. Here's ivory and here's white. White is this one and then that's our ivory. Can you see how it's not a real bright bright white but I love it because it's just a nice subtle hue. And then here's avocado, harbor blue, tan, and white. So those are great pictures. Great for your -- well I think they look good with summer colors. I keep going off camera. So that's summer and they are $33.99. I'm sorry, if you're just joining now it's showing all these odd prices but I promise you when you get to the website, it is $33.99. We do charge $5 shipping for your entire order. It's not per item, it's for your entire order. I'm sorry I thought someone wrote a comment but it just says they're watching.


So I see names popping up so yeah, which is fun. It's nice to know I'm not alone. So the holiday collection which I don't seem to have anymore, is well -- Oh it's right in front of me. Here is the holiday collection. It comes with Christmas twine and it's red, white, ivory and green. Right now this one is selling like crazy, or as my mom says it's selling like hotcakes. But they're great, all the cards. Oh maybe I should show you what it looks like inside if you're new here and haven't seen our cards inside. This cardboard wrap is made from 100% recycled content. And everything we do, we do to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle whenever possible. The twine, you don't want to ruin that because I'll show you, when you open up the card wrapper; inside are gift tags that you can cut out if that's your thing, and then you can use the twine to hold them on your bag. So that is our thing; this side of the wrap is blank. So that you know you can use these tags for whatever you need them for. Which I think is great to repurpose, if not, if that's not your jam to cut out tags and you use them you can just recycle this. But the cards they come -- every card that leaves here comes with instructions on how to insert your photo. Because sometimes there's confusion. You need to have it on a flat surface, you need to have either rubber fingertips which we sell for $1 a set, or you can use latex gloves, something that will give grip. And yeah, but there's instructions, there's also a QR code that will bring you to a video that Beni, my daughter made when she was in college. So you can see what her apartment looked like. Yes, we're high here. So that's the instructions that gets included with every order. So if you're buying them for someone that's never used our cards before, that would be the perfect gift for them. And they won't have to struggle. I love the cards, because once you put your picture in, there's no glue or tape needed. They just stay like right in here, I'll show you. They just stay right in place. So that's the cool thing about our cards. And the other great thing is they fit into a 5 * 7 frame. So this holds a 4 * 6 image, postcard, lottery tickets, so that's a great idea for Christmas. Oh, do I still have it on my desk? Nope, I don't. I had one with a lottery ticket in it you know, the bigger lottery tickets, not the little ones, but the bigger ones that cost maybe $5. You can slide right into the card. So you can use a lottery ticket. You can use postcards, like I said, 4 * 6 picture, artwork, cross stitching sewing. So there's endless opportunities for what you can do. We have some customers that make paper art and they use the background as their background, and then they glue their art on. So there's that. So there's a lot of uses for the cards. But they're the great gift for someone that is just getting into that kind of stuff. So I thought I would show them to everybody today. There's a classic. 


And if you're ordering we're shipping every day. Yeah, I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought. We are shipping every day. So if you order by noon, Eastern Time, your order will go out that day. If you order after 12pm Eastern, it will go out the following day. So that's what we're doing. So we are shipping fast. They are $33.99, they're not $51.99, I think that's the price for the 36 pack. What I'm showing you are the 24 packs, which are the sgreat starter sets. But then we also have the classics. The fall is just what you expected. It has a leaf on it, and it has fall colors. It looks beautiful. It has nutmeg, which is a brown, green, burnt orange and harvest gold. So there's that and then I wanted the sampler. The sampler is our number one selling set, the sampler, aside from the classic and nature, but this one wins, because I think people like it because it's 30 cards 30 different colors. I'll open this one. And of course, you know, comes with a cute little tag that they can reuse as well. But I'll show you as I open it up. There's the set. So it comes with 30 different... So here, let me do this. I think this might be better if I just grab the first 15 show you those. And then everyone could be different. It just depends on who's making it what cards are. We call it QC, they're quality controlled because we actually look at the cards before we send them out to make sure that there aren't any imperfections on them. Occasionally we do miss them. I'm not gonna lie about that but we do like to make sure that there aren't any like rips or tears or anything bad. So that's the first 15 example. And then in the middle 30 are white envelopes. They are our standard white envelope, which has very high quality, and then the next, and we set them up to be like in a rainbow. So you start with the reds, oranges, blues, and then go on down to the purple, then the whites, the tans and the blacks. So that is the whole sampler. It is the best gift for someone that is just starting into dabbling to see, you know, maybe I'll use these for my cards, or maybe I'll sell them, my cards in them. So I think that's a great, great gift. If you're worried that it won't be there in time, I'm going to post our cute little your order had been delayed, or your orders on its way card that Beni made last year for us. So yeah, I will post that. And now that I think about it after I'm done, I should have posted that sooner for people. But I really think, it's not guaranteed. But I really think if you order today or tomorrow being Thursday, I think you have a good chance of it being at your house Christmas. Again, it's not guaranteed, but I don't know what the levels are. I know our mail carrier today her truck was full and she was very stressed about trying to get our packages, but she got them in. So yeah, so that's my story for today. 


If you have any questions, and you're not watching this live, or if you have questions and you're watching this live, and you just didn't think of it at that point in time, feel free to you can private message me through Facebook, you can write a comment right on this video. And I do read all the comments, and I do respond. Sometimes it takes me a bit but I do respond to every comment. And what else was I going to say or you get onto our website, and we have a chat with us button, which is really fun. You can just say hi. And then ask your question. I'll be happy to answer it can also call, the number is 877-830-3405, answering from 9am - 8pm Eastern time. So just check your clock before we call or you can call after and just leave a message. And yeah, I think that's it. I just hope you're doing well and you're not going too crazy. We have plenty of gifts for you. And if you are -- I know I said this at the beginning. If you're in the Plant City area, and you're around this Friday or Saturday, you're welcome to stop by the showroom. There is an event set up on our page that you're welcome to come to. It gives the address of where we're located. You can also find the address on our website. 9:30 - 3:30 on Friday and 10 - 3 on Saturday. Or you can just order online and choose pickup and then I'd love to meet you. So anyway, I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will see you real soon. I really appreciate you being here.