Holiday Specials - Week 82

December 22, 2021 0 Comments

Holiday Specials - Week 82-Plymouth Cards


Hey friends, how are you today? I hope you're doing well. How are you doing with your shopping? Are you all caught up? Are you behind? Have you gotten everything wrapped? What's going on? I'd love to know.


I'm Lisa, just in case you don't know me, and I'm here at Plymouth Cards in our little showroom. And I thought I've been working on this little showroom in our think like a tiny home and I just thought I'd show it to you. I wanted to just say thank you to everyone. 100% of our orders are packed up through five minutes ago. They are all packed, and they're all going out today. Any orders placed from now until Tuesday, will not ship until Tuesday. So we're going to take some time off. We're going to be with family and have some fun. So I hope that's okay with you. I hope you understand. I hope you have a great day or time with your family too, but I want to know how you're doing. 


I just have a few little things to wrap in my house, put in my suitcase. My parents were amazing and they let me have a bunch of stuff shipped to them. And my dad wrapped them all. So thanks, dad. So that is a big weight off my shoulders, for that not having to have them all shipped to my house. Hope they get there and all that. So I thought that was great. 


So I thought I would just do like a little 360 of the showroom, so you could see the finished product. We had an open house Friday and Saturday. It was amazing! I got to meet so many new people that live in the area. So that's really fun. So if you're ever in the Plant City, Florida area, reach out. I'd love to have you come in and check it out. I think it's fun to see everything in person. But okay, so I'm going to just walk in a circle. 


Oh, hi Kristin! Oh, Merry Christmas to you, too. Oh, I'm so glad that you like everything. That makes me so happy. So thank you for letting me know. Yeah, I have so much fun finding all these mainly USA products. It's become an addiction, almost. I hope you have a great Christmas with your family. Alright, so hopefully you can see behind me. 


So what I'm just going to do is I'm just going to slowly walk and just show you all the different -- Can you see? There we go. This is my wall of ornaments. And I am so excited about how it came out. I originally didn't have all -- here, maybe you want to get a little bit closer. But I originally only had the wine bottle ones that were here. And then Vinny said, you know, he came up with the idea that I should just do all of them on pegs because that's how stores do it. I'm not really into store mode yet. So this is basically a tiny, tiny showroom for people that live in the area that want to come in and pick up their product. But I just thought it would be fun for you to be visual with me and see how it ended up coming out. So I think the ornament wall came out amazing. It's so awesome. I just love seeing all the colors together. And just yeah, I'm just really, really happy with that. So then -- here I'm going to move. So I have you on my cart today so that we can spin in circles. 


But say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I know Kristen, you're in California. Hi! And what was I going to ask you, Kristen, I don't know, are you in Northern or Southern California? I'm going to Southern California next month for a business meeting. 


But there are our gift bags. And way down here, oh, maybe I should just keep -- I'm trying to figure this out. It worked. Right there are gift bags, and then there are our pens. There are these cute little cups that hang and there are our candles on this table that has the buffalo plaid. We call it tablecloth. There we go. You're in central New Fresno. Okay. I'm going to be -- I think I just told you. Did I tell you Ontario, I'm flying into the Ontario airport, which I think is near LA. 


So there's our table that shows all our state ornaments and our magnets and my spinny rack. And then I found this old rack right here and I use that for our notepads and our journals. So, you know, I really just made the best of my little -- it's 140 square feet, Vinny said, he measured it out. That table right there that doesn't have a tablecloth is where we put all our UPS and Post Office packages. So we're just waiting for the post office to come to pick up the last of them. 


And then this cool rack right here, this is supposed to be for books but I got it for the cards. So it shows it holds every single card we have, which I thought was great. And then we have our patent cards, and then this cute little tree. And yeah, say hi, let me know where you're watching from. I am in Plant City, Florida. If anyone is familiar with that area. We're in between Tampa and Orlando, in Central Florida. 


It's almost strawberry season -- And then there's our shelf with all the soaps. So it was just fun, really. Oh, and behind me is all our wine bottle candles. Hopefully, you're not getting dizzy, I tried to go slow enough. I just thought, you know, like I said at the beginning, I thought it'd be fun for you to see the little showroom that we ended up with. We worked really hard and I think the customers that did come were really excited and pleased and you know, surprised to see how many things we carry. Because when you get onto a website, that's one thing, but then when you actually come and see it in person is really different. But if anyone has any ideas of new products, or if you know a company that makes something that's really cool, that's made in the US, let me know. You can either post in the comments or send me a message through the website or through Facebook, I would love to know it. Because I have some great ideas for 2022 but, you know, I'm supposed to be taking a few days off from work, but I don't know how that's really going to work. I don't know. But tonight, after the post office comes I'm going to go home, finish baking my cookies that I'm bringing to my sister's for Christmas Eve. 


So what kind of cookies do you guys like? I made seven-layer bars. I don't know if anyone knows what those are but they're heaven. They have graham crackers and walnuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips, coconut, and then sweetened condensed milk. So I think that's the seven things; I think I said seven things, and you just bake it in the oven and it's amazing. And my brother in law absolutely loves them. And obviously, my kids do too. So I'm bringing those and then I'm making little spritz cookies, some people call them pressed cookies. So we're going to make those too, they taste -- they're just like buttery heaven. So my suitcase will be filled with food. So hopefully TSA is going to be you know, they will enjoy my snacks. So yeah, but that's what I'm going to be making. 


And yeah, I really just wanted to get on quickly today and just tell you all how thankful we are for you. You know, it's been an amazing year, crazy year. And I'm just so thankful for all of you. It just feels like you know, you're part of our family now. I love chatting with you. It's been really, really nice. So thank you. Thank you for that. And I think that's really it. I wasn't really going to go on and on today, I just wanted to just pop on and say, I hope you have a great Christmas or holiday if you don't celebrate Christmas. And I will be back for sure next Wednesday. I don't think I'm going to be going live over the weekend since it is Christmas on Saturday. And Sunday, we're -- So we spend Saturday with my family and then Sunday, we're going to have a fun party with -- Oh, thank you, Kristen. I'm really excited. And then yeah, Sunday we're going to meet up with my husband's whole family. I've organized, Yes, in Florida. I've organized an event there. And so I'm really excited about that because I organized it because I'm a control freak. I will admit this completely. And I want it to be but it's really fun. It's at this place they have, it's great for all ages because it's a bowling alley/bar. But not like it's hipster kind of, not that I'm hipster by any means, but it's good for the 20 somethings because, well, they're really excited about it. So we did it a few years ago so we're doing that again. So right now we have 30 people coming so I think that'll be really fun. So yeah, let me know what you're doing. I'd love to know what your traditions are. I posted some of our family traditions earlier in the week from when my kids were young, but now they're all grown up, which is so sad. So we don't wrap our doorway anymore. But Santa still leaves them a book. I don't think I'll give that one up anytime soon. But that's always fun. Yeah. 


But again, just a heartfelt thank you for all your encouragement and support throughout the year. It's been amazing. It really has and I'm just so thankful. So I hope you have a great, great time with your family and I will see you next week. Thank you!