New Ideas for 2022 - Week 83

December 29, 2021 0 Comments

New Ideas for 2022 - Week 83-Plymouth Cards

Hey friends, how are you today? I'm Lisa. And I am here with Plymouth Cards if you don't know me already, and I wanted to just talk about a few new things for 2022. And ask your advice, your suggestions. So there's that. And I just hope you had a great holiday. Oh my gosh, we had the best. We had a great time, it was a whirlwind. We flew into Boston Thursday night and flew back Sunday afternoon. But actually, technically, our flight got delayed. So we didn't actually get home until Monday at 4am. So there's that. But all is good. I think I've I slept in this morning. I couldn't sleep in yesterday, but I slept in this morning, so I feel much better to be you know, not as young as they used to be, I've learned. So I hope you had a great time. We did. We had so much fun seeing my whole family and Vinny's whole family. It was great. It was a really fun time. And all our kids were with us this year, so it was great. And I hope you had just as good of a time as well. 


So today, I wanted to get some input from you about some new things. So maybe not so much new, but just new designs that are available. And I wanted to get your thoughts suggestions and see what you think. Like I said, I hope you had a great Christmas. Yeah, ours was just like, I have zero complaints. Even though our flight got delayed, and we didn't get home till 4am on Monday, it was still amazing. It was -- I'll take that any day of the week. 


So okay, on our wine bottle platters. People love them. I was so excited how the reception or the response that we got from them and she has some new designs. So I wanted to see what you thought I don't actually have them, I'll describe them and let me know if you like the idea. You know, obviously I'm not tying you to it. But I just thought it would be great to get your feedback and input and also say hi. Let me know where you're watching from. I am Lisa and I am in Plant City, Florida. The company originally started in Plymouth, Massachusetts, hence the name. But we are now in Florida, we decided we didn't like winter anymore. 

Wine bottle platters -

So we have these amazing wine bottle platters. And this is the dragon fly design. Hopefully you can see that in them. And so she also has available for this upcoming year, I can get -- you see the dragon flies. These are these other designs. So let me know if you think these are a good idea or bad idea. Don't be shy. If you are shy, you can private message me, that'd be great too. So she has flowers available. Ferns, feathers, and a sailboat. So the sailboat is the only one I'm hesitant about, and I'd love to get your input on that more. Because the sailboat, see how the platters have this hook. So you can hang them as you know, a decorative piece on your wall when you're not using them. The problem is, is the sailboat is going it's going horizontally, so only works this way. But when you're hanging it, it's going to be like this on your wall. So would that be? I don't know. I'd just love to get your ideas on that, your thoughts. So the sailboat, it's sailing horizontally across the ocean and I'm just not sure. I love the dragonfly because you know the dragonflies, either way it works. And she has some other colors available. So I'm not sure if you would like any other colors. Here's the green. Here's the square, green one, which I love so much too and they all come with a little spreader, which is great. They're all made from recycled wine bottles. Which I love the fact that they're recycled and she's you know, she's a small business like me. So I love working with her. She's amazing. So these are the new things I have the opportunity to get for 2022 and I just didn't know if that's something that interests you. I know the dragonflies are super popular. I think we only have one or two left out of our entire inventory which is amazing. I will be ordering more. Don't worry if you missed out, but I'm just not sure about flowers and ferns and feathers in sailboats. And she has, you know, the clear, I showed you, this is the green. Here's our last dragonfly blue. So you can see, it's smooth on this side and then it the pattern is on the back. So there's that. Hopefully you can see the dragonfly right here where my fingers are. And again, where else is it? Oh, some of it's up here. But then there's some swirls in there too. They're great. The blue is it is darker. But when you have it in the light, it looks great. If you have a clear, not clear countertop, you wouldn't have that I don't think but a light countertop, or clear table like a patio table or something, it would be beautiful, you can really see the design through. So she also has like an amber brown color. Not sure if that's intriguing. And then this is, I call it a hint of glue. Can you just see it's just really faint in there? So it has just a touch of blue. So those are the wine bottle platters, but I'm just not sure what I'm what you think if I should get, if you just want to stick with the dragonflies or what are your thoughts about flowers, or feathers or ferns or sailboats. So those are the other ones that she has new for the upcoming year. So that is what I've been -- Yes. It's crazy how as soon as Christmas is over, we were right back onto it. 

Wine bottle ornaments -

So I'm looking into getting some of our -- you know, we have all our wine bottle ornaments, but that can also be sun catchers. And I thought it might be fun to add some everyday ones and not just snowman. The Snowman, oh my Gosh, you guys loved those so much. But I wanted to show you, you know, a dolphin. Would it be fun to have some nautical or sea life ones. I'd love to know your thoughts. So here you can see. These are so fun to hang in your window, the sun catchers. I love the little beads. Everyone comes with this hook already on there with the beads just to add a little bit of interest to it. So we have the dolphin. 


And if you're just joining, say hi, I'd love for you to say hi. And let me know where you're watching from. What's it like there today? Is the weather nice? It's about 80, almost 80 degrees here. Yeah, it's nice. So we have this one here, the horse with the heart. Just another one, this can obviously be used at Christmas, but it could be used year round too for the horse lover. And she also has crabs and dragonflies and different kinds of birds. So I'm just trying to figure out what everyone would like for 2022. There's so many options, it's sometimes it's hard to decide. So if I get a little -- look at the seahorse, isn't that cute? This is the mini. So she has two sizes available. And actually though they range from two to four inches, so this is the regular size, but every wine bottle is different. So just to give you an idea, they do range in size. But then there's the mini which I think is from the bottom of like a coke bottle or something. Yeah, for glass coke bottle or beer bottle versus a wine bottle. 


So I see that the heaven sign is back. We're getting it back in stock in another week and a half or less. And so I have now opened up pre-orders for it. That one, we sold out, and we sold out so fast on that. And then the company that makes it, the small company that makes it for us, they ran out. So they just had it available. So I was able to buy them today. So I'll show you what the sign looks like but this isn't the actual sign because I sold all of them. But this is what it looks like. Obviously will say the heaven sign that you see on the screen, but on the little click heaven -- I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought. Oh my gosh, I always do something. There you go. They're about two inches thick, six inches long, four inches tall. And this whole wire holder will hold a picture, it holds our cards perfectly. I'm going to just put our card in, just like that. So it works great. I love them. People really enjoyed them this year. I got a lot of wonderful comments from customers. So that was great. And so the heaven one, will be back and ship no later than the week of January 7. I believe that's the, the second week of January, or first and a half, but roughly then. I have it all on the website when it will ship by. It might ship out sooner, but I like to put worst case scenarios so that you're not mad at me. And I'd rather you be happy that it shows up early than mad at me that it's late. So I try to always do a worst case scenario with the shipping on that. So I am taking pre orders for those. Everyone that was on the waiting list has been emailed to know that they are ready for pre-order. So if you're one of them, you should check your email to.


So what did you do for Christmas? I know I talked about kind of what we did. But I'd love to know what you did for the weekend. I hope it was fun for you. We spent Christmas day with my parents and my all my sisters and their kids. So I think there was 19 of us all together. My daughter and her boyfriend and my other two, my two sons, and all the other grandkids and sisters and all that. So that was amazing. And then on Sunday, we went into Boston, and we went to this, we do this with Vinny's with my husband's family. This is the second year we've done it not in a row because obviously we couldn't do last year. But it's this bowling alley that has flatbread pizzas that they make and they have a bar and it's great for -- all the kids are 21 and up, so it's perfect for them. So that was really fun. 


But okay, the December collection. I also learned on our thing with my husband's family is that I know my whole family watches these lives because I think they like to tease me about whatever ridiculous thing I accidentally do. But they give me wonderful support. I'm not saying that they don't, but I didn't realize that Vinny's whole family, they watch these and they and they were just so complimentary. It really touched me, it made me so happy that you know, yeah, getting all kinds of love. So it was nice. 


Our December collection it comes in our cardboard box as usual. 24 cards, 6 of each of these colors. So you get forest green, shimmer red, vintage flair, and then ivory with the black border. And I'm not sure, hopefully it shows $33.99 I have a feeling it's showing a price with the higher, the more expensive envelopes. But if you get it with the standard white envelope, it's $33.99 for the 24 pack. And all our cards have the photos that will slip right in. And they're all made from recycled paper. They're all made here in Florida. I have an amazing manufacturer now here, that's really amazing. They make the most beautiful cards I've ever received. So we source it all. We get everything and all our designs, but I don't have the equipment to actually physically make the cards in here because we make them in such large quantities. So yeah, so there's that. So that's the December collection. It's only available until midnight on December 31. There is no December 33rd, and then then we'll introduce our January collection. So it's been fun introducing the collections every month. People really enjoy them. It's just different than our usual standard collections that we have year round. So it's fun to have just one that's only available for the month. That's what we've got. 


Okay, moving on. We have a few card colors that have been discontinued and I do have very limited quantities we have completely sold out of soft green. That's gone. So Lilac Twilight we have 80 left, 8-0. So that's a Lilac Twilight. All the cards hold a vertical or horizontal photo so you can use it in either orientation. All the new cards that we're printing have nothing written in this window. So that's another reason why -- well other than the color being discontinued. We're just continuing this print in the window. All our cards in the future only have our logo, it's about the size of a quarter on the back. It's also on an angle so your pictures will work either vertically or horizontally. And for anyone that's new, I'm just going to go grab a card with a picture in it so you can see what I mean. A couple over here on the shelf. So the pictures slide right in, you don't need any glues or tapes, which is fabulous. And it's best to do this, the photo insertion when it's on a flat table, you have rubber fingertips or latex gloves. That way you get to grip the picture, it helps make it slide in faster and easier, and also you don't get fingerprints on the picture. But yeah, so this is ... they just slide in and out just really simple like that but I just wanted to show you that they also work with a horizontal and vertical picture as well. Just easy slide in, slide out. Just like that. So that's the cards they're all blank inside. And so you can write either way. And I already showed you the logo on the back, so they all have that and what else was I going to say about the cards. We sell them singly we sell them in 10 packs or 30 packs. And we just have four colors that have been discontinued by our -- the paper is hard to find. Made in the US. We are getting some paper from Europe now. On each page we if the paper is not made in the US we let you know that, but all the actual card itself is made here like I said earlier in Florida. So those two colors and I have two more colors. Sunshine has been discontinued. Sunshine is one of our only cards that isn't the same color on the inside as it is on the outside, where it's white here. So that's one of the differences on that. So we only have a little bit of those left. 

Photo insert note cards -

And oh the coffee collection. So the coffee collection is -- These are first quality cards. The only difference with these is that there are super old back which is this. This is the old old back. Even though you can use a horizontal photo with it some customers didn't like it because the printing is vertical. So that's why we switched our logo to be on an angle like this so that you know it works with either photo orientation or artwork. I know I keep saying photo but they work with artwork and your posts, if you have four by six postcards, or if you have -- I'm trying to think. I said artwork. Oh I have a lot of people that do cross stitch or needlepoint and they make the little four by six ones to put in here. I have one customer who makes quilt, like mini-quilts and she puts them in. So there's so many things that you can do with the cards it's not just for photos and I shouldn't keep just saying photos. So there's that, how that works. But these are all first quality cards. The only thing - it's not wrong, the only thing why we're just continuing it, is it's our old old back. So it has this back on all of them. But these are the three colors. 

Coffee collection -

Oh and why is it called the coffee collection you wonder? I don't know if you're wondering but the reason why it's called the coffee collection is this paper is made from recycled jute and sisal coffee bean bags. So you know that burlap, kind of looking, it's made from jute or sisal. Those coffee bean bags. What they do is they take those they chop them all up and then they make paper into it. It has this amazing texture to it. So this is quite honestly an amazing deal to get the get this 24 pack for $22.99. That's less than $1a card which is pretty, really amazing. When you add your picture and you know you can't get anything at Hallmark for less than $3 or $4. So this is quite an amazing thing. One of my sisters actually used this collection for her Christmas card this year, with a picture of her kids at a dude ranch. It came out amazing and I wish I had it with me and I would have shown it to you. But I forgot. So it's my home. But that's the coffee collection and it comes in this the coffee wrap just like that. But $22.99. It's a great way if you've never used our cards before and you wanted to test them out. I think it's a fabulous collection to try because they are more earthy tones. So it would accentuate every picture you have. I see a ton of names like scrolling by so feel free to say hi, let me know where you're watching from don't shy. I love chatting with people. So let's see what we got next. 


Oh, does it say Montana gift tag? It told me it wasn't going to show you that. So I'm going to -- Ah, sorry, I'm going to run out back and get that to show you. Because of course it does, what I didn't want it. Alright, so I'm just out back here grabbing the gift tag, so you can see what I'm talking about. It's Murphy's Law here. It said it couldn't show you and now it's showing you. 


So the gift tags, we have these adorable gift tags, we have them for every state. Maybe you want to see it this way. They're just super, super cute. They're the perfect size. And we include the twine, you can pick. We have a bunch of different colors. And what you do is you just feed it through the little hole, like that. And then you can take the loop, pull and hang. And there you go. So we just got an order this afternoon for Montana, so I pulled them out. So that's why I had that ready. But we sell them they're 12 tags, and 12 pieces of twine already cut. And they all come in one of our cute -- we have four different bag designs. We have plain and then three different printed ones. So it will be in any of those. But I just wanted to show you, you know, if you have an event that has a specific color, we can do that for you too. We have orange and yellow, and here's a light green, as well. So there's only about 10 colors listed if you click on Montana, only because our system is limited with how many options it will let me show you in one product. But if you want a different color that isn't shown, that's not a problem. Just ask, I'm more than happy to do that. We have all the papers here of all our card colors. So unless we're, for some reason out of stock on something, you know, if you wanted a blueberry or pewter, or you know, I'm trying to think of-- I'm drawing a blank, but all the colors, you can pick anything you want. So I'm happy to do that for you. So that's a Montana. You know, we do have every state available. And also, you know, if there's a country that you want, or a continent that you want, or something else, reach out to us, we can definitely do that. You know, we just put the 50 states up, because that's what people wanted. But if you want something else, hit me up. I'd love to help you out. It's so fun to do new and creative projects like that. We can do gift tags in -- Oh my gosh, there's a bird that just hit the window. It looks okay. Don't worry. Yes. Yeah, he's sitting there. I'm sorry. That was very crazy. What was I going to say? Gift tags, you name it, we can do it. So if you have something special, I know last year at Christmas time I had a customer who wanted Bigfoot. So that was really fun. We did that. I'm trying to remember what else I've done. Yeah, all the different states, cats dogs, dog bones, Christmas trees, stockings all the normal things. But if you have something fun that you want, reach out, I'd be happy to do it. Usually we charge if it's not something we have in our inventory or in our catalog on our website we charge an extra dollar just because it takes time to research it, find it etc. But it depends on how many you're ordering too. So that's it, they're all 12 packs, and they really are great paper, it's the same paper as our cards, so you're not getting anything lesser quality. That bird is so distracting. You don't believe me? Here I'm going to see if you can see this bird up there. Wait a second. Can you see it up there? Oh my gosh, sorry. Can you see it? You should like he keeps like smacking into the window. So alright there, enough of the show and tell. Bet you didn't expect to see that today. But it's just very distracting because it keeps hitting into the window like what is going on? Yeah. Sorry, I know, these are very amusing. Always something exciting happening here. 


So I'm working on a lot of things for 2022. I have new cards coming in January, all our new colors for 2022, which is exciting. Really excited to introduce those new colors. And if you have ordered one of our big Swatch Books, you know, they're my gosh, well, they're the size of an index card, basically, three by five-ish. If you've ordered one of those in the last year, you're going to get a special envelope in the mail with all the new swatches so you don't have to buy another one. That wouldn't be right. So I'm going to be doing those. I should have put a link to that. But I've got that and I don't know what are you doing for the New Year? 


I hope you have a great New Year's Eve. We've been invited to a party, we get invited every year but honestly I hate fireworks. I don't mind them done like at Disney or you know, we used to go up and when we lived in Boston, you would see them in Plymouth harbor or in the Esplanade in Boston, like professional ones I like. But the ones that my neighbors throw off those kind of frighten me. One year, about 10 plus years ago, when we lived back in Massachusetts, we were at a fourth of July and they set off a bottle rocket and it went like right here. I don't know how I didn't get hit. I think that's probably why I'm done with family fireworks. They really scare me. But I don't know what we're going to do. We're definitely going to be watching football on Friday. And probably go for a little while. But once the fireworks happen, maybe I'll just hide in the house as a baby. I don't know. How do you guys feel about fireworks? Am I the only one that's like, irrationally scared of them? And again, it's not the ones that are professional, it's just the neighborhood ones. They are illegal here in Florida and now. And it's something new, I don't know where you are? Do you do fireworks on New Year's Eve where you live? Because in the north, they don't do them. It was really interesting when we moved here, we didn't realize that fireworks on New Year's Eve was a thing. So is it a thing where you live? Because definitely. And I think it's not a thing in the north because it's so cold. Who wants to be outside watching fireworks in the middle of the winter? I definitely don't so. Yeah. But I have been working on all these new ideas and new products for 2022, new card colors, new wine bottle things, all these other things. I'm having fun, you know, getting new products. So if there's something you're dying to have, that you're like, Oh I wish, Lisa carry this or you know that, let me know. If there's a soap scent that you'd like or picture frame or anything, I'd like to know. I like to find all the Made in the USA products by small businesses that you would like. So I definitely have some new card ideas coming. 


So I think that's what I've got. I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year. And I will be back next week. And yeah, I really appreciate you being here. I thank you for being part of the Plymouth Cards family and yeah, it just makes me so happy. Thank you so much. Alright. Happy New Year. I'll see you next week. Thanks.