January Featured Limited Products - Week 84

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January Featured Limited Products - Week 84-Plymouth Cards

Special products for January -https://www.plymouthcards.com/collections/collections-of-the-month

Mayflower Club -https://www.plymouthcards.com/collections/mayflower-club

Hey friends! How are you today? Happy New Year. I am Lisa here at Plymouth Cards. And I have some great new January collection items. So we're expanding what the collection is all about. And I just realized I'm doing crazy things right now with my hands. So we're expanding the January collections and I have some other things to show you. But first, I wanted to ask you how your New Year's went. Did you have a good one? You know, I know I talked last week about how here in Florida, they do fireworks on New Year's Eve, which is very different from what I'm used to so that scares the heck out of me. So I ended up leaving the firework display early. And so that was my night. I did go back after it was over. But it was too much. One of my neighbors said she remind I reminded her of her dog, that I jumped every time a boom went. So I don't know what they're good or bad compliment or statement, but anyway, that was my story on the fireworks.


So Happy New Years. Hope everything's going well. Yeah, so I wanted to show you our new -- So every month like we've done in the past, we have our collection of the month. So this is our January collection, I think you'll really like it. It's going to have either 24 or 36 cards depending on what you pick. And it will be wrapped in our standard wrap. You can see them all there. So these are the colors that we've chosen for the special collection. I think they look beautiful together. So it's moonlight, dusk -- I'll show them to you -- Marsala and Charcoal. I think these are perfect for this time of year. Whatever you're taking pictures of, I just feel like this will be a great complement to any pictures that you take. So I'll hold each one up close so you can see the detail on it. So this is moonlight, it is a white card with a blue undertone. Which means when you put it next to other whites, it has like a little hint of blue. And it has these really cool flecks in it. Hopefully you can see the little flecks in it. So it's not just a solid white card. They are blank inside, this is what I was just using for photograph purposes. You can use them with either orientation. So that's really great about that. And then it has the little embossed, can you see that border right there. So it just accentuates your photo. And I'll show that to you in this next one right here. This is Dusk, I put a picture in this one so you could see. But see, you can see that embossed border right there. And this one has almost like plaid -- I'm trying to think I've lost my words, but has a texture to the paper. But the cool thing is, is the texture is not here. So you're not writing on anything textured, it's totally smooth for you to write there. So I just put a picture in it. So that's dusk. And this set is $33.99 for 24 cards with the standard white envelope. I think it should be on the screen. But just in case it's not. Here's Marsala, which is a great wine color. And if you're watching live, or even if you're not watching live, feel free to say hi. I love when there's chatting with you all. So that would be good. Yeah, let me know where you are. This is charcoal. Sorry, I lost my train of thought. This is charcoal. This is a smoother card. But it's really great. So this is the January collection. It is available now through the end of the month or when it's sold out. Unlike last year where we did unlimited supplies, this year, we are limiting the number of our Special Collections each month that are available. So we're doing about 12 - 18 depending on which product that we're going to show you so or that we're putting in. And the really cool thing is that we're not just doing a card collection of the month we're doing products. So there'll be certain things that will be featured for the whole month or again while supplies last, so that you can have those too. So it's just not cards, we thought it would be fun to add other products in addition, so yeah. So this is the January card collection. And it will come wrapped with our gift wrap, and then the twine and the cute little coordinating tags. So let me know what you think about that. I think those colors really look great. And I think they'll really accentuate your January or even your Christmas pictures. Yeah, I think that'll look really great. So there's that. And then oh, of course the one --


Okay, sorry, I forgot to pull them. Of course, I forgot to pull one thing, hopefully, you can still hear me as I run out back to grab it. So what we're doing is, like I said, we have the difference, each month, we're going to also have other things in the collection. So it's going to be a collection of the month or I think we call it the monthly features, something like that. Don't quote me on it. So here is the wine n shine soap. And it's really cool. It smells really nice. I thought it would be fun for this time of the year. So look at it says wine right on it. So if you're giving a bottle of wine to someone, you could give this. I think they would be great with it. So this is one of the other items. It's showing us $6.50, so I'm going to have to fix that because it's supposed to be $5.20 for this month or while supplies last. I'll get that fixed so when you click on it, it will be the correct price. But yeah, so they weigh about 5 ounces give or take. They're all hand poured, hand-made so each one is slightly different. So there's that on the soap. But that particular soap is made in Minnesota and yeah. We have goat milk so from two different farms, one here in Florida and then that one. But this one is going to be the wine and shine soap. So I think that is going to be cool. I will post a link after I get off to the monthly features. I'll put it as a comment so then you can see all the items and I'll be posting it on throughout the month on Facebook too. But again remember everything is while supplies last I'm not trying to be one of those like buy now but I just want you to know so if you're interested in something at the special pricing, do it sooner than later, so we don't run out on you.


Candle, I love candles. I didn't really know I loved candles as much as I do until we started carrying them and now I'm obsessed with candles. So Embrace; every month we will have a candle featured the candles, they're about 20% off for the one that we feature each month. It smells so good. What does it smell like? I'm trying to tell you so that you know. It has that musky smell, but not in a bad way. I feel like I'd be sitting in a library, in a study in my house, I think that's what it kind of reminds me of. It's that really nice musky smell. Embrace let's see what it says. Let me put my glasses on, I can read you, maybe I can't. But Mandarin, cardamom, black pepper, Jasmine, Sandalwood, patchouli and musk. So yeah, I guess that it has that musky smell. And I want to show you, if you haven't seen our candle packaging, this is how our candles come packaged. They all come with a tag on it. The color twine will vary, so if there's a color you need to have please let me know but otherwise it's just based on the time of year what the candle is etc. But that's how they all get wrapped. So it says the name on the front, on the back it has our name and then this little band comes off. I don't want to take it off because we just finished wrapping it up but they all come in that. So let me show you the box and they fit perfectly in the box just like that just so you can see. So that's the Embrace candle. That is our candle of the month. And you can click on it here or you can like I said I'm going to post a link to all the -- what do you call it all the collection of the month items, sorry. Lost my train of thought there. Yeah. So oh wait.


The weather grey picture frame is also another one of our featured items. These are all handmade in Maine and each one is slightly different. But this is on sale also. And I wanted to also mention, if you're a part of the Mayflower Club, you'll get an extra 10% off all the collection of the month items, which is a really, really good deal for you because they're already on sale. So anyone in the Mayflower Club gets an extra 10%. If you're interested in learning about the Mayflower Club, I will post that in the comments also. Or you can go to our website and just type Mayflower Club and you can find it there too. And also it's at the bottom -- I shouldn't even say that, you don't even have to search. If you go to each of the tabs, it's at the bottom. So if you do the cards or the gifts at the very bottom, each one has a category called Mayflower Club. So you can find out the information. But yeah, you'll get an additional 10% off all these items if you are part of the Mayflower Club. So that's an extra bonus for our Mayflower Club members.


So this is the frame the weathered frame, they hold a 5*7 image. The finished size is about 6*8, a little bit less than that, 6*8. It comes with a hanger, I did not put the hanger on because I wasn't sure which way people were going to be using it, if you're going to be using with a horizontal or a vertical image. So therefore I didn't put the hanger on. So I will be doing that. And yes, so that is the picture frame that's part of the monthly collection. We have a really great assortment of items in this little collection of the month. And I hope you like it as much as we do. It was fun putting everything together.


Not part of the collection, so somehow we got class of 2022, we got a new shipment in. And I just wanted to show you because now we're at that time where people are starting to think about their graduation. And I just want to pull them right here from the shelf so you can see the colors that I'm going to show you. We have them in seven different colors. And here's the black one. And the cool thing is, is with the ribbon, we have about 20 different ribbon colors. So if your school colors are black and gold, we have that but if they're black and blue, black and red, we have all the ribbon colors. So when you get to the ornament page, you can select the color ribbon that you want to make it be your school colors. So yeah, so that's that. I'm in Plant City, Florida. And the colors here in Plant City are orange and teal. So I actually have orange and teal ribbon. So that was exciting. Our ribbons are made in the US, just like these ornaments are made in Massachusetts, by my brother-in-law, he makes all of our pewter products, our ornaments, our key chains, our pins, anything pewter, my brother-in-law Allen makes up in Massachusetts. He has a pewter shop up there. So there's that. So that's what they look like. So I think they're really great. I love them. I like it this year with the added definition. But if you have 2021 grad, we still have some 2021 available for sale. So you can get those too, you can get both. But yeah, so I just wanted to show you. So the orange like I told you we have different ribbons. So I have one with white. I have one oops -- this is last year's, but it's a black ribbon. So like I said, we have so many different colors for you to choose from. So we should be able to get your school color. If we don't have the color ornament that you want, if you needed it in a different color, like I said we have seven colors. For in minimum order of 50 we can do custom colors for you. So there's that. So in case you want to do it for a fundraiser, or we had a bunch of schools last year, buy them and do them for fundraisers with their schools. So that was fun to be part of. Yeah, there's a lot of ways to use them.


Let's see what else our heaven back in stock. This sold out so quickly. And I made an order and they weren't even supposed to be here till next week and they arrived today. So really excited. They're back on our website. And you know, we've already sold out of half of our pre-orders so I'm going to place yet another order. So if you want one we can get them out to you but I think it's really popular with everyone. So back in stock, you can click the link. Hopefully it's showing up on your page. These are also handmade. So each one the wood is different on every single one. So in case you're wondering, you know, if you ordered one that's different, but they're great. I'm going to show you, they just sit, oh, maybe you can see. They all just sit right on the shelf, you don't need anything special to display them. And I guess if you wanted to put it on a wall, you could probably get like a little hanger yourself and put it on the back. So there's that.


Yeah, so I've been working hard. If you can believe it, I think I already said this. We're already talking about this upcoming Christmas, like what cards we need, designs. If you have any design ideas, let me know, we're always interested in that. And we have a few in the works. So based on some customer requests and that kind of thing, we had one someone that wanted one that said Merry Christmas, which I can't even believe that we don't have that. It's just shocked me. We've had several requests for one, a tropical or a beachy card. So we're going to look into that, see if I can find something about that. But yeah, let me know if there's any. I know it's January, why are we thinking about that. We actually have to plan months in advance for the cards because the cards have to get designed, and then they have to get printed, and then they have to get packaged. So it is a little bit of -- we do need some time to get it all organized. And sometimes, you know, we come up with a design for a card. And then our designer, his name is Rob he makes my visions come to life for the cards. And then he gives it to me, I'm like, oh, this is so not what I envisioned. I hate this. Not on him, it's just in theory it sounds good, but then it ends up not being good. So we do have many designs that get scrapped, because it sounded so great. But it didn't end up being great.


So yeah, so that's what we've got. We've got some new products that we're going to be introducing this month. In two weeks, I'll be introducing the new card, the 2022 card colors. We have six new card colors for the year. And so there's that so they'll be introduced, I think today is what the 5th, so it must be the 19th of January. So whatever two weeks from today is, that's when and I'll be posting that on Facebook so that you'll have some lead time to know. But that'll be really fun to introduce those. I'm trying to think what else I have for January.


Another thing with our new collection of the month how I told you, it's not just the photo insert new cards, we also have a greetings from the past set. It's a six pack of cards that we have. So these come with a white envelope. There's six of them. So they're great to just have you know, if you have an occasion come up you have the card right there in your drawer. So one of them is this birthday greetings card. I'm going to have to post a link because it looks like it didn't pop up on the screen at all. So here's one birthday greetings, cheer up. We all have them and they are blank inside. So you can write your own message and personalize it how you would like. I like that better than cards with standard greetings. I just feel like the standard greeting never gets across what I want to say. So oh my gosh. So this is a six pack of cards. This one is the humorous card. And it says a funny old bird is the pelican. I'm trying to read it but I can't. A beak can hold more than his belly can, food for a week he can hold in his beak, but I don't see how the hell he can.So that's the pelican. All our greetings from the past cards are made from reproduced postcards from the early 1900s. So there's that one. So that's two; here's another one. Thank you. So you always have a thank you card on hands I feel thinking of you. Then we have Get well soon kiss someone you love. The winter I feel like people sometimes don't feel great. I know there's other things going on. And then wishing you every happiness on your birthday. And now they're all blank inside. So I think that's really great. You can get this for yourself. You can give it to someone, you know that likes to write cards. And so this six pack, I'm so sorry, it didn't show up on the screen. I'm so bummed out about that. So I'll post a link to that too after I get off. So it feels like I'm posting a bunch of stuff after I get off. Oops.


So that's what I've got for you today. So if you have any questions about any of the products, please let me know I'm happy to answer them. If you want to know more details about the Mayflower Club, ask about that about that. I'd love to have you be a part of it. It's a good way to save 15% off on most items, and then 10% on the remaining items. Let me see what else; I wanted to make sure I got everything. I think I got everything covered. So that's it for today. Thank you so much for being here. If you have any questions -- Oh hi, Kristin. Thanks for being here. Hope you're doing well. Happy New Year. Hope you had a great weekend. So if you need to get in touch with me, the best way to get in touch with me is on the website. There's a chat with us button click that or you can private message me here through Facebook. Those are the two best ways to reach me because it beeps and lets me know. We get so many emails, sometimes it takes longer to get a response. Just because there's so many to go through. And yeah, so that's it. I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will see you this weekend. Thanks so much. Bye!