How to Photograph Animals

May 21, 2018 0 Comments

How to Photograph Animals-Plymouth Cards

We all love cute photos of animals! Whether you are a photographer trying to figure out how to get the best shot or just an avid animal lover like me who wants to snap a picture of every animal I meet, these tips should help you get the perfect photo of whichever animal you are trying to photograph!

1. Consider their personality:

While we always do want to showcase an animal's beauty and essence you also want to make sure that the photos you take capture the quirky personality of your fur baby too. To do this, take them to their favorite places and photograph them there or take pictures of them doing their favorite activities. While some shots are bound to be blurry if you keep snapping away you will definitely get some amazing personality shots. 


2. Have some props:

If you want the animals to be looking at the camera in the pictures have their favorite toy or treat readily available to hold up behind the camera while taking pictures! This will help to hold their attention a little longer to get that perfect pose for the camera. 

3. Change up your angle!

While pictures from up above are great, pictures taken down at the animals level have a way of showing the animal's perspective and not just ours! Try getting down on their level and seeing what they see, you never know what pictures you might end up getting.

4. Take advantage of spontaneous photo ops:

When we were moving houses we put Lilly outside in our screened in pool area so that she wouldn't escape with the doors constantly open for the day. During a break I went over and saw her sitting at the door trying to beg me to let her back in and took advantage of the opportunity to get some amazing pictures! 

(Warning: doing this may result in some less than happy photographs as well...)

5. Get up close:

Getting some up close portraits of animals is another great photograph style to use! I definitely recommend doing it while your pet is calm and not moving around so much so that it isn't blurry and you can see every little detail.