How to Pick the Best Card Color For Your Photo!

November 05, 2018 0 Comments

How to Pick the Best Card Color For Your Photo!-Plymouth Cards

Looking at the list of card colors on our website it can be overwhelming to know what color will look best in your photos! Well worry no more because I am here to help! 

First what you need to do is look at your photo and decide what colors in it you want to make stand out. Whichever color you decide you want to stand out in the photo will be the color you'll want to pick for your card. But how do you know what color you want to stand out? Personally I like to pick a color that is more in the background and subtle because the card will help further enhance that. Some people love the look of picking the most prominent color in the photo to make it appear even more intense! What you choose to do is up to you and will look amazing either way!

Below I included tons of examples for you to see the photos I took from my summer in Italy and what color cards I picked out for them to help give you a better idea of what you might like!

Gaeta skyline featured in heather. It complements the blues and rooftops of the buildings beautifully!


The duomo of Florence in harbor blue is a classic to me! Orange and blue are complementary colors so the blue makes the duomo stand out even more!

The skyline of Florence in peach! I love this photo because of all the warm sunset tones and I think peach makes the mountains in the background look even more beautiful. 

In front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome! I put this picture in Hurricane Gray because the lighting was more harsh outside and I wanted to keep the focus on us!

Madrid in Teal! I picked teal because I thought it went the best with the overall color scheme of light blue and tan in the photo but it also didn't detract from us!

Me on a gondola in Venice! I like the blue here because it matches the Sky and then my black shirt provides the contrast I wanted!

Another photo of Venice! I like classic blue here because it makes the photo pop!

I love this postcard from Venice in Plum because it doesn't detract from any of the scenes and I think it looks beautiful with the orange colors in the postcard. 

I put this postcard of Gaeta in Marsala because of the sunset in the background. I think it tied that in well with the two other scenes shown. 

And last but not least, the coliseum in Rome! I put this in white because I wanted to keep it light and bright for this incredible monument!