How to Turn Your Kids' Artwork into Thank You Cards

October 15, 2018 0 Comments

How to Turn Your Kids' Artwork into Thank You Cards-Plymouth Cards

Everyone appreciates a handwritten thank you note, but if your kids are too young to write their own thank you cards how can you get them to add their own personal touch?


Materials Needed:

4" x 6" pieces of construction paper or poster board


Plymouth Cards Photo Insert Note Cards

Optional: ColorMe photo insert note cards


Let your child color and draw on the 4" x 6" pieces of paper or special ColorMe paper. Then slide it into your photo insert note card and voila! It is complete! It is as simple and easy as that to get your kids to send a note with a personal touch, and it's something they will love doing! And the best part of it is your loved ones will want to save the thank you notes forever!